SS Teutonic Passenger List - 4 February 1903

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Teutonic of the White Star Line, Departing Wednesday, 4 February 1903 from New York to Liverpool.

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Teutonic of the White Star Line, Departing Wednesday, 4 February 1903 from New York to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain Edward R. McKinstry. GGA Image ID # 13ccbd66b2


Notable Passengers: John J. Cone, Blair Fairchild, Moses A. Gunst, Clarence Wayland Watson

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Captain Edward R. McKinstry, R.N.R.
  2. Surgeon: T. T. Bark
  3. Purser: C. B. Lancaster


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Walter Ainslie
  2. Mrs. A. Copeland
  3. Mrs. Altemus
  4. Mr. E. O. Cornish
  5. Mr. Cleo. A. Armour
  6. Mr. Percy Cradock
  7. Mr. J. P. Atherton
  8. Mrs. Cradock
  9. Mrs. Atherton
  10. Mr. Jas. A. Cunningham
  11. Col. A. Barry
  12. Mrs. Jacob H. Bauland
  13. Mr. E. J. Bonette
  14. Mr. James P. Bradt
  15. Mrs. Bradt
  16. Mrs. A. M. Burke
  17. Mr. W. C. Burton
  18. Mr. C. Emo Capodilista
  19. Mrs. M. E. Carey
  20. Hon. T. Chase Casgraiu
  21. Mr. Nap Charbonneau
  22. Mrs. Charbonneau
  23. Mr. Samuel Chew
  24. Mr. John J. Cone
    John J. Cone was the fourth Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus from 1898 to 1899 and Fire Commissioner of Jersey City, New Jersey. Cone was a founding member of Jersey City Council #137 of the Knights of Columbus on November 3, 1895. In less than three years was elected Supreme Knight after Supreme Knight Hayes died suddenly frlom complications from peritonitis
  25. Mr. H. P. Daley
  26. Miss K. Delaney
  27. Miss Kate Dodd
  28. Mr. Blair Fairchild and manservant
    Blair Fairchild (June 23, 1877 - April 23, 1933) was an American composer and diplomat. Along with Charles Wakefield Cadman, Charles Sanford Skilton, Arthur Nevin, and Arthur Farwell, among others, he is sometimes grouped among the Indianists, although he had only a marginal association with their work
  29. Mrs. Fairchild and Maid
  30. Mr. S. Finck
  31. Mrs. Finck
  32. Miss Virginia Fleming
  33. Miss A. A. Fox
  34. Miss A. E. Fox
  35. Mr. Ivan Frank
  36. Miss Gibson
  37. Mr. V. Gandil
  38. Mr. M. A. Gunst
    Moses A. Gunst (1853-1928) of San Francisco was engaged in the retail and wholesale trade of Cigars that eventually became the United Cigar Store
  39. Mrs. William Hayden
  40. Mr. Arthur Hayden
  41. Mr. K. Imaizumi
  42. Mr. R. B. Jarvie
  43. Master Lewis M. Johnstone
  44. Miss Nora M. Johnstone
  45. Mr. Parry Jones
  46. Mr. J. J. Jubert
  47. Mr. Jaromir J. Justice
  48. Mrs. G. Kennedy
  49. Mr. Fred'k E. Kip
  50. Mr. George M. Kneuper
  51. Mr. W. B. Krebs
  52. Mrs. Krebs
  53. Mr. John Lamb
  54. Mr. Thos. Law
  55. Mr. C. Seton Lindsay
  56. Mrs. Lindsay
  57. Mrs. A. L. Little
  58. Mr. Herbert Lockwood
  59. Dr. R. J. Marshall
  60. Dr. Masujima
  61. Capt. H. Mowatt
  62. Mr. P. S. Muller
  63. Mr. James Munroe
  64. Master Munroe
  65. Mrs. McMullan
  66. Mr. W. H. Nisbet
  67. Mr. F. C. Overbury
  68. Mrs. Overbury
  69. Miss Sara L. Owen
  70. Mr. W. J. K. Pearson
  71. Mrs. Pearson
  72. Mr. W. H. Peech
  73. Mrs. Peech, Infant, and Nurse
  74. Mr. Russell Perkins
  75. Mr. J. F. Sherman
  76. Mr. C. J. Pershouse
  77. Mr. Cleo. H. Stewart
  78. Mr. Elmer Phillips
  79. Mr. J. Suckling
  80. Miss E. C. Pierce
  81. Mr. S. P. Sutton
  82. Miss Jeanie Preston
  83. Mr. Wm. Price
  84. Mrs. Price
  85. Miss Price
  86. Mr. L. D. Tandy and two children
  87. Mr. Morris Terker
  88. Mr. Evan Thomas
  89. Mr. W. A. Tipping
  90. Mr. H. W. Troth
  91. Mr. A. J. Quanz
  92. Mrs. Troth
  93. Mr. M. deQuesada
  94. Master Raymond H. Troth
  95. Mr. Frank Turner
  96. Mr. S. Raunheim
  97. Mr. E. A. Raymond
  98. Mr. R. Walker
  99. Miss M. L. Reilly
  100. Dr. W. D. Waller
  101. Mr. J. A. Roach
  102. Mr. Nat. M. Waslier
  103. Mr. John H. Ross
  104. Mr. C. W. Watson
    Clarence Wayland Watson (May 8, 1864 – May 24, 1940) was a coal mining "baron" from West Virginia. Watson organized several coal companies that became the Consolidation Coal and Mining Companies in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Watson was president of the company until 1911, then became its chairman. Later in life, he became President of Elk Horn Coal Company and served as trustee of various corporations, railroads, and banks across the United States
  105. Mr. S. B. Ross and manservant
  106. Mr. J. Rymer-Jones
  107. Mrs. Watson, two Maids
  108. Miss Ida M. Watson
  109. Miss Lucy L. Watson
  110. Mr. B. Saenz
  111. Miss Elizabeth Watson
  112. Miss Jessie M. Sandifor
  113. Mrs. Arthur Welman
  114. Mr. Henry Schafer and Maid
  115. Mr. D. Schoenfeld
  116. Mr. Jas. H. White
  117. Mr. M. Sessenwein
  118. Mrs. White
  119. Mr. J. Sessenwein
  120. Mr. A. White
  121. Mr. F. M. Williams
  122. Mr. A. Wimpfheimer
  123. Mrs. Williams
  124. Mr. Chas. G. Winslow
  125. Miss E. A. Willis
  126. Mr. Archibald Wright


Information for Passengers


  • Breakfast from 8.30 until 10 o'clock.
  • Luncheon at 1.30
  • Dinner at 7.00 o'clock.

The Bar closes at 11 pm, and the Smoking Room at 11.30 pm.

Divine Service In the Saloon on Sundays at 10:30 am

Please apply to the Second Steward for Seating Accommodation at Table. Children under ten years of age are not entitled to seats in the Saloon unless lull fare is paid. Cablegrams and Telegrams should be handed to the Saloon Steward an hour before arrival at Queenstown.

The Saloon and Library Stewards will supply Stamps, Telegraph Forms, Books of Reterence and Railway Time 1ables of the principal Companies.

Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Second Steward, who is the Ship's baggage Master. Trunks, Chairs, or Rugs which Passengers may desire to leave in charge of the Company, should be appropriately labeled and handed to the Second Steward with the keys. such Baggage will be stored entirely at owners risk.

Deck Chairs can be hired at a charge of $t each for the voyage; 12 hours' notice being necessary, at the Office, 9 Broadway.

It is desirable that Valuables or Money should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his sate, and a receipt tor same will be given on the Company's tom. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, how • ever arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance. Passengers are requested to ask for a Receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money, Chair Hire or hreight paid on board.

Saloon Passengers joining the White Star Mail Steamers Westbound at Queenstown (Cobh) must be at that port not later than 10 15 am Tursday.

Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, Snuff, Scents.
Vv INF,s, Spirits (of Any soRT0).
Extracts of Tea, Coffee, L.HICORY, or Tobacco.

The smallest quantity of any of the articles must be produced.

A person Smuggling is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding aix Months in default of payment of a fine of Treble the Duty Paid value of the goods or £100 (500 Dols.)

N. B.—Passengers will please note that no dogs will be admitted from America into Great Britain without a license from the Boar a of Agriculture.

The White Star Line have opened a West End Office for the convenience of Passengers at 17 Cockspnr Street London, S. W.

The premises include a Reading and Writing Room, and latest editions of the leading American and English Papers are kept on file.

Letters can be addressed there to await the arrival of Passengers. and baggage can be stored, if desired, at owner's risk.

Registered Telegraphic and Cable Address—"Vessels," London. Telephone No. "2313 Gerard," London.


Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), RMS Teutonic Passenger List, 4 February 1903.

Track Chart and Memorandum of Log (Unused), RMS Teutonic Passenger List, 4 February 1903. GGA Image ID # 1ed072deea


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