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Teen Fashions 1880s-1930s

Often called Misses fashions, the teenager fashions had many similarities to the adult women's fashions of this era. The styles, especially for skirts, tended to be much shorter than for women, that allowed girls more flexibility while attending schools and engaging in more activities.

Teen Costumes and Dresses 7390 7403 7420 - 1904

Teen Costumes and Dresses 7390 7403 7420 - 1904

This frock shows No. 7390 in white mousseline voile, with renaissance lace decoration prettily applied. A smart mode of the sailor type is here depicted in blue French flannel combined with white, the mode being No. 7420. Pink habutai silk was associated with Italian all-over lace and pink velvet in this make-up of No. 7403.

Teen Shirt-Waists, Skirts, Etc. 7414 7434 - 1904

Teen Shirt-Waists, Skirts, Etc. 7414 7434 - 1904

Shirt-Waist No. 7414 is here represented, the material being jade-green Henrietta elaborated with fagoting.  The new Gibson shirt-waist, No. 7434, is here shown with skirt No. 7385, both developed in blue albatross.

Young Girl's Simple Gown of Woollen Goods, Black Velvet, and a Sort of Corrugated Black Silk Braid on the Waist and Sleeves.

Frocks for Teenage Girls - 1905

Girls' ready-made costumes which are surprisingly good can be bought in all the large shops, but it is best to choose a rather simple design and a plain color, such as blue, brown, or red, rather than the mixed effects of material that are enlivened by some contrast in trimming.

Fashionable Gowns for Teens - 1912

Fashionable Gowns for Teens - 1912

Teen Gowns Featuring White Linen with Velvet Sash; Changeable Taffeta and Lace; and Pleated Voile with Coat of Taffeta.

Tailored Suit, Utility Tailored Suit, and Top Coat For the Girl Attending her First Year in College or Boarding School. Good Housekeeping Magazine, September 1912.

Wardrobe For the Girl Who Is Going Away to School - 1912

The girl who is anticipating her first year in college or boarding school should think of all the articles of clothing she will require up to the Christmas holidays before she leaves home, for once the fall term has begun there are few stray moments to devote to clothes, even to repairing them.


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