Empress of Britain World Cruise 1937

Front Cover, Empress of Britain World Cruise from New York Beginning 9 January 1937.

Front Cover, Empress of Britain World Cruise from New York Beginning 9 January 1937. GGA Image ID # 1e7d1d0324


The Empress of Britain World Cruise from New York, January 9, 1937. Sailing Eastward for a Complete Circuit of the Globe. 30,000 Miles, 125 Days, 29 Ports, 22 Countries Including Bali. One Management--Ship and Shore. Canadian Pacific -- World's Greatest Travel System.


THE Cruise of Cruises is the annual Empress of Britain World Cruise—truly the world parade of an Empress. Eight Mediterranean ports . . . Holy Land and Egypt . . . India and Ceylon . . . Malay, Cambodia and Java. Two wonderful days in exotic Bali. Then, Philippines, China, Japan, Hawaii . . . and home via California and the Panama Canal.

The Empress of Britain takes her guests around the world with a royal hospitality that can never be forgotten. Her broad decks, indoor and outdoor sports, and facilities for gracious living are yours for four glorious months.

Play, dance and relax—for the Empress is a royal hostess. Enjoy her quarter-mile promenade for morning strolls, Sun Deck with regulation-size doubles tennis court, shuffleboard, quoits, deck tennis, horse racing, with open-air swimming pool in tropical waters, Olympian swimming pool down below for all climates, and a squash racquet court.

Chamber Concert Orchestra for the dining saloon and afternoon tea in the Lounge, Dance Orchestra for the evening turns and masquerades in Ballroom or in the open air, lazing on deck chairs, sun-tanning, Gymnasium.

Turkish baths, beauty parlor, concerts, talkies, travel lectures, prívalo parties galore, a well-lined library, and Camera Club with photographic staff to do all the work.

A Social Directress to help make friends— all in a setting of supreme comfort and artistic charm. Port after port will pasa In review, leading thrills and glamour to the royal entertainment, for even ashore Empress Hospitality holds sway.

Yet, as each one fades astern, the Empress herself remains your unceasing delight — her gay dinners, her gracious indulgence of every wish.


Recreation at Sea. Shuffleboard and Tennis.

Recreation at Sea. Top: Passengers Playing a Game of Shuffleboard. Bottom: A Full-Size Doubles Tennis Court on the Empress of Britain. GGA Image ID # 1e7ca2a844


Recreation at Sea. The Sport of Kings, Live and Play, Dancing.

Recreation at Sea. Top: The Sport of Kings. Middle: Space to Live, Space to Play. Bottom: Dance Your Way Around the World. GGA Image ID # 1e7ccccf31


Dancing on Deck and The Empress of Britain.

Top: Dancing on Deck in the Moonlight is Enchanting. Bottom: Empress of Britain--The Largest Liner to Pass Through the Panama Canal. GGA Image ID # 1e7cedc4f3


Spacious Sun Deck Utilized by Sunbathers on the Empress of Britain.

Spacious Sun Deck Utilized by Sunbathers on the Empress of Britain. GGA Image ID # 1e7cf43b7a


Promenade Deck. Cozy Café Parlor Adjoining the Tennis Court.

Top: Promenade Deck. Bottom: Cozy Café Parlor Adjoining the Tennis Court. GGA Image ID # 1e7d07487a


Passengers Enjoy Morning Boullion. The Salle Jacques Cartier Dining Saloon.

Top: Passengers Enjoy Morning Boullion While Relaxing on their Deck Chairs. Bottom. The Salle Jacques Cartier Dining Saloon. GGA Image ID # 1e7d1a4943


Collage of Scenes onboard the Empress of Britain.

Collage of Scenes onboard the Empress of Britain. Clockwise: Modern Barber Shop for Gentlemen, Turkish Bath, Frigidarium, a Beautician for Your Permanent Wave, and Ample Space for Deck Golf, Ping Pong, Quoits, and Other Deck Games. GGA Image ID # 1e7a476d46


Cruise Information


From Now York and return to New York, fares are from $2300, according to the apartment's location, for 125 days. Canadian Pacific will send the ship's plan and details of fares for all apartments on request— see the agency list on the last page.

Servants accompanying employers, $1975, when berthed and served with meals in special accommodation set apart for their use. This fare includes railway transportation from Haifa to Jerusalem, Jerusalem to Cairo, and Cairo to Suez, also Chinwangtao to Peiping and return, with hotel accommodation and meals (no sightseeing) at Jerusalem, Cairo, and Peiping, but does not cover included excursions elsewhere. If servants participate in included excursions at all ports, the fare is $2300, provided they do their sightseeing with their employer or other servants. The tariff rate will apply when servants are berthed in other than servants' accommodation. Children's fares are shown below.

Children's Fares -- Empress of Britain World Cruise 1937.


A deposit of $200 per person is required when the accommodation is accepted to secure a reservation. A second payment, to bring the amount to 25% of the passage money, is due on or before October 1, 1936, and the final payment on or before December 1, 1936.


Accommodation canceled after deposit receipt, passage order, or ticket has been issued will be placed on sale, and, when resold, a refund will be made of the amount paid, less expenses incurred.


First-class passage with apartment accommodation and meals, landing and embarkation facilities, shore excursions as designated on page 54; accommodation and meals at leading hotels, where specified; transfers between stations, quays, and hotels; entrance fees and gratuities; services of guides and interpreters, one to each small group, while ashore with the excursion.


Members who, before sailing, declare their intention of omitting specific shore excursions in the included group may be allowed at most the actual cost of such excursions omitted—details on application.

Owing to the necessity for the Company to make forward contracts for included excursions, it must be clearly understood that such allowances can only be granted at the time of the original booking. No allowances can be made on board or after the termination of the cruise for any included excursion omitted, either in whole or in part.

Members booked without shore excursions at Athens, Bangkok, and Los Angeles will be provided with transportation between Phaleron Bay and Athens, Paknam and Bangkok, or San Pedro and Los Angeles, upon payment of fare which the Cruise Director will collect, such passengers having already been made an allowance covering such transportation.


Government Revenue Tax on tickets issued in the United States, personal items, such as beverages not ordinarily served on board and at hotels without charge, laundry, passport and visas, private bathrooms at hotels, single compartments on trains, conveyances or guides specially ordered by members on individual excursions and not ordered by the Cruise Director, gratuities to stewards on the ship, and baggage insurance, which is strongly recommended.


Membership will be limited, ensuring comfort for all aboard and ashore. There will be no crowding or confusion, and the facilities at the various ports, which in some instances are limited, will not be overtaxed. The Empress of Britain has a capacity of 1182 passengers. Still, considerably less than one-half of that number will be accepted for the cruise.


Passports are necessary. Most countries still require passports to be vised by their consulates or representatives. Complete information will be supplied to members in due time, and every assistance rendered by Canadian Pacific representatives in completing details and securing the necessary visas.

DECK CHAIRS. RUGS. CUSHIONS may be rented for the cruise at: Deck Chairs, $5 each; Rugs, $5 each; Cushions, $2 each.


Large trunks and other baggage that cannot be conveniently accommodated in the apartment will be placed in large rooms accessible throughout the cruise. Luggage trunks for apartments should be at most fourteen inches in height. On inland excursions, baggage will be limited to suitcases, handbags, and other portable baggage. Every care is taken in handling baggage, but on board, the liability of the Canadian Pacific is limited, and the Canadian Pacific assumes no responsibility ashore. Members are recommended to protect themselves by insuring baggage against loss, damage, or theft—rates on application to any Canadian Pacific agent.


The Empress of Britain is equipped with a modern laundry, and members' work will be given preferred attention at reasonable charges.


Members will find Canadian Pacific Express Travellers' Cheques convenient. Issued in denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100, and $200, also sterling, £5, £10, and £20, they may be obtained from any Canadian Pacific office at regular rates. They are negotiable the world over.


There is a Post Office on board the Empress of Britain, in charge of experienced postal clerks to facilitate delivery of mail matters at the various ports of call. When tickets are issued, members will be supplied with instructions regarding addressing mail and cables to reach them en route.

The Company shall not be liable for damages arising from non-delivery, misdelivery, delay, or any error in the transmission of cablegrams, telegrams, radiograms, or mail.


The Empress of Britain has every facility of the modern hotel: beauty parlor and hair-dressing salon, manicurist, chiropodist, barber shop, Turkish bath, masseur, masseuse, surgeon, trained nurses, dentist, laundry, valet service, photographic service, novelty shop, library, daily newspaper, stenographer, etc.

Five passenger elevators serve all decks.


Canadian Pacific offices will receive cable advice about the arrival of the Empress of Britain at each port. They will notify relatives and friends of members by mail if names and addresses are supplied.


On board the Empress of Britain, there is a well-equipped shop at which may be purchased various articles, such as books, candy, toilet articles, films, souvenirs, postcards, fancy goods, and dolls.

As a cruise offers exceptional opportunities for photography, a staff of experts is carried for developing and printing. Cruise members should only take a small supply of photographic films with them, as hermetically sealed films are required in the tropics and may be purchased at The Shop at regular prices. Ciñó Kodak films in sizes 8mm and 16mm are also available but must be processed on shore.


The ship is equipped with long-range wireless capable of maintaining communication with land at all times.

The Empress of Britain also has long-range telephone equipment for communication while at sea with shore stations.


Divine Service will be held on Sundays when the ship is at sea. A Church of England Chaplain will conduct church of England Service. A Roman Catholic Chaplain will celebrate Holy Mass.


Aboard ship, there are many interesting things to do—tennis, squash, quoits, shuffleboard, sports tournaments, bridge, concerts, birthday parties, fancy dress and masquerade balls, dancing, gymnasium, swimming pool, lectures, fraternal meetings, camera club, travel club, and sound pictures. The library contains various books on travel, adventure, and foreign countries and a representative collection of current literature. Two high-class orchestras will be carried for classical music and dancing.

The Social Directress and the Staff Captain will assist in arranging the various functions. Illustrated Talks will be delivered, before arrival at the various ports, by an experienced traveler thoroughly familiar with the history and customs of each country. Members will be particularly interested in his tips on shopping.


Members booking lor entire cruise, and entitled to a cruise ticket from New York with included excursions at the port at which they wish to join the cruise and at all previous ports; those who desire to proceed to Europe in advance and join the cruise at Madeira, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Monaco, Naples, Haifa, Jerusalem, Cairo or Suez, will be provided with the passage from Montreal or Quebec (from Saint John or Halifax in winter season) by any Canadian Pacific steamship to the United Kingdom or Channel port, such members to provide their transportation and maintenance from U.K. or Channel port of landing to a port where they join the cruise. This arrangement does not apply to Athens due to the prohibitive embarkation tax at that port.

During the off-season on the Atlantic, accommodation similar to a cruise will be provided as far as possible. Still, it may be impossible to assign such accommodation during the busy season. However, every effort will be made to do so.

Members joining the Empress of Britain at Mediterranean ports will be required to pay any Government embarkation tax in effect at such ports. This payment is to be made at the time of final payment for the cruise ticket; details on application.

In cases where such passage may not be acceptable, a reasonable allowance will be made for the portion omitted, particulars on application.


Members booking for the entire cruise, and entitled to a cruise ticket to New York with included excursions at the port at which they leave the cruise and at all subsequent ports up to and including Balboa, who desire additional time in the Philippines, China, Japan, or Honolulu, may leave the Empress of Britain at Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kobe, Yokohama or Honolulu, and proceed to Vancouver by a later sailing of the Canadian Pacific White EmprosBos which maintain regular service between the Philippines, China, Japan, Honolulu, and Vancouver. First-class passage will be provided with accommodation similar to a cruise as far as possible on any Canadian Pacific sailing to Vancouver until December 31, 1937.

Members may also leave the cruise at Peiping but must pay for transportation from Peiping to Kobe or Yokohama, from which ports passage will be provided as outlined above.

In cases where such passage may not be acceptable, a reasonable allowance will be made for the portion omitted, particulars on application.


Members booking for lull cruise, and holding cruise ticket to New York with included excursions in California and Panama, who desire to leave the cruise at San Francisco or Los Angeles, will be made an allowance of $125 per adult member, provided notification is given to the Cruise Director not later than on departure from Kobe. This allowance covers unused ocean transportation and includes excursions from San Francisco to New York. For members and servants booked without included excursions from San Francisco to New York, the allowance is $100 per adult.

Allowances for Children Booked with or without Excursions.


The currency of each country, also postage stamps, will be on sale with the purser before members go ashore. The following table shows the approximate current value of the various foreign coins, which are subject to fluctuation from day to day.

Table of Foreign Currencies and Value in 1936.


Back Cover, Empress of Britain World Cruise 1937.

Back Cover, Empress of Britain World Cruise 1937. GGA Image ID # 1e7d22f198


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