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It's important to clarify that our focus is on ephemera, which refers to collectible items that are not intended to last for a long time, such as brochures and immigration documents.

We are not genealogists, so if you're looking for records of a specific voyage or similar documents, we recommend visiting websites such as the National Archives or Ancestry. These websites have record-based databases that are based on government records and are more likely to provide you with the answers you're seeking.

Our goal is to supplement basic facts with examples of ephemera so that our patrons can be better informed about our topics.

To make an analogy, we're more like a textbook than a records database.

If you're seeking information about the history, public events, or examples of documents to help you understand your ancestors and what they might have been going through a textbook or encyclopedia will likely meet your needs.

However, if you're seeking information about a specific voyage that occurred between 1880 and 1954, a large database would be the best option for you.


Contact us by e-mail


General Inquiries: [email protected].

U.S. Navy Inquiries: for Navy Archives inquiries (For US Navy Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and their families): [email protected].

Please do not contact us to help you find a Recruit Yearbook. Please consult our comprehensive guide: Finding United States Navy Boot Camp Graduation Books.


Sharing Your Historical Documents

If you have any images, documents, or publications that you would like to contribute to the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives, please contact us at [email protected]. Kindly provide us with a description of your items and their format. We appreciate your efforts in preserving the past for future generations.

You can share both images of your documents or the documents themselves with us. We would be grateful for your assistance in sharing unique brochures, booklets, documents, photographs, or other ephemera. Thank you for considering contributing to the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.


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