Luhrs Builds Boats For Men With Women in Mind (1973)

Engine Compartment on a Luhrs Cruiser

Being served refreshments (Olympia Beer) by the first mate after maintaining the engine ... Priceless.

Ask a Luhrs owner why he picked Luhrs out of all the boats on the market and he'll most likely give you a one word answer … Value!

That's because, dollar for dollar, Luhrs is the best value on the water today.

Luhrs Builds Boats for Men Who Know The Value Of A Buck! - 1973 Print Advertisement.

If you compare Luhrs with any other boat of its type, you'll come to the conclusion that Luhrs puts its money where it really counts.

Luhrs builds a sturdy, ocean taming hull and then beefs it up even further in the areas that take the toughest beating.

The justly famous Luhrs Modified Deep V hull gives you a comfortable ride in nasty seas plus great stability that the Deep-Vs just can't provide.

Luhrs is built like a Mercedes Benz, performs like a Ferrari, but is priced like a Pinto. And the interior is made plush to please the fussiest woman. That's why we say Luhrs is "Built for a man … with a woman in mind!"

We build Luhrs boats in sizes from 25' to 44'. Check your nearest Luhrs dealer for the one that suits you best.

Crusing in Calm Waters in a Luhrs Boat

Costa Mesa, Calif. 92627 | Marlboro, N.J. 07746

Captain of the Ship

Enjoying Some Leisure Time

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