Confectionery - Sinful Delights in the Epicurean Way


Epicurean Confectionery

Confectionery often refers to confections and are rich in sugar.  It is therefore crucial that the pastry cook has a great knowledge of sugar, its composition and behavior in different temperatures and conditions. 


The Bride Cake -The Art of Confectionery - 1862

The Art of Confectionery - 1862

To succeed in the art of pastry, a pastrycook must possess twin qualities which by imperceptible degrees transform a workman into an artist. His taste must be good to enable him to grasp the proper proportion of ingredients intuitively to be mixed to make a delicious whole.


Italian Villa Made of Nougat

Pastry and Confectionery Pictorial - 1874

Pastry and Confectionery play a most important part in our daily food; their varied entremets, cakes, and petits-fours are valuable adjuncts to our family fare; their ornamental pieces and substantial pastries add brilliancy to the table of the wealthy.


The Candy Store of Thirty Years Ago - 1906

The Candy Store Of Thirty Years Ago - 1906

Thirty years ago, the confectionery business in this country was yet in its infancy and the lines of American candies were very limited indeed. There were no great assortments of counter goods or chocolates, and even the quality was not of the highest.


Ghirardelli's Ground Chocolate

The Confectionery Business In San Francisco - 1906

As a whole, the goods turned out by San Francisco confectioners are remarkably good, and, considering the selling price, are superior to those in the east. On the other hand, the ice cream, as a rule, is a little below eastern standard.


Cracker Jack Boy in Sailor Blue, February 1919

The Story of Cracker Jack - 1915

Perhaps the best-known version of popcorn is Cracker Jack, which was a big hit at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The creator of this confection, F.W. Rueckheim, a German immigrant, hadn't given his product a name; he simply scooped the molasses-coated popcorn and peanut ... The story varies, but in 1896 a salesman tasted the delicacy, smacked his lips and announced, "Now that's a cracker- jack!


Plum Pudding, All Decorated and Ready to Serve

Christmas Pudding - 1920

Whatever else we omit from the Christmas table; the plum pudding is a "must-have." But, luckily, when we get to the pudding stage of the Christmas dinner, we are not so very hungry, and if we must scant, a little pudding goes a long way.


Confectionery Display Case at the Hested Stores Company.

Psychological Side of Candy Making - 1921

To the average youngster, either male or female, the high school lads and lassies, the debutante, the trusting fiancée and normal folks of all ages, a box of well-chosen candies means just that—HAPPINESS.


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