North Sea Resorts Timetable - 1914


Front Cover, 1914 Brochure from the Hamburg America Line for North Sea Resorts Timetables

Front Cover, 1914 Brochure from the Hamburg America Line for North Sea Resorts Timetables - Seaside Resorts and Riviera Service. GGA Image ID # 1279058006


Many photographs of the ships, interior views, and images of Hamburg, Germany landmarks help to make this an unusually good brochure from the Hamburg-America Line in 1914. Two color maps are included of the North Sea and Vicinity.

Map of Germany and the North Sea Listing Department of HAPAG.

Map of Germany and the North Sea Listing Department of HAPAG. GGA Image ID # 12791f2a11

Lake and Health Resort - Hornum A Sylt.

Lake and Health Resort - Hornum A Sylt. GGA Image ID # 127920e3df

Please read carefully before looking through the timetables. Summer timetable 1914.

Since the former North Sea Line became the property of the Hamburg-Amerika Line and was continued by the latter as an independent department under the name "Coastal Resort Service," the steamship connection between Hamburg and the North Sea islands became irrespective of profitability, but true to the principles of the shipping company, to divide the best and most perfect on all its lines, improved continuously and shaped.

To the former fleet of ships, consisting of the steamers "Silvana," "Princess Henry" and "Cobra," the proud "Emperor" steamer, unsurpassed in elegance and speed in European coastal voyages at that time.

The popular steamer "Cobra" was completely rebuilt and modernized, the sleek, elegant "Princess Heinrich" side tanks to reduce rolling movements, the "Silvana" for the same purpose the Schlick's gyro, etc.

For faster embarkation in Heligoland, there was the small steamer "water lily" and "starfish." For the whaling horns north of the village, the SS "Sylt" used to relieve the speed steamer from the gradually developing freight traffic. A neat ship, the "Eagle", set, which can carry freight and a limited number of passengers; In short, there was no year without radical innovations, and any design of the service, including the latter on the Sylier Südbahn, the construction of log cabins in Hörnum, the landing facility in Hamburg. Better facilities for ticket sales and serving the public at the Landing in Hamburg and everything else was extended.

So everything happened to take into account the development of the seaside resort traffic and the increasing importance of the North Sea islands as a recreational and tourist destination.

To promote this development, the Hamburg-America line did not stop at Seitherigen. A few years after the construction of the SS "Kaiser," a new ship was commissioned to the "Vulkan-Werke" in Szczecin, the "Königin Luise."

At the end of December 1913, this ship arrived for delivery. It is equipped with all the improvements and achievements that shipbuilding has made in recent years.

Although similar in size and shape to the "Kaiser," it deviates in some ways from its predecessor. The "Kaiser" promenade deck, which runs from bow to stern, appears shortened on the new steamer "Königin Luise," with large free spaces on the fore and aft decks, allowing unrestricted movement and unrestricted enjoyment of the fresh sea air.

The covered part of the promenade deck, similar to the "Kaiser," is equipped with large sliding windows so that, depending on the weather, utterly free air access is possible, but in rainy weather, a large protected room with a completely free view is available to the passengers.

The benches, tables, etc. are arranged advantageously.

Above the promenade deck is a large boat deck carrying the necessary lifeboats; however, free passages between the boats, in turn, allow a magnificent promenade.

The rear part of the boat deck is free, while the front section has been covered and thus offers an enjoyable stay in any weather with a clear view of both sides of the ship.

Below the promenade deck is the main deck, which contains an extraordinarily elegant dining room with about 120 seats.

This dining room is equipped with large windows so that even during your stay in this beautiful salon, the magnificent panorama of the sea and Elbfahrt can unroll the eyes of the passengers freely.

In addition to this main dining room, there is a small dining room in the mezzanine, in the promenade deck a tastefully furnished ladies' salon and below this in the main deck a very inviting smoking room.

In addition to these salons, the ship has three passenger chambers, a writing room, very spacious ladies' and gentlemen's toilets, a reserved small salon for special occasions and plenty of post office space and a large room for carry-on luggage.

On this, the revered passengers are made particularly attentive, because the standing around of the hand luggage in the passenger areas often feels annoying and by this storage place the honored passengers also the concern about their hand luggage is taken.

The restoration, placed in the hands of the then first chef of the Hotel Atlantic-Pfordte, Mr. Drumm, Hamburg, will also take into account spoiled demands.

Apart from the salons mentioned above, refreshments are available on the promenade deck and next to the smoking room.

Booksellers, barbers, and stewardesses are on board alongside a sufficient number of stewards.

The ship is built from Siemens-Martin shipbuilding steel according to the regulations of Germanischer Lloyds and under its individual supervision with ice strengthening.

It is 89 m long, 12 m wide, 8 m high and measured for 1850 passengers. Two steam turbines and two Föttinger transformers, which together develop 5400 horsepower, give the two-bolt ship speed of up to 20 knots.

The boiler system consists of three water-tube boilers, all of which work with an artificial draft and are equipped with superheaters. 450 electric lamps flood the rooms with a sea of ​​light and make your stay onboard comfortable and pleasant, even at night.

The rescue facilities are also entirely in line with the requirements of the seafaring cooperative and the security police. The ship is equipped with an underwater sound system and carries a sufficient number of lifeboats with it.

Seven watertight bulkheads divide it into eight watertight spaces in length. Wireless telegraphy allows passengers and crew a permanent connection with both the mainland and other vessels.

As a unique device, two Schlinger damping tanks, system Frahm, create the very conceivable protection against rolling movements mentioned.

Since the ship was commissioned in the significant year of remembrance in 1913, it has received the name of "Königin Luise" for a lasting memory of a great time and for a noble female figure.

The image of the holy figure of the ancestress of our imperial family decorates the main staircase of the ship, while a beautiful wooden intarsia from the workshop of the Intarsia artist Carl Spindler to St. Leonhardt at Boersch in Lower Alsace, Helgoland, and a number of the Korwan in Westerland represent executed paintings, island, sea and harbor motifs, which show passengers the goals of the summer ride.

Thus, the ship should meet not only in terms of its technical facilities but also in terms of its equipment to the highest standards that can be put on a modern coastal ship.

Already last winter, the ship made the trips on the Riviera, where it caused a formal enthusiasm among the passengers for its solid elegance, its pronounced coziness, its fast and quiet maneuvering, its almost meticulous precision and its excellent traffic safety.

After all, it is to be hoped that this brilliant ship will raise the popularity of the steamboat voyages between Hamburg and the North Sea and help to further the reputation of the North Sea as a fountain of well-being and youth, but also the fame of German shipping and German shipbuilding art in wider circles wear.

The traffic on the line Hamburg-Cuxhaven-Helgoland-Westerland a / Sylt provided by the indirect way the big steamer "Königin Luise," "Kaiser" respectively "Cobra," while these steamers because of the water conditions because of only specific, from the timetables closer to be seen on Norderney respectively Borkum.

The steamer "Cobra" and "Princess Heinrich" provide mainly the Fahiten on the line Helgoland-Borkum and Helgoland-Norderney and vice versa, but also the SS "Kaiser" and "Queen Luise" will make some trips to these islands.

Due to the release of the "Cobra" due to the attitude of "Königin Luise," the rides on the Helgoland-Borkum line have experienced a significant increase, which we would like to call exceptional attention. Also included are some trips from Helgoland directly to Wyk a. Foehr.

The agreements with the Watten shipping companies and Kleinbahnen secure as far as possible the connection to our rides, but we can not assume any liability for this.

The return voyage oversea has by the excellent accommodation of the royal. An improvement of great importance was made to the Prussian State Railways Administration by the fact that the timetable had been set up in such a way that the connection to the express train was leaving Cuxhaven harbor station at 3:46 pm was already reached.

This has made it possible to arrive in Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof at 5:55 in the afternoon and 9:20 in the evening in Berlin. On most days, our dear passengers will also use the steamer to Hamburg and so enjoy the interesting Elbfahrt, without losing the connection to the 8:22 pm, from Hamburg Central Station to Berlin outbound D-train.

Cars and cars are always available at the landing sites. The Hamburger Hochbahn, which does not run in rapid succession on weekdays until 12:52 and on Sundays until 1:12, brings the travelers in 8 minutes from the landing sites to the central station in Hamburg. Further connections from and to all directions, in particular through the introduction of early trains, produces the tramway.

Any further information can be obtained from the more important travel agencies, the official issuing offices for compilable tickets, the information offices of the Association of German North Sea Resorts, the travel agency of the Hamburg-America Line in Berlin, Unter den Linden 8, our information point in the central station (arrival page, counter 57) in Hamburg, the ticket issuing offices of all major railway stations, the leading agencies of our company, the information points on the islands, as well as the Seaside and Riviera service of the Hamburg-America Line, Hamburg 4, St. Pauli Landungsbrücken, administration of the Sylter Südbahn and the Amrumer island railway.

Turbcinen-Schnellpostdampfer ,,Königin Luise" (1850 Personen fassend). Der neue hochelegante.

The New Highly Elegant Turbine Express Mail Steamer "Königin Luise" (1850 Persons). GGA Image ID # 127a539aea

General Conditions of Carriage.

§ 1- Timetable.

The timetables are set up under the condition of typical weather and water conditions and the connections of the steamer with each other as possible secured without liability for it.

The Captain shall reserve the right to make such changes and exceptions which appear necessary in the interest of the safety of the service, without the shipping company assuming liability for any delays resulting from there. The shipping company reserves the right to change the timetable and change ships.

The travel times to and from Norderney can only be approximated concerning the water conditions. The exact departure times are announced daily in Helgoland and Norderney.

§ 2. Break.

All regular tickets allow interrupting the journey in Hamburg, as well as on all stations touched by our ships within the period of validity arbitrarily often and long without further formalities.

In the event of a stopover in Heligoland, a landing and embarkation fee of 1.60 will be charged onboard the steamer. For select tickets, a layover is only permitted on the return journey.

§ 3. Extension and reconstruction in Heligoland

Shortly before arrival at the anchorage in front of Heligoland is called on board, on which side to Helgoland, Sylt, Norderney, Borkum, Wyk a / Foehr resp. Hamburg is being booted.

Passengers who board a wrong boat despite this, have to bear the consequences themselves. The shipping company can not give a complaint about such a reason.

§ 4. Luggage.

A quarter of an hour before the departure of the steamers respectively the Sylter trains, the baggage claim is closed. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the traveler deliver the baggage sooner, as no liability can be accepted for taking along the last-minute luggage with the same steamer in heavy traffic.

On particularly busy days, such as at Pentecost, at the beginning and end of the holidays, etc., the delivery of the luggage is recommended the day before. No traveler should fail to install his address on the luggage.

For returned baggage, the shipping company is liable in the event of loss or damage, as far as it is at fault, for the damage actually incurred and proven, but not exceeding the amount of DM 150.- per piece.

The shipping company accepts no liability for sea hazards, nor for the consequences of defective suitcases, baskets, etc., or poor packaging, or the leakage of liquids within the baggage, even if the defects have not been noted at the time of delivery.

For valuables - money, jewelry, jewels, paintings, etc. -, for easily fragile and perishable items, the shipping company is under no circumstances liable.

§ 5. Porters.

In Hamburg, as on the islands, porters are hired to carry the luggage from and to the passengers' apartment.

§ 6. Carrying and storage of hand luggage.

Learn to pronounce Luggage exceeding 60 cm in any dimension is subject to the fares for baggage to be handled and may not be carried as hand luggage. Hand luggage can be stored onboard for a fee of 10 Pf. Per piece to Helgoland and 20 Pf. Per piece beyond Heligoland.

The transfer to the depository and the pickup from there is a matter for the traveler. For cabin baggage kept in storage, the shipping company accepts liability for the damage actually incurred and proven, but not exceeding the amount of 90.- per piece. The shipping company is not liable for unchecked and not stored luggage.

§ 7 dogs.

For the transport of dogs a fee of DM 2.- is charged without difference of the distance. It is requested to keep dogs on a leash and not bring them to the dining and ladies' salons. Smoking in these salons is also prohibited.

§ 8 Cabins

Cabins are available to our dignified passengers on the steamers "Kaiser," "Königin Luise," and "Cobra" against a solution of cabin tickets at the purser. The fee is for the sections Hamburg-Cuxhaven, Cuxhaven-Helgoland, Helgoland-Sylt resp. -Norderney, -Borkum and -Wyk a / Föhr or vice versa on D. "Königin Luise" DM 5.-, on D. "Kaiser" and "Cobra" DM 4.-. The luxury cabins are only available for a fee of DM 40.- for all or part of the journey.

§ 9 Customs clearance.

The island of Heligoland is considered foreign customs. Travelers who come from there must, without being asked to do so, arrange for their luggage to be cleared onboard, if possible, and for customs duty paid by Helgoland. Anyone who fails to do so will incur the inconvenience of either having to stay longer when the ship arrives or of being able to collect their luggage at the customs office of the destination.

We, therefore, urge our revered passengers to turn to the customs officers stationed by the shipping company for the convenience of the passengers immediately after departure from Heligoland.

§ 10. Hotel staff

Hotel staff is not allowed to enter the steamer to reach out to travelers for one or the other hotel. Our employees are prohibited from recommending individual hotels.

§ 11. Information on board

Only the purser and the ticket inspectors issue information on board.

§ 12. Fare Complaints etc.

Fare complaints etc. are exclusively handled by the Seaside and Riviera Service of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Hamburg 4, St. Pauli Landungsbrücken.

Turbine Express Mail Steamer "Kaiser" (2000 Persons).

Turbine Express Mail Steamer "Kaiser" (2000 Persons). GGA Image ID # 127a9f3e04

SS. "Königin Louise" Large Dining Room.

SS. "Königin Louise" Large Dining Room. GGA Image ID # 127abd3e2b

SS "Königin Louise" Smoking Room.

SS "Königin Louise" Smoking Room. GGA Image ID # 127acb1a68

SS "Königin Louise" Ladies Lounge.

SS "Königin Louise" Ladies Lounge. GGA Image ID # 127ad7a8a5

SS "Königin Luise" Promenade Deck.

SS "Königin Luise" Promenade Deck. GGA image ID # 127c07f2f4

The SS Imperator Near the Harbor.

The SS Imperator Near the Harbor. The huge steamers "Imperator" and "Vaterland" of the Hamburg-America line are expected to be 1st, 24th-26th, 3rd-5th, 14th-16th, 24th-26th June, 5th-7th ., 15th-21st, 26th-30th July, 9th-11th, 20th-25th, 30th, 31st August, 1st, 13th-15th, 20th-22nd September. On July 15, a special trip Norderney-Helgoland-Cuxhaven and after the SS "Vaterland" and back, from Norderney 5.30 Vm., return 6.40 Nm., instead of on the Elbe from the seaside resorts. GGA Image ID # 127c209149

The Elb Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany.

The Elb Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany. GGA Image ID # 127c390f3f

Bismarck Monument in Hamburg, Germany.

Bismarck Monument in Hamburg, Germany. GGA Image ID # 127c6abd95

A Sailing Ship Harbor in Hamburg, Germany.

A Sailing Ship Harbor in Hamburg, Germany. GGA Image ID # 127ca1f059

Hamburg, Inner-City with Alster Basin.

Hamburg, Inner-City with Alster Basin. GGA Image ID # 127d1bd054

Map of the Seaside Resorts and Riviera Service of the Hamburg America Line.

Map of the Seaside Resorts and Riviera Service of the Hamburg America Line. GGA Image ID # 127d24bda1

On the Back Cover: The new landing facilities at the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken with Elbtunnel in Hamburg.

On the Back Cover: The New Landing Facilities at the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken with Elbtunnel in Hamburg. (Departure Point of the Seaside Steamers). GGA Image ID # 127d2afe77

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