RMS Cymric Passenger List - 8 March 1906

Front Cover, White Star Line RMS Cymric First Class Passenger List - 8 March 1906.

Front Cover, First Class Passenger List for the RMS Cymric of the White Star Line, Departing 8 March 1906 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain F. E. Beadnell, (Lt. RNR). GGA Image ID # 13c1d34775


Notable Passengers: Fritz Steinbach

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: F. E. Beadnell, (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: J. Fourness Brice
  3. Purser: J. A. Shepherd
  4. Chief Steward: G. Cooper

First Class Passengers

  1. Mr. Gideon Allen
  2. Miss Helen Allen
  3. Mr. Charles L. S. Barker
  4. Mr. Alexander Blair
  5. Mrs. Blair
  6. Miss Campion
  7. Mrs. A. W. Childs
  8. Mr. David B. Childs
  9. Mr. Paul D. Childs
  10. Mr. Walter Cliff
  11. Mr. Oswald Cox
  12. Mr. Francis Craig
  13. Mr. R. S. H. Cresswell
  14. Mr. H. T. Curtis
  15. Mr. Leonard D. Davis
  16. Mrs. Morton Dexter
  17. Miss Marjory Dexter
  18. Miss Mary Dexter
  19. Mr. J. G. Edwards
  20. Mrs. Edwards
  21. Miss Margaret G. Gallagher
  22. Dr. George H. Gray
  23. Mrs. J. Grimshaw
  24. Mrs. J. D. Hodder
  25. Master Hodder
  26. Mr. David E. Johnson
  27. Mr. M. G. Lubbock
  28. Rev. C. A. Marshall
  29. Mr. C. E. McKeen
  30. Mrs. McKeen
  31. Master C. E. McKeen
  32. Mr. Milton D. Morrill
  33. Mr. L. Murdock
  34. Mrs. Murdock
  35. Mrs. R. Ravanfea and Infant
  36. Mr. George C. Raper
  37. Mr. George Rocke
  38. Miss Dorothy M. Smith
  39. Mr. Fritz Steinbach
    ( b Grünsfeld, 17 June 1855; d Munich, 13 Aug 1916). German conductor. Associated chiefly with the Meiningen and (from 1903) Cologne
  40. Mrs. Steinbach
  41. Mr. T. W. Stirling
  42. Mrs. Stirling
  43. Mrs. Noime Swartz
  44. Master Moses Swartz
  45. Mr. A. C. Watts
  46. Mrs. Watts
  47. Mr. Simon Wiener
  48. Mr. L. I. Wilson

The Passenger Services of the White Star Line Are Maintained Entirely By Twin Screw Steamers, Including "Oceanic," "Majestic," And "Teutonic," Which Are Among The Fastest Steamers Afloat, "Baltic," 23,876 Tons, The Largest Vessel In The World, "Cedric " 21,035 Tons, And "Celtic," 20,904 Ton "Arabic" And "Republic" Are The Largest, Fastest, And Finest Steamers Sailing To Boston.

Unused RMS Cymric Track Chart and Memorandum of Log from March 1906.

Unused RMS Cymric Track Chart and Memorandum of Log from March 1906. GGA Image ID # 1dc412df1e


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