Cunard Passenger Guide - RMS Mauretania - 1921

1921 Brochure Cover, Cunard Line Passengers' Guide to the RMS Mauretania.

1921 Brochure Cover, Cunard Line Passengers' Guide to the RMS Mauretania. GGA Image ID # 1277f1c883

Shirt Pocket Sized 18-Page brochure from the Cunard Line that provided a handy reference guide to navigating the RMS Mauretania covering all three passenger classes -- Saloon, Second, and Third. A lot of information but only a few images.


MAIN SALOON DINING ROOM. Situated amidships on "D" Deck.

UPPER DINING SALOON. On "C" Deck," approached from the main staircase.

LOUNGE AND MUSIC ROOM. Amidships On "A" Deck with entrance from promenade deck, elevators, or main staircase.

WRITING ROOM AND LIBRARY. Forward of the lounge on "A" Deck with entrance from promenade deck, elevators, or main staircase.

SMOKING ROOM. This is situated astern of the lounge on "A" Deck with entrance from there, and can also be entered either from the promenade decks or by staircase.

VERANDAH CAFE. Astern of the Smoking Room, on "A" Deck.

STATEROOMS. Situated on Boat, "A," "B," "D," and "E" Decks.

EN SUITE ROOMS. Regal and Parlour Suites, These rooms are situated on both sides of " A " and " B " Decks.

CHILDREN'S ROOM. On "C" Deck, just forward of the upper dining saloon.

PURSER'S BUREAU. Situated off the reception room on "B" Deck. Here passengers should deposit valuables, etc., for safekeeping. The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the staterooms.

They should be placed in the Purser's safe, and a receipt obtained on the Company's form. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

BANK. For money exchange, etc., on " A " Deck.

CHIEF STEWARD'S OFFICE. Adjacent to the main dining saloon on " C " Deck.

BARBER'S SHOP. On "B" Deck on starboard or right-hand side, astern of saloon accommodation. Open from 8:00 am.


DINING SALOON. On "D" Deck leading from the second class main entrance.

LOUNGE. On "A" Deck situated to the stern of the steamer.

DRAWING AND WRITING ROOM. On"B" Deck, main entrance.

SMOKING ROOM. Also on " B " Deck, but astern of the Drawing Room.

BARBER'S SHOP. On "D" Deck off the right or starboard alleyway, astern of the dining saloon. Open from 8:00 am.

STATEROOMS. Situated on "C," " D " and "E" Decks.


BATHS, LAVATORIES, ETC. On each deck are Ladies and Gentlemen's Baths and Lavatories. Arrangements should be made with a steward in charge, for the use of the bath.

DOCTOR. The Consulting Room is on "C" Deck leading off the main entrance. The Doctor is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the commander, for treating any Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board. In cases of sickness contracted on board, no charge will be made, and medicine will be provided free.

VALUABLES. See Purser's Bureau, page 3.

MEALS are served in Dining Saloons at the following times:

  • Breakfast from 8:00 am to 10:00 am
  • Lunch from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
  • Dinner—Saloon at 7:00 pm.
    • Second Class from 6:00 pm.

Afternoon Teas are served on deck and in various public rooms at 4:00 pm.

BAGGAGE. Excess baggage will be charged at the rate of 4/- per cubic foot (twenty cubic feet allowed of freight). All inquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage Master.

Passengers must claim their baggage before leaving Customs Baggage Room; otherwise, it will not be seared. Considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will thus be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying passengers on railway.

PAYMENTS. Passengers should obtain a receipt from Purser on Company's form for any additional passage money, excess baggage, freight, etc.. paid on board.

PASSENGERS' ADDRESSES. Before disembarking passengers should call at Purser's Bureau for any mail and also leave their address so that any letters received after passengers have disembarked the ship may be forwarded. Passengers may have mail, telegrams, and cables sent to the care of any of the Cunard Chief Offices.

BERTHING OF PASSENGERS. No alterations can be made except officially through Purser.

BERTH LADDERS. These may be obtained on application to Steward or Stewardess.

SERVANTS who accompany families or passengers are berthed in special rooms with right of access at any time to their employers.

DIVINE SERVICE is held on Sunday at 10.30 a.m.

CHAIRS AND RUGS. These may be hired for 7/6 or $1.50 each on application to Deck Steward, from whom a receipt should be obtained.

STATIONERY AND STAMPS. An ample supply of writing material will be found in the Library and Writing Rooms. Postage stamps may be purchased from the Library Steward, who will also take charge of all letters, telegrams, and cables for dispatch.

WINE, TOBACCO, ETC. Wines, spirits, beer, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, etc., may be obtained onboard. The bars are open from 8:30 am until 11:30 pm.

A LIBRARY of standard books which is under the control of the Library Steward is at the disposal of passengers during the voyage. Current reviews, magazines, etc., are also placed on board.


FOR UNITED STATES.—The wireless rate via New York, Boston or Siasconsett, is calculated at 7d. per word.

The wireless rate via Cape Race, Sable Island, Cape Sable is calculated, at 1/0.5 per word.

FOR CANADA.—The wireless rate via Cape Race, Sable Island, Cape Sable is calculated at 1/0.5 per word.

The wireless rate via Montreal, Quebec, Grosse Isle, Three Rivers, Father Point, Cape Bear, Pictou, is calculated at 2.5d. per word.

The wireless rate via Clarke City, Fame Point, Harrington, Heath Point, Magdalen Island, North Sydney, Halifax, Partridge Island, Belle Isle, Cape Ray, Point Rich, Point Amour, is calculated at 5d. per word.

FOR UNITED KINGDOM.—The rate via Valentia, or other stations in the United Kingdom, is 10d. per word. Every word in address, text, and signature counted; landing charges additional; all charges must be prepaid.

SHIP TO SHIP.—The general rate on ship to ship messages is 8d. per word, but as Dutch, Belgian and certain other vessels apply a ship tax with a minimum of ten words, the charges on messages to these vessels will be calculated as follows:—English ship, tax 4d. per word without minimum; Dutch or Belgian, etc., ship tax 4d. per word, with a minimum of 3s. 4d. Thus for a message of ten words or more, the charge is 8d. per word.

OCEAN LETTERS.—The Marconi Company has inaugurated an "Ocean Letter" service rate by which radio-telegrams may be sent from one ship to another going in an opposite direction, for delivery by Registered Post from the first port of call of the later vessel (inclusive of wireless, postage and registration) 5s. 6d. for 30 words plus 1d. for each additional word up to a maximum of 100 words. This class of message must contain full Postal Address.

WIRELESS TELEGRAMS. Passengers can make use of the ship's wireless, but all messages must be prepaid and passed through the Purser's Office who will arrange their despatch. For rates, etc., apply to Purser's Office. The Wireless Office is situated on the Boat Deck.

PRIVATE DINNER PARTIES can be arranged on application to the Chief Steward.

CONCERTS, DANCES, AND SPORTS. The ship's officers are always pleased to assist passengers in arranging concerts, dances, sports, etc. The usual mode of procedure is to put the request to the Purser.

ORCHESTRA plays at the following times and places :

  • 10:00 am to 11:00 am.—Second Class Dining Saloon.
  • 1:00 pm to 2:10 pm —First Class Dining Saloon.
  • 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm—Second Class Dining Saloon.
  • 7:10 pm to 8:45 pm—First Class Dining Saloon.
  • 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm—First Class Drawing Room.

"CUNARD DAILY BULLETIN," Price 3d. per issue. The " Cunard Daily Bulletin " is on sale each morning, containing all the latest wireless news. If orders are left at the Purser's Office, copies will be delivered to the passenger's stateroom each morning.

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS. Declaration forms for US Customs are issued on board to be filled in and returned to Purser before arrival. A list of dutiable goods may be seen in the Purser's Bureau.

TIME AT SEA. On all voyages west, the clock is put back each day, and ahead on all eastward voyages.

DISEMBARKATION. The disembarkation of passengers is controlled by the Immigration Department of the country in which they land. Possession of a valid passport is an absolute necessity in the case of all travelers to the U.S. and non-British travelers to Canada Passengers must see that their passports are in order before coming forward to embark, as visas are not obtainable on the day of sailing. The latest information regarding disembarkation is exhibited on the " Bulletin " boards.

All luggage should be securely packed in readiness for removal ashore by the Company's employees, and passports and other evidence of identity should be ready for inspection by the Immigration Officers.

Passengers are respectfully requested not to crowd the alleyways but to make themselves comfortable in their staterooms or the ship's public rooms until the gong sounds and the signal given for the commencement of debarkation.

THROUGH BOOKINGS to the Far East, Australia, India, and the Near East, to South Africa, South America and Australasia can be arranged in connection with travel to England or the Continent in a Cunard Steamer, there connecting with steamers of other lines for whom the Cunard Company act. Particulars and rates will gladly be quoted upon application to any of the Company's offices.

ARRIVALS AT CHERBOURG. Passengers landing at Cherbourg en route to Paris should take possession of their hand baggage in the Custom House and have it placed in the compartment of the train for Paris. Unless this is done, such baggage is liable to be left at Cherbourg.

ARRIVALS AT SOUTHAMPTON Passengers will be landed up to 8 p.m. If the ship berths later passengers will disembark next morning after breakfast. Passengers are conveyed to London (Waterloo Station) by special trains.

ARRIVALS AT NEW YORK. Should any steamer reach the New York Wharf after 8 p.m.. passengers may land if they wish to do so and have their baggage passed by the Customs authorities: those who prefer to remain on board will have all their luggage passed the following morning not earlier than 7:00 am. Breakfast will be served to those who stay onboard overnight.

AUTOMOBILE TOURS IN GREAT BRITAIN. The Cunard Company is in a position to arrange for the hire of Automobiles to passengers on arrival of their steamers at Liverpool, Plymouth, and Southampton. Programs of tours with fixed prices for same can be obtained on application to the Pursers, or the Company's offices.

The tours outlined cover the most exciting and historic places in Great Britain and offer a most enjoyable trip for persons desirous of seeing more of English rural life than is possible when traveling by rail from town to town.

WHO'S WHO ON THE SHIP. The following details will enable passengers to distinguish the ship's personnel, the bands referred to being worn on the coat sleeve.

  • Captain: 4 Gold Bands.
  • Staff Captain: 4 Gold Bands.
  • Chief Officer: 3 Gold Bands.
  • First Officer: 2 Gold Bands and One Thin Gold Band.
  • Second Officer: 2 Gold Bands.
  • Third Officer: 1 Gold Band and One Thin Gold Band.
  • Chief Engineer: 4 Gold Bands & Three Purple (all running diagonally).
  • Staff Chief Engineer: 4 Gold Bands & Three Purple (all running diagonally).
  • Second Engineer: 3 Gold Bands & Two Purple (all running diagonally).
  • Third Engineer: 2 Gold Bands & Two Purple (all running diagonally).
  • Fourth Engineer: 1 Gold Band and One Purple (all running diagonally).
  • Chief Purser: 3 Gold Bands and Two White.
  • Second Purser: 2 Gold Bands and One White.
  • Senior Assist. Purser: 1 Gold Band and One White.
  • Junior Assist. Purser: 1 White Band.
  • Senior Doctor: 3 Gold Bands and Two Red.
  • Junior Doctor: 2 Gold Bands and One Red.
  • Chief Steward: 2 Zig-Zag Gold Bands.
  • Second Steward: 1 Zig-Zag Gold Band.
  • Wireless Operators: Double Twisted Gold Band.

Passenger Accommodations Chart for the RMS Mauretania.

Passenger Accommodations Chart for the RMS Mauretania. GGA Image ID # 127869fb21


To and from New York.

  • Southampton to S.W. Shingle: 21.3 miles
  • S.W. Shingle to Anvil Point: 14.6 " miles
  • Anvil Point to Portland: 20.5 miles
  • Portland to the Start: 49.4 miles
  • Start to Lizard: 62.2 miles
  • Lizard to Bishop Rock: 48.8 miles
  • Bishop Rock to Ambrose Channel Lightship (Northern Track): 2,880 miles
  • Bishop Rock to Ambrose Channel Lightship (Southern Track): 2,966 miles
  • Ambrose Channel Lightship to Bishop Rock (Northern Track): 2,910 miles
  • Ambrose Channel Lightship to Bishop Rock (Southern Track): 3,008 miles
  • Southampton to Cherbourg: 90 miles
  • Bishop Rock to Cherbourg: 190 miles


CALSHOT LIGHTFLOAT, in 3.5 fathoms off Calshot Castle, lat. 50'48 N., long. 1.16 W., a white light was occulting thus: light 5 secs., dark 1 sec., light 1 sec., dark I sec.; unwatched: fog bell automatic. Three dolphins opposite Calshot Castle, outer shows are occulting white light, inner alternative white and green, inner fixed green. Also, dolphin 100 yards from Castle, fixed red.

CALSHOT SPIT LIGHT VESSEL. E. of S.E. end of Spit, lat. 50'48 N., long. 1'17 W. Revolving white light for 13 seconds every minute. Fog reed horn, 2 blasts (about 4 secs. each) quickly, every 2 minutes. The light vessel is at the entrance to the Solent.

WEST BRAMBLE BUOY. White occulting light every 10 seconds.

STOKE'S BAY. Lat. 50'47 N., long. 1.9 W. Two red lights, one at each end of the outer pier.

RYDE. Lat. 50, 44'25 N., long. I, 9'35 W. On pier: I white light fixed, also 2 red lights, 1 at E. and 1 at S.E. angles, and 1 green light on N.E. angle of the pier, and 1 green light on W. end.

WARNER LIGHT VESSEL. Moored in 13 fathoms. White light revolving once every minute. Fog signal: reed horn giving 2 blasts in quick succession every 2 minutes, each blast being of about 4 seconds duration.

NAB END BUOY. Black and white vertical stripes are occulting once every 10 seconds.

NAB LIGHT VESSEL. Moored in 61 fathoms. Group flashing white light, showing 2 flashes in quick succession every 45 seconds. Fog signal: reed horn sounding 4 blasts every 30 seconds.

CAPE DE LA HAGUE (on the summit of Gros du Raz Rock, Manche, France). Lat. 49'43 N., long. I'57 W. One white flashing light every 5 seconds. Foghorn sounded (long-short blasts) twice every minute.

CHERBOURG (Fort Imperial, Pelee Island). Lat. 49'40, long. 1.35 W. Occulting white and red light every 4 seconds. On breakwater S. head of N. side of the entrance, 1 green fixed light. East head of main entrance, 1 white and green light. Western head breakwater, I white and red triple flash-light for 64 seconds, every 15 seconds. Foghorn gives 2 quick blasts every minute.

ALDERNEY (Channel Islands). Leading lights S. 51 W., a fixed red light on an old pier and another near telegraph station.

CASQUETS (7 miles W. Alderney). Lat. 49'43, 22 N., long. 2'22, 29 W. One triple-flashing half minute light. Siren 3 blasts every 2 minutes.

LIZARD (the most southern point of Cornwall), Lat. 49'57, 40 N., long. 5'12, 6 W. White light flashing every 3 secs. Octagonal white tower, 61 feet high. Siren 2 blasts (long and short) every minute.

BISHOP ROCK (Southernmost of Scilly group). Lat. 49'52, 30 N., long. 6'26, 40 W. Double flash every 15 secs. An explosive fog signals every 5 minutes.

NANTUCKET SHOALS LIGHT VESSEL, in about 30 fathoms of water. Lat. 40'37 N., long. 69.36i W. Exhibits a white occulting electric light showing for 12 seconds and eclipses for 3 seconds duration. In fog: steam whistle giving single blasts of 5-second duration at intervals of 25 seconds.

MONTAUK POINT LIGHT (on the extreme of Long Island). Lat. 4 I '4 N., long. 7 1 '51i W. A white flashing light every 10 seconds, also fixed red light. Fog signal: siren giving 2 blasts every 40 seconds.

SHINNECOCK LIGHT (34 miles west of Montauk lighthouse). Lat. 40'51 N., long. 72'30 W. Fixed white light.

NAVESINK LIGHT. Lat. 40'24 N., long. 73•59W. Electric flashing white light of one-tenth of a second duration and showing every 5 seconds.

FIRE ISLAND LIGHT VESSEL. Moored in 16 fathoms. Lat. 40'29 N., long. 73 '11 W. Showing 2 fixed white electric lights. Steam whistle giving single blasts of 3 seconds duration at alternate intervals of 4 and 20 seconds, in foggy weather.

FIRE ISLAND LIGHT. Lat. 40'38 N., long. 73'13 W. A white flashing light.

AMBROSE CHANNEL LIGHT VESSEL. Moored in 13 fathoms. Lat. 40'28 N., long. 73'50 W. a white occulting light every 15 seconds. In foggy weather: siren gives blasts of 3 seconds at 12 seconds interval.

SANDY HOOK LIGHT. Lat. 40'28 W., long. 74 W. Fixed white light. Fog signal: single blasts of 3 seconds duration at intervals of 30 seconds.

WEST BANK LIGHT. Lat. 40'32 N., long. 74'2 W. Fixed white and red light. Fog signal: blasts 2 seconds, interval 2 seconds, blasts every 2 seconds, intervals of 5 seconds.

CONEY ISLAND LIGHT. Lat. 40'34i N., long. 74'1 W. Red flashing light every 5 seconds. Fog bell striking every 15 seconds.

FORT WADSWORTH LIGHT. Flashing light showing white and red alternately in intervals of 10 seconds. Fog: bell striking every 15 seconds.

ROBBIN'S REEF LIGHT. Lat. 40.391t N., long. 74'4 W. a white flashing light every 6 seconds, Fog: siren giving single blasts of 3 seconds at similar intervals of silence.

STATUE OF LIBERTY (on granite pedestal over 300 feet high, on Bedloe Island). Although not used for navigation it shows a fixed white electric light.

GOVERNOR'S ISLAND. Shows two vertically fixed red lights. Fog blasts of 3 seconds with intervals of 12 seconds.

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