Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions




The Sea Post Office on the Oceanic. Travel Guide, 1910.

FAQ: What are Seaposts?

Ocean Post Offices were operated on all of the important transatlantic lines. The postal clerks sort the mail at the sea Post Office while the vessel is on her voyage.


The SS America II of the United States Lines, 1940.

What are the best Cruise Lines to experience a voyage in a large ship?

One recurring question we receive is do we have any recommendations for taking a cruise on a modern cruise line that can help them experience some of the things that their ancestors encountered.


The Speedy SS Deutschland (1899) Leaving New York Harbor c1901.

FAQ: How Fast Could A Steamship Cross the Ocean?

The Acadia was the first "ocean greyhound" brought out by the Cunard Line, which made her maiden voyage years ago. A comparison of her size and speed with those steamships that have subsequently made ''fast reputations" is fascinating.


Original Third Class/Steerage Steamship Passage Contract and Ticket from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, 14 November 1902, on the White Star Line RMS Celtic.

How Did Steamship Lines Determing Rates of Fares in 1900?

In each class, there are rates for a single berth in a room having four berths, a single berth in a room having two berths, special rates for a space of two berths for one person and two persons, and graded rates in all classes for different situations of staterooms on the steamer.


Nautical Terms - FAQs - GG Archives

Nautical Terms - Quick, Concise Terminology

Commonly used nautical and maritime terms in use during the age of the transatlantic steamship circa the early to mid-1900s. It is perfect for a quick answer without too much detail.


1911 Advertisement for Mothersill Seasickness Remedy.

Why Did Passengers on Steamships suffer from Seasickness?

One of the principal causes of seasickness or physical discomfort during the voyage is the tendency among all passengers to overeat.


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