Magazine Archive and Periodicals Collection

The Archive collects and preserves many vintage magazines in Maritime, Scientific / Technical, General Reading, Genealogy, History, Military, Trade Publications, Women's Magazines, and Scandinavian Publications.

Old magazines often offer excellent sources for research or reference work. Many vintage magazines contain valuable material, later issued in book form. Periodicals are also an excellent source for period photographs and illustrations.

Note: We also maintain in our collection more recent issues of topical publications that pertain to subjects we collect, primarily military, genealogy and Scandinavian magazines.

Current Events (Historical) Periodicals

Our Current Events (Historical) Periodicals include Century Magazine, Current History Magazine, The World's Work Magazine, Illustrated World Magazine, American Review of Reviews, and more.


Vintage Fasion, Style, and Women's Magazines

Vintage Fasion, Style, and Women's Magazines

We have tried to make The Delineator in the truest sense a woman's magazine. Evanescent fads and follies have no place between their covers. But nothing that interests the natural woman is alien to its pages. The Modern Priscilla is one magazine that specializes in the two subjects most closely associated with the average woman's daily life -- "Fancy-Work" and "Housekeeping" -- with just enough clever, wholesome fiction added to give zest.


Vintage Genealogy Magazines and Newsletters

Our collection of Genealogy Magazines includes issues from Family Tree Magazine, Ancestry Magazine, Genealogical Journal, Avisen, Vesterheim Norwegian Tracks, Family Chronicle, Gateway to Germany, Pastime, Midwestern Genealogy, Internet Genealogy, and more.


Vintage Literary Magazines

Literary magazines were judged on how often they published the best possible literature for their magazine. The articles and writers established an incredible breadth of academic topics of the day.


Vintage Maritime Magazines

Our Vintage maritime magazine collection includes selections from Cunard Daily Bulletin, Cunarder Travel Magazine, Hamburg-American Gazette, Marine News, The Archivist, and others.


Other or Unclassified Vintage Magazines

The vintage magazines listed below are not classified under any other topical section. This "Other" or "Unclassified" category includes the Railroad Trainmen's Journal and The Kiwanis Magazine.


Science and Social Studies Vintage Magazines

Our Science and Social Studies-related publications include the National Geographic Magazine, Scientific American, and Technical World Magazine.


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