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Bangor Punta Advertisements for Luhrs Boats is complete with photographs and information on the Yachts, Cruisers, and Boats built by the Luhrs Division of Bangor Punta Corporation.

Luhrs 28 to 32 Foot Boats

The High Price of Fiberglass Isn't High Anymore. Luhrs 32 Sedan (1967)

Luhrs 32 Fiberglass Sedan (1967)

In 1967, Luhrs offers seven new fiberglass* boats nearly every boat buyer can afford . . . each one with power and style options...

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-001-1967-BW-AD


Luhrs Double Cabin 32' Yacht - 1969 Print Advertisement.

Luhrs Double Cabin 32' Yacht (1969)

The Luhrs 32' Double Cabin is built to muscle its way through steep head seas … smooth out the roughest water … and cruise comfortably at better than 20 knots...

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-003-1969-BW-AD


the 1970 Luhrs 32' fiberglass sedan cruiser

Luhrs 32' Fiberglass Sedan Cruiser (1970)

The Luhrs 32 Foot Cruiser - Sure, she's a big boat, but she's priced way below any comparable boat on the market!

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-006-1970-BW-AD


Luhrs 320 yacht - Fiberglass was never in such beautiful shape. 1971 Print Advertisement.

Luhrs 320: Fiberglass Was Never in Such Beautiful Shape (1971)

It's the kind of a boat for the blue water man … the kind of a man who wants to get to the fish or the next port first … And fast!

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-010-1971-C-AD


A Man's Boat for a Man's World - The Luhrs Super 320 - 1971 Print Advertisement

Luhrs Super 320: A Man's Boat for a Man's World (1971)

A Luhrs boat is a beautiful boat, as can be seen by the photo of the Luhrs Super 320. Women, in particular, find the interior to be spacious and workable and tastefully decorated.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-009-1971-C-AD


The Super 320 Yacht - Luhrs annonces the new wave of luxury.

Super 320 Yacht: A New Wave of Luxury (1971)

If you've been looking for a luxurious boat, but were afraid of getting soaked, see the Super 320 at your Luhrs dealer.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-008-1971-BW-AD


Luhrs builds boats for the man who knows and respects the sea! 1972 Print Advertisement

The Luhrs 28 Flybridge Sedan (1972)

Over the years, experienced skippers came to rely on Luhrs for honest performance, honest construction and honest value.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-015-1972-C-AD


Luhrs Two-Eighty Fly Bridge Sedan - 1974 Print Advertisement.

Luhrs 280 Fly Bridge Sedan - Made for Relaxation (1974)

Luhrs is the boat built with people in mind. Roomy. Comfortable. Powerful. Dependable. Select from a full range of fine cruisers and sport fishermen from 25 to 41 feet.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-023-1974-C-AD

Luhrs 36+ Foot Boats

Luhrs has a new 38 Footer.  1970 Print Advertisement.

Luhrs 38 Flying Bridge Cruiser (1970)

See hull number 1 in our new series of 38 foot, fiberglass hulled, flying bridge, twin diesel cruisers that will knock the pants off our competition.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-005-1970-BW-AD


The New Luhrs 360 Offshore Cruiser - 1972 Boat Advertisement

Luhrs 360 High-Performance Offshore Cruiser (1972)

If ever there was a boat that combined the best of the two worlds of boating, this is it. We call it our Offshore 360 cruising boat.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-014-1972-C-AD


Woman on Mans's Boat -- The Luhrs 410

Luhrs Super 360 and 410 Yachts - What's That Woman Doing on the Man's Boat? (1973)

Luhrs has always had the reputation of being the best value on the market. We build an honest, rugged and top performing kind of boat.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-021-1973-C-AD


Luhrs - You Can Still Afford A Good Boat - 1975 Print Advertisement

Luhrs 32: You Can Still Aford A Good Boat (1975)

Designed by people with blue water boating knowledge to be more than just a sportfisherman or sedan cruiser. She combines comfortable living accommodations for six...

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-024-1975-C-AD

Luhrs Branding and Miscellaneous

A Few Comments About Power Cruisers and Fiberglass From Two Men Who Know (1967)

Luhrs 32 Fiberglass Power Cruisers (1967)

Henry Luhrs and Charles Leighton: With Fiberglas construction, we can offer better styling and combine a lower profile with a deep V hull for superior stability.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-002-1967-C-AD


Luhrs Builds Boats For Men! 1971 Magazine Advertisement

Luhrs Builds Boats For Men! (1971)

Luhrs boats are rugged rather than exotic ... sturdy rather than glamorous ... handsome rather than pretty ... dependable rather than capricious.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-012-1971-C-AD


Luhrs Builds Boats For Uncompromising Men!

Luhrs Builds Boats For Uncompromising Men! (1971)

When you want a boat that's rugged and strong, with a hand-laid up hull and a modified deep-V design that lets you maintain high speeds in rough waters. You want a Luhrs!

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-011-1971-C-AD


Luhrs Builds Boats For Men! 1972 Print Advertisement.

Luhrs Builds Boats For Men! (1972)

Luhrs boats are rugged rather than exotic … sturdy rather than glamorous … handsome rather than pretty … dependable rather than capricious.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-013-1972-C-AD


Luhrs Builds Boats for Men Who Know The Value Of A Buck! - 1973 Print Advertisement.

Luhrs Builds Boats For Men With Women in Mind (1973)

Luhrs is built like a Mercedes Benz, performs like a Ferrari, but is priced like a Pinto. And the interior is made plush to please the fussiest woman.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-019-1973-C-AD


What's That Woman Doing on the Man's Boat? - Luhrs 1973 Print Advertisement

What's That Woman Doing on the Man's Boat? Loving It. (1973)

We know the importance of a woman in making a boat purchase and we keep her in mind all through the design and construction of every Luhrs.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-022-1973-C-AD


Luhrs: A Boat That Makes Sense. (1975)

Luhrs: A Boat That Makes Sense. (1975)

Welcome back to LUHRS. We've been building what you want for 35 years. Call a LUHRS dealer today for a pleasant surprise on the price of practicality.

GG Archives REF# BPLUH-026-1975-BW-AD-1/2


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