Luhrs 280 Fly Bridge Sedan - Made for Relaxation. (1974)

Luhrs 280 Fly Bridge Sedan

Relaxation ... is Luhrs. It's the way to spend a day. A weekend. Or a lifetime. Away from the onshore world.

Creating a whole different viewpoint. Clearing out the cobwebs with a clean salt breeze.

These are the things the Luhrs lifestyle is made of. But a Luhrs is made of even more. Luhrs is the boat built with people in mind. Roomy. Comfortable. Powerful. Dependable.

Select from a full range of fine cruisers and sport fishermen from 25 to 41 feet.

Luhrs Two-Eighty Fly Bridge Sedan - 1974 Print Advertisement.

All with the sea-proven modified deep-V hull that lets you go anywhere you want with confidence … and all with the livability and true boating value that are a tradition at Luhrs.

The boat that is perfect for you is at your Luhrs dealer now.

Pictured: Luhrs Two-Eighthy Fly Bridge Sedan


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