Ladies' Evening Gowns 1880s-1930s

Whether it is an informal evening frock for a restaurant dinner, theater or country club... to a more formal evening gown for special occasions, evening wear has been a vital wardrobe item for women during the 1880s through 1930s.

Quality cut Evening Gowns and Wraps offered a beautiful picture and were often made of Taffeta, Poplins, Satins, and silk. Evening gowns were either necessities or extravagances -- the economy in their gowns or the extravagance in their mind's eye was tied to owning a lovely evening gown.

Gowns for Evening Wear

Ladies Gowns for Evening Wear 144 T & 145 T - 1900

The dainty fichu adds grace and becomingness to the simple blouse forming part of this striking costume, which introduces an innovation in a short skirt for evening wear.


Ladies Chic Evening Gown No. 7389 - 1904

Ladies Chic Evening Gown No. 7389 - 1904

A chic evening gown made from no. 7389 is here portrayed in silver-gray mousseline voile, ornamentation being supplied by bands and a bertha of filet lace. Another view of no. 7389 appears in this gown of black mousseline de soie, broderie anglaise of black and white taffeta providing modish decoration.


Evening Gowns 7275, 7250 and 7239 - 1904

Styles in Evening Gowns February 1904

Madame de Pompadour seems the direct inspiration of the evening dress of the present day, and the skirts, plain in front with much fullness at the sides and back, especially suggest eighteenth-century modes. True, we are spared the crinoline bugbear which is continuously threatening but will probably never arrive.


Young Woman's Evening Gown of Point D'Esprit or Tulle, With Satin Girdle and Rosettes and Bands of Any Delicate Lace Finishing the Top of the Ruffle and the Low-Cut Neck and the Elbow Sleeves.

French Evening Gowns - 1905

Dainty and light in appearance are the evening gowns intended for the spring and summer season, and while in the more elaborate styles there is never any marked difference between the ballgowns of the winter and summer, the gown intended for summer is made, as a rule, of less heavy material and is less elaborately trimmed.


Stunning Evening Gowns From Lucile.

Stunning Parisian Evening Gowns - October 1912

It is evening in Paris-every kind of costume and color is seen, from the simplest lingerie frock, worn by a little English girl with her parents, in Paris probably for the first time in her young life, to the gowns of the most gorgeous description.

Superb metallic brocades

Afternoon and Evening Dress Increases in Charm 1922

It is somewhat astonishing to find simple taffeta frocks, long of the bodice, distended of hip, in every collection, here and abroad, identical with a model we have known for several seasons.


The Summer Evening Gown February 1922

The Summer Evening Gown 1922

The frock which brings forth beads again is by no means timid in its advancements. It is seen in practically every collection. Flesh and primrose pink crepes are showing but the most delicate high lighting of tiny beads descending from the rounded neckline to the hemline, back, and front.


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