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Immigration Ship Names & Immigrant Ship Ephemera

Immigrant Ship Ephemera

Some of the most prized collectibles are ephemeral memorabilia produced on or for each voyage or ship. They include passenger lists, brochures, tickets and voyage contracts, luggage tags, postcards, sports and entertainment programs, track charts, deck plans, menus, onboard newspapers, magazines, books, voyage log extracts, passenger letters, ship letterhead, cap tallies, photographs, illustrations, logos, and more.

While the GG Archives has an extensive collection of these paper memorabilia or ephemera, the number of digitized items varies greatly by ship. Some we have extensive holdings, while others, we may have only one or two choice pieces. Take a different look at history through the often graphically exquisite ephemera for the ships of your ancestors.

We have grouped the ships alphabetically and disclose within each letter(s) the first and last listing in that grouping.

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