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Cherbourg-Octeville is a city and commune, situated on the Cotentin peninsula in the Manche department of Lower Normandy in north-western France. Cherbourg was the first stop of RMS Titanic after it left Southampton, England.


The SS Kronprinzessin Cecilie (in Foreground) and the SS Olympic at Cherbourg.

The SS Kronprinzessin Cecilie (in Foreground) and the SS Olympic at Cherbourg. North German Lloyd Bulletin, August 1911. GGA Image ID # 1d30139888


The Passenger Lists, Port of Cherbourg, France are Organized by Date, Steamship Line, Steamship or Ocean Liner, Class of Passengers (Saloon, First, Second, Cabin, Single Class, Tourist, Third or Steerage) and the route of the voyage. The listing may also contain other voyages that Terminated or stopped at the Port of Cherbourg. Each Passenger List contains Steamship Line, Steamship, Class of Passengers, Date of Departure, Route, and Commander. Some Ships Lists also contain Notes, and Notable Passengers.


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Passenger Lists Calling at the Port of Cherbourg


In the struggle to take a prominent place among the Atlantic ports of the Continent, one of the most favorable competitors seems to be Cherbourg. British, American, French, and German shipping companies used this famous French port during their ocean trade.

The port authorities are keen on bringing Cherbourg to the fore in European shipping circles. However, the port has a long way to go before one can reasonably place it among Europe's leading harbors. The water depth in the main port is 40 ft ., allowing all types of modern shipping to use the port.

These include vessels of the Cunard, White Star, Royal Mail, Red Star, United States Line, American Line, Lloyd Royal Belge, and the Lloyd Royal Hollandais, as well as French lines. In a recent report on the harbor, which covers an area of 3,725 acres, Monsieur Jean Hersent stated: "Situated exactly on the route of the liners destined for The North Sea, the port of Cherbourg has become by force of circumstances our greatest port of call for foreign lines to America, which has almost all adopted it as a "speed port" for the transit of travelers."

Moreover, "Cherbourg was the object of the solicitations of seven great foreign companies whose liners - veritable giants of the sea - could carry out there in all circumstances the trans-shipment of their passengers and the discharge of their cargo."


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