Lace and Ribbons 1880s-1930s

Lace enters very prominently into the composition of many of the dressier costumes. Both the heavy and the light laces are used, but the new idea of the season is the lightweight lace. Especially well liked is the lierre lace.

Many beautiful gowns utilize lace in combination with other materials. One model shows the bodice and upper skirt of white point Venise lace and the skirt flounce and parts of the sleeves of chiffon cloth.

Methods of Cleaning Lace

Methods of Cleaning Lace

Journal readers frequently ask. In answer to these constant inquiries here are some methods that I have used successfully. Remember that no matter what the process of cleaning may be, three things are necessary for success: care, patience, and time.


Ladies’ Scarf in Modern Lace

Modern Lace Making

The Delineator magazine provides an illustrated overview of lace-making through a variety of short projects including a lady’s scarf, ribbon tie, rosette, and a Sorrento wheel.


The Queen Alexandra Centerpiece

Making Novel Laces - January 1904

The making of lace is always a fascinating occupation, whether for profit or pleasure. Select Good designs along with using the best materials for the work. Then, if careful artistry and patience are combined, the result will undoubtedly be gratifying.


Women wearing fine lace blouse - Irish Industries 1908

A Remarkable Irish Linen Industry - 1907

The products of the Irish peasants have long been famed for their quality and excellent artistry, but despite the knowledge, taste, and economy displayed by these industrious cottagers, they were long hindered by being unable to find a profitable and steady market.


A Report on Ribbons - March 1915

A Report on Ribbons - March 1915

One of the most striking items seen in a wholesale house is a beautiful high luster satin ribbon. This number, we learn, is made in eighty-odd shades and two widths, six inches, and eight inches.


Attractive Lace and Ribbon Gown 1918

The Increased Charm of Lace - June 1918

Laces are “looking up” in a cheerful, “come to stay manner” which is very inspiring to the manufacturer, retailer, and designer; the latter especially will rejoice in the softer gowning now regaining style and position.


Charming Lace Georgette and Ribbon Creation

Brilliant Colors and Striking Lace Designs 1922

Laces, in their earlier seasonal developments, achieved two specific classifications as adopted for the Spring and Summer collections—a continued favor for the ciré productions in more or less aggressive patterns and the approval of a filet mesh developing large motifs of both geometric and floral-scroll persuasion.


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