Maternity Clothes 1880s-1930s

Maternity Clothes 1880s-1930s

There is no longer any excuse for the woman who is expecting to be confined to be around in unsightly wrappers even when in the house. The Empire dresses are suitable models for home wear as well as for any informal receptions she may attend. For street wear a rather plain tailor suit or a dress with a separate boat are both well adapted to her use.

Desirable Styles for Maternity Wear 1904

The physical imperfections of many children are due to the manner in which, through pride or ignorance, the mother has clothed herself. Her clothing should be so adapted to her changing figure that no undue pressure will rest upon any part of her body.


No. 2 The Maternity Dress

The Maternity Outfit - 1909

The new maternity garments conceal the figure perfectly and allow women to go about in a sane, natural manner. The old morbid, recluse-like banishment that women used to accept as their lot is rapidly becoming one of the antiquated ideas that belong to a less enlightened era.


No. 4973. – Ladies Maternity Costume.

Ladies' Maternity Costume and House Gown 1901

Ladies’ maternity costume, in short sweep or round length: consisting of a jacket basque, with a vest, a lining front regulated by elastics in casings, and continental or two-seam sleeves and ladies' maternity house gown or wrapper, with or without the draped bolero.


An Anatomically Correct Maternity Supporter

Maternity Clothing Fashions 1900s

While maternity clothes existed before 1900, maternity fashions were rarely featured in the fashion magazines of the early 1900s. Often uncomfortable with corsets, the more recent vintage maternity wear offered styles that worked, focusing on the practical over stylish.


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