Bangor Punta Corporation Marketing Archives


Bangor Punta Corporation Marketing Archives


Bangor Punta Corporation (sometimes abbreviated BP and traded on the NYSE under BNK) was an American conglomerate and Fortune 500 Company from 1964 to 1984.

It owned a number of well-known companies primarily in the pleasure craft, firearms and general aviation industries. The primary purpose for this website is to provide an educational resource for students and researchers.


Bangor Punta: In a Nutshell


Logo of the Bangor Punta Corporation

Bangor Punta Corporation Highlights

Fate: Acquired by Lear Siegler, Inc.

Founded: 1964

Defunct: 1984

Location of HQ: Greenwich, CT

Major Divisions (Companies): Smith & Wesson, Piper Aircraft, Starcraft, Cal Boats / Jensen Marine, O'Day Sailboats & Yachts, Luhrs.

Industries: Agribusiness, Energy Systems, Fashion Fabrics, Leisure Time, Public Security, Process Engineering, Professional Services and Transportation.

Primary Products: Boats (pleasure crafts including Yachts, Sailboats, Power Boats), Campers, Airplanes, Firearms, Ammunition, Cotton Oil, Specialty Fabrics

Fortune 500 Company: 1984, 1983, 1982, 1981, 1980, 1979, 1978, 1975, 1974, 1973, 1972, 1971, 1970, 1969, 1968, and 1967.

Some of the Companies of Bangor Punta Corporation

Recreational Products: Alouette / Featherweight Corporation, Balboa Motorhomes, Cal by Jenson Marine, De Fever Passagemaker Trawlers, Duo Marine, Jeanneau Constructions Nautiques S.A., The Luhrs Company, O'Day, Ranger Yachts, Rent-A-Cruise of America, Seagoing Boats, Starcraft Company, Tyler Boat Company, Ltd., Ulrichsen Company, and Venture Campers.

Sporting and Law Enforcement Products: Dominator Company, General Odrinance Equipment Company, The Identi-Kit Company, Lake Erie Chemical Company, Pacific Technica Corporation, Smith & Wesson, Smith & Wesson Academy, Smith & Wesson Chemical Company, Inc., S & W Ammunition Company, Smith & Wesson Leather Company, Smith & Wesson Security Services, Inc., Smith & Wesson Electronics Co., Stephenson Corporation, and Yankee Motor Company.

Industrial Products: Bartlett-Snow, BSP Corporation, Jetstream Systems Company, Waukesha Motor Company, Waukesha Motor Western, Ltd., O. & M. Manufacturing Co., Pameco-Aire, Pameco-Aire Asia, and FECO: Barker Manufacturing Company.

Agricultural Products and Land Management: Producers Cotton Oil Company.

General Aviation and Transportion: Piper Aircraft Corporation, Piper Aircraft International S.A., and The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad.

Fashion Fabrics: Crown Fabrics, Knitbrook Mills, Knitbrook of Allentown, Specialty Dyers, Laminac, Inc., and Melena Double Knit Fabrics.

Emblematic Jewelry: Bale Pin Company and The Kinney Company.

Professional Services: Metcalf & Eddy, Inc., Enesco, Inc., and Bangor Punta Management Services Company.


Primary Companies


Smith & Wesson Make a Lot More Than Handguns

Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson Made A Lot More Than Handguns. Vintage Advertisements, Catalogs, Gun Inserts, Specifications, and more form our marketing collection for Smith & Wesson products of the Bangor Punta Era, covering handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns, Accessories, Multi-Product Promotions & Branding.


Piper Aircraft - Quality Made Small Aircraft

Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft had the distinction of having an eight-year legal battle over ownership decided by the U.S. Supreme Court - in Bangor Punta's favor.


CAL 29 Yacht - Fast Enough To Win

Cal Boats from Jensen Marine

Purchased by Bangor Punta in 1966, The CAL line of Yachts was one of the era's premier racing and cruising sailboats.


What an O'Day For A Daydream

O'Day Sailboats and Yachts

Building everything from small Day Sailers to 39 Foot Luxury Yachts, O'Day was a great purchase in 1966 by Bangor Punta.


Luhrs Builds Boats For Men

Luhrs Powerboats

In the nineteen Sixties and Seventies, Luhrs had the distinction of making their ads ultra appealing to men - Find out why and check out the dated taglines.


Collage of Starcraft Ads


Starcraft was the most diverse company owned by Bangor Punta, manufacturing boats, RV's, Campers, Runabouts, and even Livestock Feeders.


Bangor Punta - A Name You Should Known

Bangor Punta sells more boats to more people than any other builder. When you become the leader, two things happen: you like being there and have to work that much harder to stay there.

Our concept, make a better product and more people will buy proved to be fortuitous as it was precisely what happened, and that's the way we'll keep it.

Now, meet the family: Starcraft, Duo, Luhrs, Ulrichsen, Seagoing Houseboats, Rent-A-Cruise of America, O'Day sailers, Ranger racing yachts, and Cal cruising-racing yachts by Jensen.

Bangor Punta. World's Leading Builder of Boats. (January 1970)
Bangor Punta Leisure Time Group, 1 Greenwich Plaza, Greenwich, CT


Bangor Punta Corporation, A Unique Conglomerate. 1968 Annual Report.

Bangor Punta Corporation, A Unique Conglomerate. 1968 Annual Report. Clockwise, from the Top: Right: Bangor Punta’s Transportation group operates more than 500 miles of road in Maine. Below: Cans are baked, processed and handled —automatically—by Bangor Punta’s Process Engineering group. Left: Emergency power, marine power, power for total energy systems— all this and more flows from the 30 different Waukesha engines and turbines in Bangor Punta’s Energy Systems group. Above: Metcalf & Eddy engineers—part of Professional Services—are experts in environmental control. Left: Agribusiness is now big business for Bangor Punta. Valuable land in California adds potential to this group. Above: Bangor Punta’s Public Security group pioneers in modern approaches to safety and security needs. Products include life-saving resuscitators, electronic traffic control devices, non-lethal and lethal law enforcement equipment. Above: Serving youthful fashion needs, Bangor Punta is a major factor in theapparel industry through its Fashion Fabrics group. Right: Bangor Punta’s expanding line of products for the booming leisure market range from sailboats to campers, from houseboats to motor homes.


Bangor Punta: A Unique Conglomerate Participating in The Social and Economic Trends of Our Times


“Conglomerates are the normal and natural business form for efficiently channeling investment into the most productive uses. If nature takes its course, then conglomerates will become the dominant form of business organization, particularly in the United States.

prepared by The Boston Consulting Group


In a sense, conglomerates already dominate business. Diversified companies account for 390 of the 500 largest corporations in the nation.
Bangor Punta is a unique conglomerate. It is a mixture of eight operating groups, with 63% of its earnings derived from two of the fastest growing industries in America: Leisure Time and Public Security. The first stems from the changing economic status of the American consumer; the other from America’s social problems.

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc., in its special report on Leisure: Investment Opportunities in a $150-Billion Market, predicts that the overall leisure market “will reach $250 billion by 1975,” spurred by rising disposable income and decreasing work weeks. Bangor Punta, through its Leisure Time companies, is today a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles and equipment.

The need for public security has created another major growth market for Bangor Punta. According to Equity Research Associates, Bangor Punta “offers the investor a unique opportunity for participation in the growing expenditures of law enforcement agencies” on modern approaches to today's security needs.

Bangor Punta’s management stresses growth in all phases of operations, including such promising markets as Energy Systems, Process Engineering, Agribusiness and Professional Services. As a result, acquired companies have developed at a quicker pace after joining Bangor Punta.

During 1968, Bangor Punta’s acquisitions and operations were aimed at expanding penetration of its largest markets. A relatively short time ago—but early in Corporate history—many acquisitions were of an opportunistic nature. Now that Bangor Punta is stronger, with greater financial resources, it can be more selective. Management expects to seek acquisitions that are substantially larger than previous ones, with greater potential for growth.

Bangor Punta’s overall aim is to progress at an annual growth rate of 25%, employing the Corporation’s assets to the greatest possible shareholder advantage.

In all areas—acquisitions, operations and investments—management maintains a flexible, innovative position, seeking to capitalize on the basic economic and social trends of our times.

-- Bangor Punta Annual Report, 1968: 6-7.


Front Cover, Bangor Punta Corporation Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 1968.

Front Cover, Bangor Punta Corporation Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 1968. GGA Image ID #2135279e42


Front Cover, Bangor Punta Corporation Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 1972.

Front Cover, Bangor Punta Corporation Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 1972. GGA Image ID # 2135665470


Front Cover, Bangor Punta Corporation Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 1976.

Front Cover, Bangor Punta Corporation Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 1976. GGA Image ID # 21357f473c


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Bangor Punta Marketing Archives
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Bangor Punta Era

The Bangor Punta era, lasted approximately twenty years -- from 1964 to 1984.

History will likely remember the company for its tenacity in pursuing acquisitions; their high-profile corporate executives; and, two United States Supreme Court cases that the company was involved in during its short life span.

Bangor Punta Nostalgic History

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