Epicurean Wedding Feasts, Meals, and Traditions

Epicurean Wedding Feasts, Meals, and Traditions

The success of a wedding dinner party depends largely on the host and hostess. The dinner cannot be a failure and infinite pains are necessary in preparing the table, instructing about laying the table, serving, etc.  It is all in the Art of Entertainment.

A Bridal Shower With Daisies - 1907

A Bridal Shower With Daisies - 1907

A bride who is to be married in June was given a daisy shower recently. The girls who were invited guests were asked to bring something ornamented with daisies. Some of them brought table linen of various kinds with the design of daisies stamped or embroidered thereon.


The bridal table set for the ice course

A Wedding Breakfast in 1916

Talk of the silver and gold and cakes and fine linens which go with the wedding breakfast brings up visions of great bills at the bakers and the candlestick-makers, if not at the butcher's, and it is true that the new simplicity of wedding celebrations is no bar to spend as much money as one chooses.


Table Laid For A Bridesmaid's Luncheon

The Bridesmaids Luncheon for an August Bride

A Luncheon given by one of the bridesmaids to an autumn bride was marked by some pretty and novel features. The color scheme was green and white, and the company, which included all the girl attendants of the bride, together with the matron of honor, were seated at a round table.


June Wedding Menus - 1916

June Wedding Menus - 1916

The centerpiece was a huge white satin slipper filled with orange blossoms standing in the center of an immense wedding ring of yellow roses. The wedding cake was in heart-shaped white-satin boxes. White and yellow chrysanthemums were liberally used in the dining room decorations.


Wedding Cake of Prince and Princess Adolphus of Teck

Royal Wedding Cakes - 1904

One English firm has long made the wedding cake for all the weddings in the royal family. This prestigious firm, patronized by Queen Victoria and the English nobility, owes its success to the fact that a box of cakes, given by its founder, Richard Bolland, to the Queen, when she was a young princess, in 1835. 


Bridal Centerpiece of Roses and Lilies-of-the-Valley

Setting the Bridal Table - 1916

In sumptuous ages like that of Louis IV, wedding pageants were the very acme of that sumptuousness, and in periods characterized by simplicity, nothing has exceeded the simplicity of the marriage rites. But times have changed, and changed again, since then.


Wedding Buffet Table Set Up with Plates, Napkins, Punch Bowl and Glasses, Coffee and Coffee Cups, with a Center Floral Piece.

The Buffet Style of Serving & Bridal Buffet

In the buffet style of serving a luncheon, or informal refreshments of any kind, the guests are served from a long table or buffet, where they receive portions of the dishes on plates, with the appropriate forks or spoons, and they return to their seats to eat.


Wedding Cake - 1914

The Wedding Breakfast - 1914

Every girl loves to have some of the charming little table conceits so popular just now, as well as flowers, and dainty things to eat, for her wedding breakfast, and if the affair is not too large to prevent tables, she can, with the aid of members of the family, or loving girlfriends, devise any number of fascinating little bridal favors, place-cards, bonbonnieres, and candle-shades.


Table Laid for First Wedding Anniversary (Paper Wedding)

Wedding Anniversary Menus - 1905

It has sometimes been questioned whether good taste warrants the social celebration of wedding anniversaries, and there is much to be said on that side.


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