Men's Fashions 1880s - 1930s

Men's Fashion Trends in the late 1800s and early 1900s were often class-oriented with formal evening and afternoon wear, informal evening and afternoon wear, house wear, and pajamas.

The Reporters Dress Chart for Men 1908

The Reporters Dress Chart for Men 1908

The Reporters Dress Chart provides a listing of the materials, types or styles worn by men circa 1908 for each type of clothing article. Includes formal and informal evening wear and afternoon wear, business and outing wear.


The New Form Fitting Business Suit. Woman's Home Companion, May 1912.

Spring Fashions for Men - 1912

The edict for men reads, form-fitting clothes in general, small waists, tapering lines, no more padding, small sleeves, with no flare at the wrist, close trousers, and form-fitting coats with skirts that fit closely over the hips.


Shirt with Piqué Bosom and Cuffs, Poke Collar, Satin Tie, and Pearl Links and Studs.

What Men Are Wearing in 1912

Fashions in men's clothes change with every season in certain essential particulars, and what fits the scene one year is not at all correct the next; hence, it is easy to err. There are, however, certain errors that are fatal.


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