Luhrs Builds Boats For Men! (1971)

Exploring new Destinations in a Luhrs Yacht

There are men who believe firmly that a day on the open sea is the only kind of day that makes any sense.

These men have found that stepping aboard a rugged, seaworthy boat can make all of the frustrations of life ashore fade away.

Luhrs Builds Boats For Men! 1971 Magazine Advertisement

Suddenly, the headaches disappear, the bands around the chest ease off and the world takes on a rosier glow.

These men look for certain qualities in their boats that allow them to range far offshore without concern for the boat's ability to handle whatever weather or sea conditions they might run into.

They look for the qualities you find in a Luhrs boat.

Luhrs boats are rugged rather than exotic ... sturdy rather than glamorous ... handsome rather than pretty ... dependable rather than capricious.

In fact, they have the qualities you'd want in a friend. And when the sea makes up and the wind begins to howl, it's nice to know who your friends are.

Relaxing Cruise on a Luhrs Yacht

Be the Captain of a Luhrs Yacht

Next time you feel the need to ease the pressure, go to sea with a friend. Luhrs can be your friend for life.

Man the Helm on your Luhrs Yacht

Luhrs Company

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