Inspiring Stories of Immigrants to North America


In the late 1800s, North America experienced a significant influx of immigrants, primarily from Europe. These brave individuals left behind their homes and families in search of a better life in the New World. Their stories, documented over a century ago, offer a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of those who dared to dream of a brighter future. These tales serve as a reminder of the courage and determination that fueled the growth of North America, and inspire us to honor the legacy of those who came before us.


Last View of their homeland - An Immigrant Begins their Journey

Last View of Their Homeland - Norwegian Emigrants Waiting on Shore for a Tender to Take Them to the Hamburg-American Line Steamship Anchored in the Harbor of Hammerfest, Norway to Begin Their Journey to America. Hamburg-American Line 1908. GGA Image ID # 154752c8b0


German Immigrant Girl Shares Her Adventure (1870)

On a blissful summer day in 1860, I found myself standing by the window of my room, relishing the delightful view outside. Suddenly, I heard the gate on the other side of the house swing open and shut, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching the door. The experience left me curious and excited, eager to discover the source of the commotion.


Norwegian Immigrant Follows A Dream to a New Country (1913/1975)

Ludvig Kristian's story is a testament to the power of determination. Born in Trondheim, Norway, he lost his parents at a young age and was taken in by elderly relatives who were tenant farmers. Despite these hardships, Ludvig remained steadfast, working on farms and eventually becoming a skilled shoemaker at A/S Trondhjems Skofabrik in Trondheim. His life is a shining example of how anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can achieve their dreams with perseverance and hard work.


An Immigrants Story - An Immigrant Boy From Denmark Tells His Story (1906)

"I recently read an article published in the November 1906 issue of CHAUTAUQUA. The article highlighted the significance of personal interactions with immigrants in the United States. It mentioned that if more Americans understood the positive impact such interactions can have on both parties, they would be more willing to engage in this noble work. I completely agree that building personal relationships with the foreign population can be an uplifting and ennobling experience for all involved, especially when immigrants are trying to establish themselves in a new country."


Immigration And Naturalization Story for Children (1906)

Sabrina Cohensky was standing by one of the schoolroom window boxes. Although it was only February, the Jonquils were in full bloom. Sabrina poked. Sabrina Cohensky was diligently tending to the window box in the classroom, where the Jonquils were thriving even amid February. With great care, she used a pencil to loosen the soil gently. Her dedication to maintaining a thriving environment for the plants inspires us all.


A Shipload of Immigrant Girls Seek Husbands in America (1907)

This story is about a remarkable group of over a thousand women who made their way to a new land in September 1907, seeking their perfect match. The story of these hopeful women was so captivating that it caught the attention of The New York Times, which covered the event in great detail. Join the journey of these brave women as they set out to find love and companionship and discover the obstacles they had to overcome to achieve their dreams—a remarkable group of over a thousand women who arrived in September 1907. Many of them were looking for husbands. Reporters from The New York Times covered the story as it happened.


Fortune Gallo, An Immigrant Boy Who Made Grand Opera Popular.

Fortune Gallo, An Immigrant Boy Who Made Grand Opera Popular. Underwood & Underwood. American Magazine, July 1923. GGA Image ID # 14bfb6b21e


An Immigrant Boy Who Made Grand Opera Popular - 1923

Some twenty years ago, an Italian boy landed at Ellis Island; a young and determined boy from Italy arrived there with nothing but his dreams and a burning ambition to succeed in his new home. Despite his lack of money and knowledge of English, he was determined to make a name for himself and reach the pinnacle of success. That boy was Fortune Gallo, who achieved incredible feats and left an indelible mark in the country's history. Who brought with him an almost empty purse, no knowledge of the English language, and an overwhelming ambition to attain fame and fortune in the strange country to which he had migrated? His name was Fortune Gallo.


James Reeves, Immigrant from Ireland Arriving at Ellis Island in 1890.

James Reeves, Immigrant from Ireland Arriving at Ellis Island in 1890. Photo by Blank & Stoller. American Magazine, December 1923. GGA Image ID # 14bfdefdef


An Irish Immigrant Defines the American Dream – 1923

Mr. James Reeves, an immigrant from Ireland, arrived in America thirty-three years ago (1890). He embarked on his journey in the grocery business as an eight-dollar-a-week clerk, a role he held with unwavering dedication. At the age of thirty-two, he took a bold step and opened his first store. Today, his perseverance and commitment have paid off, as he is the sole owner of a group of over 385 stores, catering to more than 9,500,000 customers annually in New York City and its suburbs.


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