RMS Oceanic Passenger List - 8 December 1909

Front Cover, First Class Passenger List for the RMS Oceanic of the White Star Line, Departing 8 December 1909 from Southampton to New York.

Front Cover, First Class Passenger List for the RMS Oceanic of the White Star Line, Departing 8 December 1909 from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain H. J. Haddock C.B., R.D. GGA Image ID # 13cafc01af


Notable Passengers included: Miss Marie Doro, Sir Alexander Lacoste, Rodolphe Lemieux, K.C., M.P., John P. Morgan, Jr., Henry Sturgis Morgan, and other Morgan Family Members.

This passenger list has be annotated and additional information supplied by the ship's manifest.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: H. J. Haddock C.B., R.D. (Commr. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: J. C. H. Beaumont
  3. Purser: C. B. Lancaster
  4. Assistant Purser: J. H. M Smith
  5. Chief Steward: W. Jones


First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. John Axten - Secretary to J. P. Morgan
  2. Mrs. John Axten
  3. Mr. R. W. Bates
  4. Mrs. R. W. Bates
  5. Miss J. Berthault
  6. Mr. I. .J. Bissell
  7. Mrs. I. J. Bissell
  8. Miss E. E. Blackwell
  9. Mrs. Wm. Boultbee
  10. Mr. Philip A. Bonn
  11. Mr. Thomas B. Bowen
  12. Mr. David Brown
  13. Mrs. Adeline E. Browning - UK
  14. Mr. P. D. Burton
  15. Mr. Harry M. Cake - Lawyer, Portland, OR
  16. Mrs. H. M. Cake
  17. Dr James H. Carr
  18. Capt. Godfrey Lynet Carden - United States Revenue Marine Service
  19. Mrs. Godfrey Lynet Carden (Elizabeth Heloise Weber)
  20. Master Blythe Carden
  21. Master Dyas Carden
  22. Mrs. la Comtesse Edith Van Buren de Castelmenardo (1860-1914) and Maid
  23. Mr. Robert W. Chapin
  24. Mr. Louis Chapin
  25. Mr. Chas. W. Cook
  26. Miss Ruth Cranston
  27. Miss Rose Nicholls Cullen 28 - FR
  28. Mr. William W. Dashiéll
  29. Mr. Murray W. Dodge - Executive for Lockport Gas & Electric Light Co. of New York
  30. Mrs. Murray W. Dodge (Elsie Fortiyci Barker)
  31. Miss Marie Doro (May 25, 1882 - October 9, 1956) was an American stage actress and film actress of the early silent film era of the 1910 through the early 1920s
  32. Mr. Harold Durrell
  33. Mrs. M. W. Everson
  34. Lady Augusta Fane
  35. Mr. Howard A. Flanders
  36. Mr. Harry A. Freiberg
  37. Mr. Gerard Glenn
  38. Mrs. Jacob Goldberg
  39. Miss Renee Goldberg
  40. Mr. Selwyn Goldstein - UK
  41. Mrs. S. Goldstein (Minnie), Two Children, Infant, and Maid (Emma Wright 27 - UK)
  42. Mr. John Gomersall
  43. Mrs. George Gouinlock
  44. Miss Ray Granis
  45. Miss M. T. Gray
  46. Mr. Henri Guillemard
  47. Mr. J. W. Henson
  48. Mrs. J. W, Henson
  49. Mrs. W. C. Humbert (Lucy Blis)
  50. Mr. George I. Hovey
  51. Mrs. George I. Hovey (Clara)
  52. Miss Eunice H. Hovey (12) and Maid (Lilly Turner 26 - UK)
  53. Mrs. F. Hellmann (Ruth)
  54. Miss M. Hills
  55. Mr. J. Hussey
  56. Mr. Emil Jacobs
  57. Mr. James Jerome
  58. Mr. William B. Kennedy (53)
  59. Miss Florence Kennedy (17)
  60. Comte de Kerstrat
  61. Mr. Gustave Kraus
  62. Mr. Samuel James Kubel
  63. Mr. Emanuel H. Kuttner
  64. Hon. Sir Alexander Lacoste - The Honorable Doctor of Civil Law, Privy Councillor, Chief Justice of Quebec since 1891
  65. Mr. Paul Lacoste
  66. Mrs. Paul Lacoste (Anita)
  67. Miss Ruth Lake
  68. Mr. Frank E. Learned
  69. Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux, K.C., M.P. Rodolphe Lemieux, PC , FRSC (November 1, 1866 – September 28, 1937) was a Canadian parliamentarian and long time Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons (1922-1930)
  70. Mrs. Rodolphe Lemieux (Bertha)
  71. Mr. I. Leubrie
  72. Mr. Charles Levy
  73. Mr. Thomas Dixon Lockwood (1849-1927) - Inventor of the automatic telephone call, executive of the American Telephone & Telegraph Co
  74. Mr. S. T. Markowitz (Herman) - Herman Markowitz, Charles Stern, and Israel Cohen, members of the firm of H. Markowitz, cloak and suitmakers at 28 West Twentieth Street, were arrested late yesterday afternoon (November 25, 1910) by United States Marshal Henkel on the charge of having unlawfully aided in effecting the entry on Dec. 16, 1909 - (This Voyage) , of a case of woolen wearing apparel imported from Paris on a false classification as to the value of the merchandise
  75. Mr. Morris Mayer
  76. Mr. John P. Morgan, Jr.(43), and Manservant - John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. (September 7, 1867 — September 7, 1943) was an American financier. He was born in New York City and graduated from Harvard in 1886, where he was a member of Delta Phi and Delta Kappa Epsilon
  77. Mrs. J. P. Morgan, Jr. (Jane Norton Grew - 42 (ca. 1870-1925)), and Maid
  78. Miss Jane Norton Morgan, and Maid
  79. Miss Frances T. Morgan (Frances Tracy Pennoyer)
  80. Master Henry Sturgis Morgan, and Nurse - Henry Sturgis Morgan is most famous for co-founding Morgan Stanley in 1935, together with Harold Stanley and other former members of JP Morgan & Co., which was forced to split its Commercial and Investment Banking divisions following the Glass-Steagal Act of the same year
  81. Mr. John Northway
  82. Mr. Hugo Oppenheim
  83. Mr. Charles Roome Parmele
  84. Mrs. Juana de Rizo Patron
  85. Miss Maria Teresa Patron
  86. Mrs. W. H. Patton (Jessie H. Patton)
  87. Miss Ethel D. Patton
  88. Mr. William Rasquin, Jr.- Attorney and Judge
  89. Mr. Henri S. Reuh
  90. Mr. T. R. Robertson
  91. Mrs. T. R. Robertson
  92. Miss Jean M. Roulet (35) - CH
  93. Mr. Thomas Rountree
  94. Capt Frederick Russell
  95. Mr. J. A. Sage
  96. Mr. Percy Sandford
  97. Mrs. Percy Sandford
  98. Mr. A. T. Shirley
  99. Mr. D. W. Smart
  100. Mrs. D. W. Smart
  101. Mr. Lancelot H. Smith
  102. Mr. H. G. Solsbury
  103. Mr. Emile Stern
  104. Miss Dona Isabel Stock - UK
  105. Mr. Siegfried Strauss - UK
  106. Mrs. Siegfried Strauss (Elisabeth) - UK
  107. Mr. Sidney T. Strickland - SB Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. DA GREGG Teacher In Pen and Ink Rendering
  108. Dr Henry Sundheimer (German Chemist)
  109. Miss Ellis Lucy Swope (23)
  110. Mr. Frederick Alfred M. Tabor
  111. Miss Maud Taff
  112. Mrs. E. B. (Lucy) Thompson
  113. Miss Margaret Thompson
  114. Mr. James Tints - UK
  115. Major G. Trottér, and Manservant
  116. Mr. Edward H. Van Ingen (70)
  117. Capt. Hector Bacon Verret
  118. Mr. C. W. Webber
  119. Mrs. C. W. Webber
  120. Mr. William Willis (35)
  121. Mr. William P. Willis (67)
  122. Mr. Harold H. Weeks
  123. Mrs. H. H. Weeks, and Maid


Landing Arrangements at New York.

Should the Steamer arrive at the New York Wharf after 8:00 pm, Passengers may land if they wish to do so and have their baggage passed by the Customs authorities immediately on arrival, but those who prefer to remain on board may do so, and have the whole of their baggage passed the following morning not earlier than 7 o'clock. Breakfast will be served to those who remain on board: overnight.


Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), RMS Oceanic Passenger List, 8 December 1909.

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), RMS Oceanic Passenger List, 8 December 1909. GGA Image ID # 1f1be35670


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