Public Security: Modern Approaches to Protection

"We will establish a National Academy of Law Enforcement," President-elect Richard M. Nixon declared in a nation-wide radio address, "which would make available to local law enforcement agencies training in the most sophisticated, modern methods as well as information about the social sciences and about community relations for adaptation to local conditions and local situations."

Bangor Punta Divsion - Public Security: MOdern Approaches to Protection - 1968 Annual Report

The President-elect's speech dramatizes the urgent need for new approaches to today's problems of social unrest and mounting crime. That need is being met by Bangor Punta's Public Security group, which added 9% to total revenues and 30% to profit contribution for the fiscal year ended September 30, 1968.

Through Smith & Wesson, Bangor Punta produces and markets a wide variety of law enforcement products—ranging from safety helmets to handguns, from non-lethal weaponry to riot control equipment. The group also supplies sophisticated traffic control products and a life-saving line of portable resuscitators.

Total expenditures for public security in America will amount to an estimated $1.5 billion by 1972, according to a report published by Equity Research Associates. Through the Crime Control Act of 1967, $400 million will be spent over the next two years to modernize law enforcement agencies.

Nonlethal Pepper Fog

One of the most modern law enforcement products is the nonlethal Pepper Fog™ CS—Tear Smoke Generator, recently introduced by Bangor Punta's General Ordnance Equipment Company. Weighing 23 pounds fully loaded, the Pepper Fog throws out thousands of cubic feet of irritant or inert smoke per minute.

Chemical Mace

Minuteman resuscitator provides on-the-spot aid for victims of shock, heart attack and drowning. 1968 Annual Report

During 1969, Bangor Punta will market the new cartridge-loaded Mark V version of the Chemical Mace®. Such temporarily incapacitating weapons as this and the Pepper Fog allow police to use a minimum of force in subduing criminals and dispersing mobs.

Electronic Traffic Control Products

To combat the increasing rate of traffic deaths—up to a record 55,000 persons in 1968—the Public Security group has introduced a number of electronic traffic control products.

A prime example is the TDS Speed Computer developed by the Dominator division in 1968. This enables police to record speeds of oncoming as well as passing vehicles while the patrol car is in motion.


Stephenson Company, which produces the "Breathalyzer"®— fast becoming the standard testing device for highway intoxication —also manufactures resuscitators. These are used to automatically pump oxygen into the lungs following a traumatic accident.

Source: Bangor Punta Annual Report for the Year Ended September 30, 1968, Page 8

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