Delicious Pastries - An Epicurean Pleasure

Epicurean Pastries

It is much easier to bake pastry than to make it. The oven requires care, constant attention, and practice, it is true. But the art of making a paste is quite another thing— an art that admits of no mediocrity.

A good memory, taste, practice, and skill is absolutely necessary for becoming a great pastry maker. It is indeed from the manner of mixing the various ingredients of which it is composed that it acquires its good or bad quality.

Utensils and Materials for Plain Pastry

The Art of Baking Pastry - 1874

In baking and pastry, the most significant tool for a pastry chef is the oven.  The attention and maintenance of this central apparatus in the kitchen are the fundamentals of baking.


Making Danish Pastry - 1920

Danish Pastry - 1920

What is Danish pastry? It is something new—an exquisite, tempting blending of sugar and spice and everything nice, wrapped up in or sprinkled over the top of, a delicious, short, crisp cake which is neither a puff-paste nor a bun, but a happy combination of both.


Housewife Making Pastry

Milk Cream and Butter

Pastry Making Simplified - 1923

The fundamentals of pastry making must be mastered before one can achieve success in pie making. Whether the finished result is to be just a plain, substantial, home everyday sort of pie or a thistle down creation of puff paste, or any one of the many variations between the two, one must understand the rules of the process, quite as the artist must understand the mixing of his pigments.


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