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Our library of books by or about the United States Navy includes pictorials, training manuals, topical subject matter books, history, ships, and submarines, published from the early 1900s through current releases.


Aircraft Carriers by Michael and Gladys Green

Aircraft Carriers

Loaded with historical accounts and technical details and packed with photographs and illustrations, this remarkable book provides an insightful look at the Aircraft Carrier.

Michael and Gladys Green | 1567997228 | 2000


Battle Stations

Battle Stations: Your Navy In Action

A Photographic epic of the naval operations of World War II told by the great admirals who sailed the fleet from Norfolk to Normandy and from the Golden Gate to the Inland Sea.



Bluejackets' Manual, Sixth Edition

Bluejackets' Manual, Sixth Edition

United States Navy, U.S. Naval Institute



U.S. Navy Bluejackets' Manual, Tenth Edition 1940

Bluejackets' Manual, Tenth Edition

This tenth edition has become necessary by the Navy's adoption of the U. S. Army's drill regulations and the desirability of new typesetting for clearness of print.

U.S. Naval Institute | 1940


Bluejackets' Manual, Eleventh Edition

Bluejackets' Manual, Eleventh Edition

The Bluejackets' Manual by United States Navy 1943 was published by United States Naval Institute with multiple charts and illustrations. Contents include: Subjects All Enlisted Men Should Know, Deck Seamanship, Boat Seamanship, Elements of Navigation and Piloting, Communications and Signals, Gunnery, Landing Force and Technical Features, Components of the Navy, Ship Facilities.

U.S. Naval Institute | 1943


Bluejackets' Manual, Twelfth Edition

Bluejackets' Manual, Twelfth Edition

The Bluejackets' Manual, the "Bible," issued to new Navy recruits when entering boot camp. This is the earlier printing of this edition, as noted by the square corners. They are published by the United States Naval Institute and copyright 1944.

U.S. Naval Institute | 1944


Bluejackets' Manual, Thirteenth Edition

Bluejackets' Manual, Thirteenth Edition

Bluejackets Manual Navy Training Manual for 1946. This is the Thirteenth Edition and first post-WWII edition that provided recruits with navy policy and instructions on Naval topics. Includes many black and white / color illustrations and an index.

U.S. Naval Institute | 1946


U.S. Navy Bluejackets' Manual, Fourteenth Edition, 1950

Bluejackets' Manual, Fourteenth Edition

This edition covers the naval subjects presently required of the recruit and the non-rated man and, where possible, shows the avenues for further study. A broad understanding of naval traditions and customs and an ever-increasing knowledge of the different phases of life at sea.

U.S. Naval Institute | 1950


Bluejackets Manual - Fifteenth Edition

Bluejackets' Manual, Fifteenth Edition

Chapters include Ships, Aircraft, and Firepower, Life at Sea, Drills and Defense, Seamanship and Communications, and much much more. Great B/W photos and illustrations.

U.S. Naval Institute, 1959


Capstan : Third Midshipmen Class of Notre Dame

Capstan: Third Midshipmen Class of Notre Dame

1943 Class Three US Navy Midshipmen of Notre Dame Yearbook. Contains photographs of the instructors, administrative and executive staff, and class members.


Carrier: Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier

Carrier: A Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier

Bestselling author Tom Clancy returns to the military hardware his fans love with this behind-the-scenes tour of the U.S. Navy's crown jewel, the aircraft carrier. Illustrations.

Tom Clancy | 0425166821 | 1999


Carriers : United States Naval Air Power In Action

Carriers: United States Naval Air Power In Action

Spotlights naval air defense, including life on the flight deck, profiles of specific aircraft, and a view of the carrier in port.

Tony Holmes & Jean-Pierre Montbazet | 0517012197 | 1990


Fly Navy: A History of Naval Aviators and Carrier Aviation

Fly Navy: Naval Aviators and Carrier Aviation, a History

Fly Navy paints a vivid and often hair-raising portrait of military aircraft carriers and carrier crews and the planes and pilots who depend on them.

Phillip Kaplan | 1586631896 | 2001


Guardians of the Sea: The History of the United States Coast Guard

Guardians of the Sea: The History of the United States Coast Guard

Describes the service's active participation in two world wars, various conflicts, and its multifaceted peacetime duties. It traces the service's development since 1915 when the Revenue Cutter Service and the Life-Saving Service formally merged.



Naval Receiving Station of the U. S. Naval Traning and Distribution Center,

Naval Receiving Station of the U. S. Naval Traning and Distribution Center, Shoemaker California, Volume XXVII

The U. S. Naval Training and Distribution Center (TADCEN for short) at Camp Elliot is the Grand Central Station of the 11th Naval District. The end of the war against Japan has not resulted in any noticeable changes in our pace. If anything, the district is busier now than before.



Naval Review 1965

Naval Review Annual 1965

Antisubmarine Warfare—Where Do We Stand?; The Future of the Surface Fighting Ship; Naval Weapons Today; Aircraft Carrier Design; The Soviet Air Forces; Marine Corps Aviation Today; more.

United States Naval Institute | 1964


Naval Review 1966

Naval Review Annual 1966

The Case for Inshore Warfare; A Marine's View of the Amphibious Assault Forces; Submarine Against Submarine; Do We Still Need the Sixth Fleet?; A Coast Guard Officer's Career; more.

United States Naval Institute | 1965


Navy Times Book of Submarines

Navy Times Book of Submarines

This sourcebook provides a thorough overview of the technical development of the submarine, its military uses, and the politics that sometimes interfered with both.

Brayton Harris | 0425157776 | 1997


Navy Yearbook - 1944

Navy Yearbook: 1944

An excellent photographic record of the ships and planes from the principal navies taking part in World War II with additional statistical data for each class of ship and aircraft.

Edited by Phillip Andrews and Leonard Engel | 1944


One Hundred Years of Sea Power : The U.S. Navy 1890-1990

One Hundred Years of Sea Power: The U.S. Navy 1890-1990

It relates in detail how, over the years, the Navy formed and reformed its doctrine of naval force and operations around a concept of offensive sea control by a battleship fleet and, new to America, the need to build and maintain an offensive battle fleet in peacetime.

George W. Baer | 0804727945 | 1993


Pictorial History Of Navy Women, Volume One

Pictorial History Of Navy Women, Volume One

 Pictorial History of Navy Women 1908 - 1988 - Volume 1. This book is formatted like a yearbook and has hundreds of photos and short bios of women that served in the U.S. Navy through 1988.

WAVES National | 1990


Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship

Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship

VIP security clearance allowed Clancy to present this detailed look at the inside of SSN-688, a nuclear sub. Complete with photographs, diagrams, and war scenarios.

Tom Clancy | 0425138739 | 1993


The History of Aircraft Carriers: An Authoritative Guide

The History of Aircraft Carriers: An Authoritative Guide to 100 Years of Aircraft Carrier Development, from the First Flights from Ships in the Early 1900s Through to the Present Day

This authoritative book provides both enthusiasts and historians with crucial information about the history of the aircraft carrier.

Bernard Ireland | 1844764745 | 2008


The Navy : Naval Historical Foundation

The Navy

This is a complete and beautiful history of the US NAVY, beginning with the deployment of the 1st US Navy in 1775, and covers the history and its people and conflicts since that beginning.

Navy Historical Foundation | 0883631008 | 2000


The U.S. Navy: A History

The U.S. Navy: A History

This authoritative, concise history of the U.S. Navy traces the development of American seapower from the raggle-taggle Continental Navy of 1775 to current efforts to deploy strategic and tactical naval innovations for the twenty-first century.

Naval Institute Press | 1557505950 | 1997


Traditions and Tales of the Navy

Traditions and Tales of the Navy

The scope of Traditions and Tales of the Navy purposely entails much more than nautical etymology. Included in the structure of this book are sections that focus on the naval and maritime atmosphere that caused, and continues to cause, the formation of tradition and the expansion of our vocabulary.

Dr. Martin Davis | 1575100819 | 2001


United States Submarines

United States Submarines

"United States Submarines" Naval Submarine League edited by David Randall Hinkle. This 352-page book celebrates the U.S. Navy's Submarine Force by setting forth in prose and pictures the story of its development through the first 100 years.

Naval Submarine League | 0760762198 | 2002



U.S. Naval Aviation

Oversized and magnificently illustrated, this book by historians and active duty and retired officers will be cherished by aviators and the countless others who the feats of U.S. naval aviation have inspired.

M. Hill Goodspeed, Editor-in-Chief | 0883631024 | 2001


U.S. Navy: A Complete History

U.S. Navy: A Complete History

A year-by-year summary of naval activity from 1775 covers a wide range of actions during both war and peacetime, chronicling the technological advances and compelling stories of the U.S. Navy.

M. Hill Goodspeed | 0883631121 | 2003


U.S. Navy : An Illustrated History

U.S. Navy: An Illustrated History

That history is told here more vividly than ever before in stirring, authoritative prose, which is dramatized by more than 400 carefully chosen illustrations.

Nathan Miller | 1977


USS Midway 1995 Book by I. B. Clayton

USS Midway (CV-41)

USS Midway (CV-41) was the third U.S. Navy ship and a second aircraft carrier to bear the name of Midway. She was commissioned on 10 September 1945 and operational until 11 April 1992.

I. B. Clayton | 2005


Watch Officer's Guide

Watch Officer's Guide

The revisions consist principally of treating the duties and responsibilities of the watch officer primarily concerning their relative importance.

Captain Russel Wilson, U.S.N. - United States Naval Institute | 1941


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