Private Dinner Party Menus

In catering for these social functions special menus are printed, the wishes of the party concerned being consulted as to the various courses, as they are in the case of a private dinner given at a hotel ashore.

These menu cards which may be inscribed with a motto or legend indicative of the occasion are, needless to say, treasured by the guests as an interesting souvenir.

Special Menu - E. D. Jordon and Party aboard the Laconia 1913

1913-10-06 RMS Laconia Private Dinner Party Menu

This is a very rare personalized special embossed menu for E. D. Jordon and Dinner guests aboard the Cunard Line Laconia (I) in October of 1913.


Private Dinner Menu - RMS Berengaria, 1927

1927-06-21 RMS Berengaria Private Dinner Party Menu

This is a private dinner menu for passengers on board the RMS Berengaria of the Cunard Line on a 1927 westbound voyage that originated from Southampton destined for New York. Menu selections were written in French.


Dinner Menu, United States Lines SS Leviathan, Private Party - 1928

1928-06-10 SS Leviathan Private Dinner Party Menu

Elaborate Private Party Dinner Menu on board the Flagship of the United States Lines, the SS Leviathan. This Sunday Dinner hosted by Mr. S. B. Applebaum featured Filet of Sole and Roast Vermont Turkey with Crème Dame Blanche. This four-page menu was bound by an elegant Red, White and Blue striped and tasseled string.


Front Cover, Special Dinner - Guests of the Captain, on the TSS Toloa of the Great White Fleet, Sunday, 13 July 1930.

1930-07-13 TSS Toloa Special Dinner - Guests of the Captain

Vintage Special Dinner - Guests of the Captain from 13 July 1930 on board the TSS Toloa of the Great White Fleet featured Broiled Striped Bass, Fillet Mignon a l'Alsarienne, and Peach Melba for dessert.


Front Cover, Private Dinner Menu & Dance, Masonic Masters and Wardens on the SS Washington 1933

1933-12-13 SS Washington Private Dinner Menu & Dance

Vintage Private Dinner Menu & Dance from 13 December 1933 on board the SS Washington of the United States Lines featured Bluefish au Four with Cardinale, Filet Mignon à l'Alsatienne, and Cup aux Fraises for dessert.


Private Dining Room in a Presidential Suite

1906 - Private Dinner Parties Onboard Steamships

The special dinners are only the outward and visible sign of Cunard enterprise in catering for their passengers. Chief stewards and head waiters have been put through a course of training in the leading hotels of London and Paris, and they in their turn have trained the different steward staffs to the highest possible degree of intelligent service.


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