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The GG Archives is a website that deals with a variety of topics, and it welcomes contributions of books, photographs, and other relevant ephemera related to its collections. If you want to contribute, you can either contact the GG Archives directly or fill out their Gift-in-Kind Contribution Form in PDF format.


The GG Archives also accepts high-resolution images of items that are related to their collections. This is an excellent opportunity to share your ephemera with others and contribute to the common good.


Currently, we are seeking high-resolution images of various items in TIFF or JPG format, such as:

  • United States Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard Boot Camp Yearbooks
  • Passenger Lists (1870-1969)
  • Steamship Line Brochures with interior photographs
  • Immigration-related documents like IDs, Certificates of Vaccination, Landing Cards, etc.
  • Original photographs of immigrants, Ellis Island, Boston, Philadelphia, Castle Garden.


The GG Archives recommends using (1) to upload the images. You can email the GG Archives at [email protected] to download the image(s) for uploading your images, or you can send your images to [email protected]. However, there is a 20MB limit per email.


Thank you for your interest in supporting the GG Archives. We appreciate your desire to contribute to our collections and greatly value your ongoing support.


(1) Gmail is also a good option. It will automatically upload the images to its server and email us instructions on downloading.


Last Updated: May 2024


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