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Epicurean Coffee & Tea

At the afternoon card party or in the evening when good friends call, there is nothing quite so sure to please—as Coffee. It is a beverage that everyone likes. For there is warmth and good cheer as well as good fellowship in a cup of Coffee. Moreover, it may be served with equal propriety with the lowliest sandwich or the daintiest sweets. And it is always in good taste!

Coffee and Coffee Making

Coffee and Coffee Making

Why should quality in coffee be so frequently ruined in the pot, and how can this be changed so that it will be enjoyed at its very best? is a question that has just been answered by scientific trade research.


Enjoying a Cup of Coffee in the Morning

Coffee Making in the Domestic Economy - 1919

No product on the housewife's list is more vital and more necessary to understand correctly than coffee, and when Miss Johnson applied for information to the National Coffee Roasters' Association, a valuable opportunity was opened for both the coffee roaster and the housewife.


Early Parisian Coffee Houses - 1922

Early Parisian Coffee Houses - 1922

Paris is celebrated above all the capitals of Europe for its cafes, and the beverage which gives its name to these establishments seems to have been known earlier in France than in any other European country.


Good Coffee Makes Good Cheer - 1921

Good Coffee Makes Good Cheer - 1921

How to Brew Coffee and Keep All Its Flavor and Aroma

It has been said that half of the coffee drinking people in the world die without knowing the real taste of coffee. Whether this statement is true or not, it is a fact that a good cup of coffee is difficult to get.


Growth of Chase & Sanborn - 1922

Growth of Chase & Sanborn - 1922

What have been the underlying policies that explain the upbuilding of a business national in its scope and have made Seal Brand coffee a house hold word in so many homes throughout the land In a curious old advertising booklet issued by the firm in 1882


Tea Plantations. View in the Green Tea District.

An Illustrated Journey Through the Tea Countries of China - 1852

It is entirely accurate that the Chinese rarely make the two kinds of tea in one district, but this is more for the sake of convenience and from custom than for any other reason.


The Latest and Best Sample Roaster - The 1921 Model "Monitor" Sample Roaster.

Is It Easy to Roast Coffee Properly? - 1921

Coffee is a perplexing study. Perhaps a good deal of the interest in it results from the very fact that it seems impossible to discover precisely what the aromatic appeal of coffee consists of or depends upon.


An Unusually Successful Coffee House on the Lower West Side of New York

Men's Coffee House - 1919

This coffee house, opened in 1919, is located on the lower West Side of the city, where trucks stop at noon and hungry and thirsty drivers naturally look for a quick, satisfying meal and a good cup of coffee.


Fig. 1 - The Vacuum-Packed Coffee Comes in This Way To the Second Story.

The Modern Coffee-Roasting Plant - 1921

About a year ago this modern coffee-roasting plant was established at Buffalo, for marketing in the United States a specially packed coffee such as the Dalley Products Company, in Hamilton, Ontario, have been selling for several years.


Salara Tea Company Plant in Boston

Modern Tea Packing Plant - 1918

A description of the new home of the Salada Tea Company at Boston. In this unique building is to be found much of interest to packers
and distributers. Close attention has been given to improved tea packing and handling methods; also unusual provision has been made
for the comfort of employees.


Battery of Coffee Roasting Cylinders in Operation

Obtaining and Roasting Coffee For A.E.F. in France

Some Unusually Interesting Facts and Pictures of the Coffee Roasting Plants in France to Supply the American Soldiers with their Needed Beverage


Newly Patented Pot for Improved Coffee Making

The Perfect Home Drip Coffee Pot - 1921

The "Perfect Home Drip Coffee Pot" is a newly patented and improved coffee-making device designed for use by coffee masters and packers who the desire to demonstrate the merit of their particular blends and roasts.


Review of the Book "ALL ABOUT COFFEE" - 1922

Review of the Book “ALL ABOUT COFFEE” - 1922

The whole story of coffee, from its earliest use to the present day, with no topic omitted that is pertinent to the subject, or that is useful to the grower, the importer, the roaster, the machinery manufacturer, the broker, the wholesale distributer, the retailer, or the ultimate consumer.


Old Time Coffee House at Cincinnati Centennial Celebration

Reviving the Coffee House of Long, Long, Ago - 1919

Even such grandly garbed dames and gentlemen will grow thirsty; and, so, what more appropriate than a reproduction of the coffee-house most frequented a hundred years before by the city's swells? In a quiet nook, among the trees and beside a leading highway through the zoo,


Scientific Coffee Research Ongoing At M.I.T. - 1922

Scientific Coffee Research at M.I.T.

In brief, we have found that the quality of beverage coffee is more influenced by a certain few factors in its brewing than it is by the differences in flavor, aroma, and taste attributed to coffee from different climates, soils, or altitudes when these factors are neglected.


Source of Boston Party's Tea - 1922

Source of Boston Party's Tea - 1922

This letter on the old firm that supplied the tea that caused the basis for the famous Boston Tea Party has been received by the Daily News from Hiram K. Moderwell, dated London, Oct. 10.


The Plant of the Cheek-Neal Coffee Company of Richmond, VA

Southern Coffee Roasting and Packing Plant - 1919

One of the Four Up-To-Date Coffee Roasting and Packing Plants of Noted Southern Concern "Maxwell House" coffee is the leading brand produced by this firm and many other brands.


Tea Pots at the Lexington Hotel

The Story of Tea

The use of tea in America has grown with the population, so that in 1868 the importation reached nearly 38,000,000 pounds, and at present the people of the United States consume 100,000,000 pounds yearly.


Miss Margaret Irving, Who Has Won Unique Fame as a Tea Taster

Unique British Tea Taster is a Woman - 1922

Miss Margaret Irving has been tasting tea for the London firm for the last three or four years, and her efficiency in this direction is such that she now ranks with the most expert tea tasters of the metropolis.


Housewives enjoy afternoon tea and coffee

Ways for Housewife to Make Coffee

The Prescott report demonstrates that the actual quality of coffee, the genuine flavor and full strength of any coffee, whatever the variety or the blend, or the name of the brand, or the price, is completely spoiled when the mixture of water and coffee is brought to the boiling point (212° Fahrenheit).


Well Known American Package Coffees - 1922

Well Known American Package Coffees - 1922

This group of leading trade-marked coffees illustrates the wide variance in styles of containers used by coffee roasters including White House, Arbuckles, Luzianne, Maxwell House, Folger's, Hills Bros., and Barrington Hall.


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