Ocean Travel Journeys


A new section added in the latter part of 2020 devoted to patrons of the GG Archives who offered photographs and stories of their ancestors' travels across the oceans. If you would like to preserve a story from your family, simply submit a few high-resolution (600 dpi or greater) and a story about your ancestor(s) [email protected]. Your account of their travels may help others understand the journey their ancestors took so many years ago.


Group Photo of German Immigrants to America on the SS Albert Ballin of the Hamburg-America Line - 1926

Ludwig and Elise Gampher - SS Albert Ballin - 16 July 1926

After Ludwig served in the Germany Navy during WWI he vowed to leave Germany for a better life. So he did. As far as I can recall he never set foot back in Germany after September 1926, having gone back with Elise to settle his affairs.


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