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Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures

The GG Archives presents a fabulous collection of Ocean Liner and Travel Brochures from the 1800s through the 1950s. Many are not only rare but offer a unique glimpse of passenger accommodations for ocean travel, often profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations.

The Steamship and Ocean Liner brochures, published from the late 1800s through the 1960s, offered a unique look into the accommodations, voyages, and life on board the ships. The brochures often captured the ships' unique interiors from all classes' perspectives, including first, second, tourist third cabin, and third class.

A few of our most popular brochures include the 1912 brochure on the SS France of the CGT-French Line; the 1907 White Star Line brochure that covered fleet, history, and services; a 1922 brochure on the famous RMS Majestic of the White Star Line, a 1908 Allan Line brochure on their second cabin accommodations; and, a 1937 brochure on the ocean liner Normandie of the French Line.

Steamship Passengers Browsing Through Brochures at a Kiosk in the Early 1900s.

Steamship Passengers Browsing Through Brochures at a Kiosk onboard the SS Victoria in the Early 1900s. GGA Image ID # 1751ef8f73

Brochures from the Allan Line

Allan Line Brochure of Second Cabin Accommodations - 1908

GGA Image ID # 113d49c5e0

A scarce Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers brochure from 1908 describes their fleet and second saloon accommodations with deck plans and photographs, including interior and exterior. This brochure covers the Allan Line Steamships SS Corsican, SS Grampian, SS Hesperian, SS Tunisian, SS Victorian, and SS Virginian.

Brochures from the American Line

American Line First Cabin Services Brochure - 1901

Deck Plan of the SS St.Louis and the SS St. Paul of the American Line.

1901 Brochure covers First Cabin Travel on the Steamships of the American Line and includes Deck Plans, Rates for Transatlantic Travel (Southampton - New York Service via Cherbourg), and General Passenger Information.

American Line Philadelphia, Queenstown, and Liverpool Service Brochure - 1907

Cover of American Line Philadelpha - Queenstown - Liverpool Brochure 1907

American Line has specially arranged to accommodate passengers who want good food and service, moderate speed, and have the best accommodation the steamers afford at a reasonable cost.

American Line Southampton to New York Service Brochure - 1908

American Line Southampton -- New York Service with Tariff of First Class Fares.

Broadside Flyer produced by the American Line promoting their Southampton - New York service. The flyer includes information for passengers, the tariff of first-class fares, and deck plans for the SS St. Louis, SS St. Paul, SS New York, and the SS Philadelphia.

Brochures of the American Merchant Lines

American Merchant Lines to Europe Brochure - 1932

Cover - American Merchant Lines New York to London - The Economical Way to Europe. Published November 1932

These are some of the attractions of an American Merchant Lines crossing. Every day is memorably pleasant from the minute you go on board in New York until you sail up the famous Thames right into the City of London.

Brochures of the Anchor-Donaldson Line

Anchor-Donaldson Line Letitia and Athenia Brochure - 1926

Front Cover, Anchor-Donaldson Line Bropchure on the Steamships Letitia and Athenia - 1926.

The Anchor-Donaldson Line provides a profusely illustrated brochure on the cabin class accommodations available on the SS Letitia and SS Athenia. This rare booklet was published in November 1926 and documents the two sister ships with interior and exterior photographs.

Brochures of the Anchor Steamship Line

Anchor Line Second & Third Class Accommodations Brochure - 1902

Front Cover, Second Saloon and Third Class on Anchor Line U.S. Mail Steamers.

Six-Panel Flyer from the Anchor Line promotes their weekly service between New York and Glasgow. The brochure provided information about the Second Saloon and Third Class passengers only, including rates of passage and rail rates to or from Glasgow to points in the UK.

Anchor Line Transatlantic Steamship Tours Brochure - 1904

Front Cover, Anchor Line Transatlantic Steamships. Tours in Ireland, Scotland, and England.

1904 brochure produced by the Anchor Line focuses on the most popular places of interest and principal cities of Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. The booklet features beautiful color images. Many are reproduced on this page.

Anchor Line Special Attractions For Excursion Season Brochure - 1911

Front Cover, Anchor Line Special Attractions for Excursion Season 1911.

The Anchor Line published this brochure for the Tourist season in 1911. It featured information for passengers, internal and external photographs of the ships and interior views, and some information on destinations.

Anchor Line Information For Passengers Brochure - 1912

Front Cover, Anchor Line Information For Passengers - 1912 Brochure.

A beautiful brochure from 1912 offers an excellent glimpse of cabin class travel aboard steamships of that era. The Anchor Line produced this booklet after their Newest steamship - The Cameronia was built in 1911.

Anchor Line Second Cabin Accommodations Brochure - 1913

Front Cover, Anchor Line Second Cabin Information and Accommodations 1913

12-Page brochure from 1913 on second cabin accommodations on transatlantic steamships of the Anchor Line offering weekly service between New York, Glasgow, and Londonderry. Numerous photographs, Rates of Passage, and other information are included.

The New Anchor Line Fleet Brochure - 1926

Front Cover, The New Anchor Line Fleet to Ireland and Scotland. 1926 Brochure.

Profusely illustrated brochure from 1926 documents the grand interiors of the Caledonia and Transylvania, the newest additions to the Anchor Line fleet with views of the California and Cameronia, transporting passengers between New York, Londonderry, and Glasgow.

Anchor Line Cabin Class Brochure - 1930s

Front Cover, Anchor Line Cabin Class Brochure. Undated, circa 1930s.

Anchor Line Brochure from the 1930s for passengers who are accustomed to the amenities of good living. It offers a genuinely delightful mode of travel in the company of other passengers with the same substantial standards which characterize their good taste.

Brochures of the Baltic American Line

Baltic America Line Fleet and Services Brochure - 1920s

Baltic America Line 1912 Brochure

The American Tourists seeking rest, recreation, study, or new business connections in Europe cannot find a more suitable time to go than next summer, using all the exceptional facilities offered by the Baltic America Line.

Brochures of the Baltimore Mail Line

Baltimore Mail Line Outstanding Travel Value Brochure - 1930s

Front Cover, Outstanding Travel Value to Europe on the Baltimore Mail Line

1930s Brochure offers extraordinary interior and exterior views (including passengers) of their transatlantic steamships of the Baltimore Mail Line with routes between Baltimore, Norfolk, Havre, and Hamburg.

Baltimore Mail Line Passenger Information Brochure - 1932

Front Cover, Baltimore Mail Line Information for Passengers. Published March 1932.

Rare Passenger Booklet from Baltimore Mail Line covers everything their patrons would need to know about their voyage. Unlike many passenger steamship lines, the Baltimore Mail Line printed the Information for Passengers separate from the Passenger Lists.

Baltimore Mail Line to Europe Brochure - 1936

Front Cover, Baltimore Mail Line An Innovation in One-Class,Transatlantic Passenger Service.

Baltimore Mail Line utilizes one-class liners. You can go anywhere on board without worrying about class restrictions. Decks, lounges, dining saloon— there is no class distinction. Passenger accommodations throughout are of a single high standard.

Brochures of the Blue Funnel Line

Blue Funnel Line to Australia Brochure - 1913

Composed Front Cover, Blue Funnel Line to Australia - Alfred Holt & Co., Liverpool - 1913.

Large-Format 18-panel brochure from Alfred Holt & Company, Liverpool, included many photographic views of the Blue Funnel Line to Australia in 1913 featuring the TSS "Ulysses" of 14,626 Tons and her sister ship, the TSS "Nestor" of 14,547 Tons.

Camera Series Hard-Cover Brochures

The Camera Series Liverpool & New Brighton Brochure - 1890s

Front Cover, The "Camera" Series: Album of Photo-Lithographic Views of Liverpool and New Brighton, Brown & Rawcliffe 1890s.

Scarce hardcover booklet, semi-linen with gold embossed cover with extraordinary lithographic images of scenes around Liverpool in the 1890s. Eight astonishingly detailed views of Liverpool and one plate collage of locations around New Brighton.

Brochures of the CGT French Line

Le Nouveau Paquebot SS France French Language Brochure - 1912

Couverture, Paquebot France de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique

Il s'agit d'une brochure pour le lancement Steamship SS France de la CGT-French Line produite en 1912 qui offre une excellente critique du livre de l'hébergement de première classe, des services, des détails de la salle des machines et des chaudières, des dispositions et beaucoup plus.

The New SS France Liner Brochure - 1912

Couverture, Paquebot France de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique

A brochure for the Steamship SS France launch of the CGT-French Line produced in 1912 offers an excellent review of the book of first-class accommodation, services, details of the engine room and boilers, provisions, and much more. Note: This is the English translation of the French language brochure.

CGT French Line Paquebot Normandie Brochure - 1937

Couverture du livret "Normandie" de 1937 de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line.

Le livret de 72 pages détaille l'incroyable luxe à bord du paquebot Normandie - la fierté et la joie de vivre de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line. Imprimé en France en 1937, il est devenu un article très recherché par les collectionneurs.

CGT French Line Ocean Liner Normandie Brochure - 1937

Couverture du livret "Normandie" de 1937 de la Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line.

The 72-page booklet details the incredible luxury aboard the Normandie liner - the pride and joy of life of Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - French Line. Printed in France in 1937, collectors have become an item much sought after. (Translated from the French)

Third Class on the French Line Brochure - 1938

Front Cover, Third Class on the French Line Featuring the Ile de France, Champlain, Lafayette, Paris, and Normanide.

The Normandie, Ile de France, Paris, Champlain, and Lafayette combine economy and efficiency in fulfilling the most discriminating requirements. Their Third Class accommodations cannot help but bring you all satisfaction.

French Line SS Ile de France Cabin Class Deck Plan Brochure - 1951

Brochure Cover, Ilde de France Cabin Class Deck Plan. Published by the CGT French Line February 1951.

Illustrated brochure from 1951 provides colorful deck plans for areas occupied by cabin-class passengers and numerous interior and exterior photographs of the SS Ile de France of the CGT French Line.

Brochures from the Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS)

Canadian Pacific Cabin Service to Europe Brochure - 1927

Front Cover, Cabin Service to Europe via the Canadian Pacific Steamships.

Crossing the ocean once on a Canadian Pacific Cabin Class Steamship means realizing that you have found the ideal way to travel. Many Interior and Exterior photographs help illustrate this exceptional brochure.

Brochures from the Cunard Anchor Line

Going Abroad via Cunard and Anchor Lines - 1923

Front Cover, Going Abroad via Cunard and Anchor Lines, 1923, Brochure No. A&P 20154-23.

Excellent brochure from 1923 provides numerous photographs, the majority interior views of the many steamships in the fleets of the Cunard and Anchor Lines. It is Lavishly illustrated with 87 images.

Cunard Line/Donaldson Atlantic Line Brochure

The Historic St. Lawrence River Route to Europe - 1948

Front Cover, 1948 Brochure on the Historic St. Lawrence River Route to Europe

After the ship lias left the Cunard Donaldson Atlantic piers in Montreal Harbor, it proceeded downstream, passing beneath the imposing Jacques Cartier bridge, which connects the island of Montreal with the City of Longueuil on the South Shore. Here was once a fort built in 1689 to protect the seigneury from the marauding Iroquois.

Brochures of the Cunard Line

Cunard Passenger's Log Book - 1893

Front Cover, The Cunard Passenger's Log Book, RMS Campania 1893, 12,950 Tons, Length 625 Feet. The Cunard Steam-Ship Company, Limited, 1893.

The Cunard Passenger Log Book is a fascinating booklet issued by the Cunard Steamship Company and contains a brief history of the Cunard Line and many exciting features. The RMS Campania is featured throughout the booklet.

The Story of the Cunard Line - 1902

Front Cover, Reprinted From "BUSINESS ILLUSTRATED".	December, 1902.

Cunard Steamship Company, Limited, one of the oldest and most famous of British steam navigation undertakings elected to remain independent and outside the scope of the great Trust. This is their Story as published by BUSINESS ILLUSTRATED. December 1902.

Famous Cunarders - 1910

Front Cover, "Famous Cunarders," Published by the Cunard Line 21 March 1910.

8-Page Booklet/Leaflet from 1910 titled "Famous Cunarders" provided an illustrated introduction to their "A"-List Cunard fleet including the Campania, Carmania & Caronia, Carpathia, Lusitania & Mauretania, Pannonia, and the Saxonia & Ivernia.

Franconia and Laconia For The Boston Service - 1911

Front of Franconia and Laconia - The Largest and Fastest Steamers in the Boston Service Flyer from 1911

Flyer created by Cunard to announce two new steamships for the Boston service, 18,000 tons each. The ships were of the intermediate class and accommodations described in this flyer pertain primarily to the First Class.

RMS Franconia and Laconia - Cunard Line - 1912

Front Cover RMS Franconia and RMS Laconia of the Cunard Line.

A scarce brochure provides a remarkable record of these two short-lived steamships that brought thousands of immigrants from Liverpool to Boston from 1912 to 1916.

Fishguard Information for Passengers of Cunard - 1913

Front Cover, Fishguard Information for Passengers. Published 1913 Cunard Line.

Fishguard is situated on the south-west coast of Wales, and is the nearest British port to New York used by Atlantic liners. It affords the quickest means of reaching London, and is also a convenient port for the Continent.

Cunard Passenger Log Book - 1913

Front Cover, Cunard Passenger Log Book circa 1913

Rare Third-Class Accommodation on Cunard Liners featuring interior and exterior photographs of the ships and accommodations for third class/steerage passengers. Undated brochure circa 1913.

Cunard Line RMS Aquitania Comparisons - 1914

Front Cover, Comparisons - RMS Aquitania of the Cunard Steam Ship Company, Limited.

Aquitania made her maiden voyage from Liverpool on 30 May 1914. This brochure was one of many published in 1914 to exalt the size of the ship and accommodations available. Many comparisons were made with well-known US structures of that era.

Cunard Service to Historic Boston - 1914

Front Cover - Cunard Line 1914 Brochure Entitled "Historic Boston" about Boston and the Cunard Line Services to Boston.

42-Page Brochure focused primarily on Boston, Massachusetts, with a brief summary of Cunard Line Fleet and Services to Boston. Some photographs of Cunard ships, offices, docks/piers, Boston Landmarks, and a Railroad advertisement.

Cunard to Liverpool via Cobh (Queenstown) - 1920s

Front Cover, Cunard to Liverpool via Cobh (Queenstown) - 1920s Brochure from the Cunard Line.

Superb interior photographs of the Cunard steamships Carinthia, Franconia, Laconia, Samaria, and Scythia makes this an excellent brochure from the 1920s. The uniqueness of this booklet is greatly improved by the inclusions of context with photo captions.

Cunard Tourist Third Cabin Accommodations - 1920s

Front Cover, Cunard Tourist Third Cabin Accommodations Brochure. Undated, Circa Late 1920s

Tourist Third Cabin replaced the old Third Class on the Cunard Steamships, the refinished accommodations attracted students, professors, young business people, and bargain-hunters filling the cabins left mostly empty from the decline of the immigrant trade.

Cunard Passenger Guide - RMS Mauretania - 1921

1921 Brochure Cover, Cunard Line Passengers' Guide to the RMS Mauretania.

Shirt Pocket Sized 18-Page brochure from the Cunard Line that provided a handy reference guide to navigating the RMS Mauretania covering all three passenger classes -- Saloon, Second, and Third. A lot of information but only a few images.

Cunard To Boston - 1922

Front Cover - Cunard To Boston. Published by the Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited - 1922

The re-opening of the Liverpool-Queenstown-Boston Service with the " Samaria," one of the finest and largest of the new post-War Cunarders, emphasizes the importance which the Cunard Company attaches to this Service.

The Cunard Liverpool Route - 1923

Cover, The Liverpool Route from Boston and New York via Queenstown (Cobh)

16- Page Brochure provides insight into the Liverpool Route that is shared by both the Cunard Line and Anchor Line. The majority of the booklet is a tour guide of England, and the remainder on passenger service between Boston, New York, and Canada.

Cunard Line Second Class to Europe - 1927

Front Cover, Second Class to Europe fromn Boston to Queenstown and Liverpool.

12-Page brochure covers the Boston to Europe route of the Cunard Line in 1927. Interior photographs help to illustrate the second class accommodations available on the Samaria, Scythia, and Laconia.

Cunard White Star Line

Cunard White Star Tourist Class - 1949

Front Cover of 1949 Brochure on Tourist Class Accommodations on Cunard White Star Ships.

This 1949 booklet is your gangplank. Step aboard and see for yourself the spacious public rooms and tasteful cabins wherein relaxation and recreation are the rules of the day. Tourist Class on the "Big Four" of the Cunard White Star Line.

Dollar Steamship Line

President Liners - Dollar Steamship Line - 1925

Front Brochure Cover, Dollar Steamship Line President Liners from 1925.

Rare 1925 Brochure from The Dollar Steamship Line on their President Liners. Many photographs document their distinctively higher standard of luxury, comfort, and convenience -- a measure designed to meet the requirements of ocean voyagers.

Dominion Line

Book of Views - Dominion Line - 1900

Front Cover of 1900 Brochure from the Dominion Line Royal Mail Steamers - To Canada and the United States.

Excellent brochure from the Dominion Line circa 1900 that provided several views of their fleet of steamships, facts about their fleet, and views of their first, second, and third-class accommodations.

Hamburg American Line

European Traveler's Memorandum Book - 1890

The 1890 European Traveler's Memorandum Book

Brochure from the Hamburg America Line to their customers from 1890 to 1891. It included 31 pages covering travel to Europe, emphasizing first-class travelers but appropriate for all classes.

Across the Atlantic - Hamburg American Line - 1905

Front Cover, Across the Atlantic -- Hamburg-American Line, 1905.

Although small in size, this 80 page booklet / brochure from 1905 provides an excellent record of the steamships and services of the Transatlantic Fleet of the Hamburg America Line.

SS Auguste Victoria Photos - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

Photo 079: The SS Auguste Victoria anchored in the harbor at Advent Bay, Spitsbergen

Augusta Victoria, later Auguste Victoria, placed in service in 1889 and named for Empress Augusta Victoria, wife of Emperor Wilhelm II, was the name ship of the Augusta Victoria series and the first of a new generation of luxury Hamburg America Line ocean liners.

Photos of the SS Blücher - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

Ladies Salon on the SS Blücher. Photo 002, Northland Trips Book of Photographs, Hamburg-American Line, 1908.

Some of the best photographs (interior and exterior) from the turn of the century document the SS Blücher of the Hamburg America Line as she visits various ports of western Norway at the turn of the twentieth century.

SS Meteor Photos - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

Photo 022: First Class Dining Salon on the SS Meteor

View Incredible Large Format Photographs of the Hamburg American Line SS Meteor (1904), including Interior and Exterior views and scenes from piers of western Norway from 1908.

SS Oceana Photos - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

Photo 016: Part of the Upper Dining Hall on the SS Oceana

An extraordinary Large Format Photographs of the Hamburg American Line Steamship SS Oceana (1905) includes interior and exterior views from the 1908 Book Northland Fahrten.

SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise Photos - Hamburg-America Line - 1908

The SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise is Anchored at Naes, Romsdal, Norway.

The Northland Fahrten Book offers Extraordinary Large Format Photographs of the Hamburg American Line Steamship SS Prinzessin Victoria Luise (1900), including Interior and Exterior photos from 1908.

Nordseebäder-Fahrplan - 1914

Titelblatt, 1914 Broschüre der Hamburg- Amerika Linie für die Fahrpläne der Nordseebäder - Seebäder und Riviera Dienst.

Viele Fotos der Schiffe, Innenansichten und Bilder der Wahrzeichen von Hamburg, Deutschland, machen diese Broschüre zu einer ungewöhnlich guten Broschüre der Hamburg- Amerika Linie von 1914. Zwei farbige Karten enthalten die Nordsee und die Umgebung.

North Sea Resorts Timetable - 1914

Front Cover, 1914 Brochure from the Hamburg America Line for North Sea Resorts Timetables

Many photographs of the ships, interior views, and images of Hamburg, Germany landmarks help to make this an unusually good brochure from the Hamburg-America Line in 1914. Two color maps are included of the North Sea and Vicinity.

New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland - 1924

First Class Lounge on the SS Deutschland.

8-Panel Flyer offers a quick look at the SS Deutschland, a 21,046-ton ship, launched on 28 April 1923 with her maiden voyage on 27 March 1924. Superb interior photographs create a visual feast of this elegant ship of the Hamburg-America Line (HAPAG).

HAPAG - Across the Atlantic in First Class - 1928

Passenger Relaxing on the Promenade Deck - Resolute and Reliance.

Outstanding brochure from the Hamburg America Line captures the opulence of first-class transatlantic travel in the late 1920s. Rare interior photographs of public rooms such as the shopping plaza or promenade make this an excellent booklet.

Cabin and Third Class on the MS St. Louis - 1938

Front Cover, Cabin and Third Class Accommodations on the MS St. Louis of the Hamburg America Line 1938 Brochure.

1938 8-page, large format brochure from the Hamburg America Line presents views of the rooms and decks enjoyed by the cabin and third-class passengers aboard the MS St. Louis. Captions and text were provided in German and English.

In der Dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika - 1938

Titelblatt, Hamburg America Line 1938 Broschüre "In der dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika."

Es handelt sich um eine gut erhaltene Broschüre veröffentlicht wurde, dass vor dem Beginn des europäischen Konflikt, der sich aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Superb Fotografie macht dies ein Rekord excecptional der dritten Klasse Unterkünfte auf dem Dampfer Deutschland, New York, Hamburg und die Hanse.

In The Third Class to North America - 1938

Front Cover, Hamburg America Line 1938 Brochure "In The Third Class to North America."

A well-preserved brochure published before the beginning of the European conflict that became World War II with superb photography makes this an exceptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg, and the Hansa.

Multi-Line Brochures

Go Tourist Class - HAPAG-North German Lloyd - 1936

Front Cover for a Joint Line Brochure from Hamburg America Line and North German Lloyd Entitled Go Tourist Class.

26-Page Brochure "Go Tourist Class" is a joint publication of HAPAG-NDL, Profusely Illustrated with interior photographs of Tourist Class accommodations and ships of both lines that carried passengers of that class.

Ships in the Transatlantic Service - HAPAG-NDL - 1937

Front Cover of 1937 Brochure from the Hamburg-American and North German Lloyd on their Transatlantic Ships.

14-page small format brochure produced jointly by HAPAG-LLOYD welcomes you to Germany in 1937 on their transatlantic ships Bremen, Europa, Columbus, New York, Hamburg, Hansa, Deutschland, St. Louis, and Berlin.

Passenger Ships & Passage Regulations - 1924

Cover, Passage Regulations for First, Second, and Cabin Class Passengers to North America, 1924.

Great brochure, issued jointly by the German Steamship Lines of Hamburg-Amerika Linie and United American Lines (Harriman Line), provides the complete Passage regulations for First, Second, and Cabin Class Passengers to North America. The brochure is in English and offers a glimpse of the effects of WWI War Reparations and Prohibition.

Italian Line

Italian Line Third Class Rates - 1938

Cover of Brochure from the Italian Line on Third Class Rates from 1938.

12-Page brochure from the Italian Line provides a lot of information for passengers, third-class passage rates, and immigration laws. Third-class Interiors and photographs of ships complete this very informative brochure.

Norwegian America Line

New York to Norway - Norwegian America Line - 1915

Front Cover of 1915 Brochure from the Norwegian America Line Created by their New York Office.

18-Panel Brochure from the Norwegian America Line, developed by their New York office to promote tourism to Norway. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations for first, second and third-class passengers.

Sverige till Amerika - Norska Amerikalinjen - 1915

Framsida, 1915 Broschyr från Norska Amerikalinjen

1915 broschyr producerad av Norska Amerikalinjen för att främja invandrartrafik från Sverige till Amerika i tredje klass. Många inre och yttre fotografier tillsammans med illustrationer gör detta till ett utmärkt broschyr som är mycket användbart för släktforskning.

Sweden to America - Norwegian America Line - 1915

Front Cover, 1915 Brochure from the Norwegian America Line

1915 brochure produced by the Norwegian-America Line to promote Immigrant traffic from Sweden to America in the Third Class. Many interior and exterior photographs along with illustrations make this a superb booklet that is very useful for genealogy research.

Visit The Vikings - Norwegian America Line - 1920s

Front Cover, 1920s Brochure from the Norwegian America Line "Visit the Vikings"

Early 1920s brochure covers the ships and accommodations of the Norwegian-America Line, tours of Norway, brief information about major cities in Norway, and many photographs that help promote a visit to beautiful Norway.

North German Lloyd (Norddeutscher Lloyd)

Short Route to London - North German Lloyd - 1889

Front Cover of 1889 Brochure from North German Lloyd "Short Route to London via Southampton and the Continent."

Brochure prepared by the New York Agents of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Steamship Line in 1889 - The year of the Paris Exhibition. As a convenient pocket-size guide, the brochure provided a lot of useful information.

Express Liner Bremen - North German Lloyd - 1929

Covers for theNorth German Lloyd Brochure on their Expres Liner Bremen dated 15 November 1929.

16-Page brochure from Norddeutscher Lloyd produced for their offices in the United States and Canada. A pictorial of their accommodations for four classes of passengers -- First, Second, Tourist Third Cabin, and Third Class.

SS Bremen - North German Lloyd - 1929

Front Cover, Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Brochure for the SS Bremen. Form 275, Printed in the USA 25 October 1929.

Absolutely superb brochure from North German Lloyd on the SS Bremen with many photographs documenting the ship and the accommodations afforded each class - First, Second, Tourist Third Cabin, and Third Class.

Navigazione Generale Italiana (NGI) Genoa

SS Colombo - NGI Genoa - 1925

Front Cover, 1925 Brochure From NGI Italian Line Covering the SS Colombo, a Cabin-Class Ship.

Rare 1925 Brochure from NGI The Italian Line that features many photographs of the interior rooms of the Cabin Class. The Ship is designed to carry both Cabin and Third Class passengers with a capacity of 445 and 700 respectively.

Orient-Royal Mail Line

Orient-Royal Mail Line of Steamers - 1906

Front Cover, Brochure from the Orient-Royal Mail Line of Steamers

Rare 1906 passenger information brochure from the Orient-Royal Mail Line that carried passengers and mail betwen the UK and Australia, the voyage taking about 33 days each way. Photographs and important passenger information was included.

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company (R.M.S.P.)

New York Service - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company - 1921

Front Brochure Cover, RMSP New York Service - First and Second Class - 1921.

Superb brochure from 1921 documents with many extraordinary photographs of the first and second class interiors of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company ocean liners plying from Europe to New York.

Service de New York - Compagnie Royal Mail Steam Packet - 1921

Couverture de la Brochure Avant, Service RMSP New York - Première et Deuxième Classe - 1921.

Superbe brochure de 1921 contenant de nombreuses photographies extraordinaires des intérieurs de première et deuxième classe des paquebots de la Compagnie Royal Mail Steam Packet qui naviguent d'Europe à New York.

Cabin Liners to Europe - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company - 1923

Front Cover of 1923 Brochure "Cabin Liners to Europe" from the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company.

Believed to be one of the earliest brochures produced by the RMSP to promote their newly acquired ships Orbita, Orca, and Orduña, in 1923 provides numerous interior photographs. The ships were only operated by RMSP for 3 years.

Red Star Line

About Antwerp and the Red Star Line - 1904

Front Cover, Brochure About Antwerp and the Red Star Line © 1904.

50-page brochure from the Red Star Line provides extensive information on the harbor of Antwerp, the history of the city, and the Red Star Line transatlantic fleet. Many photographs help to illustrate this rare booklet from 1904.

SS Belgenland Into Europe - Red Star Line - 1924

Front Cover of 1924 Brochure The SS Belgenland of the Red Star Line.

The Triple Screw Steamer Belgenland, Queen of the Red Star Line Ships 1924 18-page Brochure entitled "Into Europe Through Belgium," produced by the New York Office. Great photographs capture the luxury and opulence of the first class.

SS Belgenland - Red Star Line - 1924

Front Cover of 1924 Brochure on the Red Star Line Flagship SS Belgenland 27,200 Tons.

A 1924 brochure from the Red Star Line features their flagship, the SS Belgenland and her many amenities available for first-class passengers. Numerous photographs and illustrations document the opulence and service provided by the Red Star Line.

Third Class Rates - Red Star Line - 7 October 1925

Front Cover, Red Star Line Third Class Rates Brochure No. 13 Dated 7 October 1925.

Third Class Through Booking Outbound Rates to Europe, Children & Infants' Ocean Fares, and Approximate Third Class British Rail Rates, 7 October 1925, Red Star Line Fleet, and more.

Second Class Rates - Red Star Line - 1926

Brochure Cover, Red Star Line Second Class Rates

January 1926 brochure containing second class rates for the Red Star Line steamships Belgenland and Lapland for routes between New York and Antwerp. European Rail and Steamer Fares and interior and exterior photographs for both ships are included.

Scandinavian-American Line

Scandinavia to America - Scandinavian-American Line - 1912

Front Cover, 1912 Brochure "Scandinavia to America," From The Scandinavian-American Line.

50-Page brochure from the Scandinavian-American Line promoting their service from Scandinavia to New York focused on Third Class accommodations and persuading immigrants to cross the Atlantic on one of their steamships.

Skandinavien och Amerika - Skandinavien-Amerika Linien - 1912

Framsida, 1912 Broschyr "Skandinavien till Amerika", från den Skandinavien-Amerika Linien.

50-sidars broschyr från den skandinavisk-amerikanska linjen som främjar deras tjänster från Skandinavien till New York fokuserade på tredje klassens boende och övertalade invandrare att korsa Atlanten på ett av sina ångfartyg.

Direct Services - Scandinavian American Line - 1917

Front Cover 1917 Brochure, Scandinavian-American Line Regular Direct Communication Between New York and Scandinavia.

1917 Brochure covers History, Fleet, Accommodations (First, Second and Third Class), Connections at Ports, Information on Scandinavia and Offices and Agencies. Numerous interior photographs make this brochure exceptional.

Cabin Service to Northern Europe - 1920s

Brochure Cover, Passenger Service to and from Northern Europe by the Scandinavian American Line.

16-page brochure from Scandinavian-American Line is devoted to their cabin service to and from Northern Europe. It contains information for passengers about their fleet and cabin accommodation.

Tourist Third Cabin - Scandinavian-American Line - 1928

Brochure Cover for the Scandinavian-American Line Tourist Third Cabin from 1928.

8-Page brochure from the Scandinavian-American Line packs a lot of information and interior photographs of their Tourist Third Cabin accommodations, rates of passage, and other information for passengers.

Passenger Ships of the United States Lines - 1922

Front Brochure Cover of Passenger Ships Owned by the United States Government Published in 1922

One of the first and most comprehensive brochures on the early beginnings of the United States Lines. Many photographs documents the cabin class (First Class/Second Class) amenities on the many ships of the USL.

The Steamship Leviathan - United States Lines - 1923

Front Cover of 1923 Brochure Introducing the Flagship of the United States Lines, the Incomparable Steamship Leviathan.

1923 Brochure captures the grand elegance and beauty of the World's Largest Steamship - the SS Leviathan of the United States Lines. The large photographs will allow you to envision the incredible luxury found on this very popular ocean liner.

Third Class Passage to Europe - USL - 1923

Front Brochure Cover, Third Class Passage to Europe - 1923

Ships included in this 1923 brochure from the United States Lines include the great Leviathan, the largest liner in the world; the popular George Washington; America, largest "cabin" ship in the world; the famous "President" ships.

New York - Plymouth - Cherbourg - Southampton - Bremen - USL - 1924

Front Cover of 1924 Brochure from the United States Lines for Travel Between New York and Several European Ports.

32-Page brochure from the United States Lines provides many interior views of their fleet of transatlantic steamships published in 1924. This brochure does not include their flagship -- the SS Leviathan as they prepared a separate booklet for that ship.

The American Way to Europe - United States Lines - 1924

Front Cover of a 1924 Brochure from the United States Lines Entitled "The American Way to Europe.

Comprehensive brochure from the United States Lines developed to provide information and photographs that describe the ships and amenities geared to Americans traveling to Europe. Also contains brief information on sites to see in Europe.

White Star Line

White Star Line Fleet, History, and Services - 1907

Front Cover, 1907 White Star Line Brochure Covering Their Fleet, History, Accommodations, and Services.

Excellent brochure from the White Star Line covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade. Profusely illustrated with many photographs of the ships and accommodations.

The Famous Big 4 - New York-Liverpool Service - 1909

Front Cover, White Star Line Famous Big 4 - RMS Adriatic, RMS Baltic, RMS Cedric, and RMS Celtic dated 16 April 1909.

8-Page White Star Line brochure on the Famous Big 4 of the New York Liverpool Service - The Adriatic, Baltic, Cedric, and Celtic, is packed with incredible photographs (Interior and exterior) some with actual passengers.

Majestic - The World's Largest Ship - White Star Line - 1922

Front Cover of 1922 Brochure Majestic - The World's Largest Ship from the White Star Line.

One of the most exceptional brochures issued by the New York Office of the White Star Line. It covers the first-class accommodations with a visual record of the grand luxury of the public areas, dining saloon, lounges and more.

Tourist Third Cabin & Third Class - WSL Canadian Service - 1928

Cover of a Tourist Third Cabin and Third Class Brochure from White Star Line Canadian Service, 1928.

Tourist Third Cabin and Third Class Views, Plans, and General Information for the SS Laurentic, SS Albertic, SS Calgaric, SS Megantic, SS Doric, and SS Regina. 25 Photographs, mainly interior views and Deck Plans for the Albertic, Megantic, Laurentic, Calgaric, Doric, and Regina.

Popular Tours to Europe - Beale Tours - WSL - 1928

Cover of 1928 Brochure, Popular Tours to Europe Arranged in Conjunction with the White Star Line Canadian Service and Beale Tours, Chicago.

White Star Line Canadian Service. Informational brochure details several different European tours with Itineraries and Costs. Steamship Interior Photos included: Dining Room, Smoking Room, Ladies' Lounge, Dance Hall, Two-Berth Cabin with Settee, and Lounge, all from Tourist Third Class (Ship's Not Identified). An illustration of SS Laurentic (1927) and an advertisement with a photo of a European Standard Suitcase (27.5 x 14.5 x 8 inches).

White Star Line To Boston and New York in Third Class - 1930

Front Cover of 1930 Dutch Brochure from the White Star Line: Boston and New York in the Third Class.

Translated from a 1930 Dutch brochure on third-class accommodations on the "Big Four" - the Britannic, Baltic, Cedric, and Adriatic, with many interior photographs to document this class of travel in 1930.


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