Epicurean Holiday Dining & Feasts


Table Laid for Halloween © 1902 Beautiful Homes and Social Customs of America.

Table Laid for Halloween © 1902 Beautiful Homes and Social Customs of America. Designed by Janet McKenzie Hill, Editor of the Boston Cooking and School Magazine. GGA Image ID # 20295c10ee


A cabbage hollowed out and lined with paper serves as a fruit dish; candlesticks are made of carrots. Celery-apple-and-nut salad is served in red peppers. Marshmallows, in shape and color at ears of yellow corn, are used as bonbons. Boston brown-bread sandwiches, doughnuts, and cider nuts complete the menu.


Our Christmas Dinner, Forecast Magazine, December 1920, p. 377.

Christmas Dinner - 1920

Our Christmas dinner was just delicious. It was the nicest dinner that anyone in the whole wide world ever had, said one of the enthusiastic youngsters who helped to make these favors.


A Subject Pays Him Homage

Christmas on the Cunard Line RMS Aquitania - 1921

"Christmas knows neither caste nor class. It establishes itself as part of the ship's schedule for twenty-four hours. The Patron Saint of the Day succeeds to command in all matters, except the purely technical function of navigation, with the full approval and consent of the Captain and the general endorsement of all others."

Christmas Dinner at Sea - Cunard Line

Christmas Dinner At Sea - 1924

Considering all these modern arrangements, it is unsurprising that Atlantic passengers who spend their Christmas at sea on board a Cunarder have lasting memories of a wonderful time.


Holiday Dinners- 1922

Holiday Dinners- 1922

When arranging the holiday menu, plan so that it will be possible to prepare many of the dishes a day or two in advance. Christmas and Thanksgiving are family gathering days. Try to manage so that the family and guests will not feel that the dinner has been too great an effort for the person who prepared the menu.


Making the Christmas Party Worth While

Making the Christmas Party Worth While

How are you and your employees going to celebrate Christmas this year? What is it going to cost you? This article tells how one company gave 2,000 workers and friends a Christmas party with little expense and profitable results.


Bringing in the Plumb Pudding for Christmas Dinner

A Merrie English Christmas Dinner - 1911

But, in, the dinner itself, the mincemeat and plum pudding come towards the end of the meal and not the beginning, so we must go back and consider the more substantial parts of the repast first.


Our Holiday Dinners for February - 1921

Our Holiday Dinners for February - 1921

The February hostess has a wealth of material to choose from when planning her monthly dinner or luncheon. Two patriotic holidays and the fete day of good Saint Valentine offer many suggestions for novel table decorations and menus.


Our Nineteen-Twenty Thanksgiving Feast

Our Nineteen-Twenty Thanksgiving Feast

This year's Thanksgiving feast should be a great day; a day celebrated in some happy fashion by every American citizen for it commemorates the 300th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving held by the Puritans to give thanks for a new home in a rich country that yielded them a bountiful harvest.


Table Decorations: Our Christmas Dinner Tables - 1898

Suggestions for Table Decorations at Christmas - 1898

THERE is a great lack of gaiety of every kind this season, but however anxious we may all be on account of the war, and however quietly we may all be living, Christmas claims cannot be withstood, and it is pleasant to realize that the preparations for this festive season are on as liberal a scale as they have ever been.


Women Prepare the Turkey and Other Foods in the Kitchen Beginning the Day Before Thanksgiving.

The Day Before Thanksgiving - 1890

In the early colonial days the Puritans of New England abolished Christmas as a relic of popery and prelacy, which they held in nearly equal detestation. Laws were passed to punish the observance of Christmas Day.


A Saint Valentine Luncheon - 1913

The Christmas rush is over, and spring vegetables are beginning to appear, at least in city markets. The shops are full of pretty favors in honor of the little love god, and delight is in the air.


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