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Industrial Products Group of the Bangor Punta Corporation

Industrial Products Group of the Bangor Punta Corporation, O&M Manufacturing FECO. Graphic of Revnues and Profit Contribution for Past Five Years (FY 1972-1976) Inlaid on Top Left. O & M Manufacturing Company is a leading producer of heat transfer equipment.. GGA Image ID # 15d03284c8

Bangor Punta's Industrial Products Group manufactures industrial ovens, related conveyor systems, industrial engine cooling systems and sheet metal bender machines through its divisions, O & M Manufacturing of Houston and FECO in Cleveland.

0 & M Manufacturing Company

O & M Manufacturing Company's management (from left) Eugene C. Owen, President; Jack Owen, Secretary-Treasurer.

O & M Manufacturing Company's management (from left) Eugene C. Owen, President; Jack Owen, Secretary-Treasurer. GGA Image ID # 15d04ba2f9

O & M Manufacturing Company was organized in September 1945 in Houston, Texas to produce radiator cores for the automotive after market. In 1952 the automotive replacement business was phased out and the company's efforts were directed solely to industrial engine cooling systems.

In the last four years, O & M has more than doubled its sales, reaching $9.6 million in 1976.

0 & M is a progressive and highly regarded manufacturer of specialized heavy duty heat transfer products for the oilfield, petrochem, industrial and architectural markets.

While the freeze on domestic oil and gas prices has dampened O & M's United States sale's outlook for 1977, its products are in demand in the petroleum exploration field around the world.


FECO management 1976

FECO management (from left) George Kenney, Jr., President; Helmut Deich man, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; James D. Andersen, Vice President - Sales & Marketing; John Karpac, Sales Manager - Foundry. GGA Image ID # 15d0526e75

FECO is recognized as one of the world's leading firms in the field of custom-engineered industrial heat processing equipment and related conveying systems.

FECO, in its present form, is a combination of the expertise of four respected predecessor manufacturers: the Foundry Equipment Company, pioneer fabricator of insulated metal shell ovens; Young Brothers Company, a long time manufacturer of industrial ovens; Tu-Bar Corporation, manufacturer of the Roto-Die hydraulic sheet metal bender machines; and Barker Manufacturing Company, producers of conveyor equipment for cans and other containers.

Industrial ovens are still FECO's major product line although production now also emphasizes ovens for metal decorating in the beverage can industry. Some of the ovens built by FECO are small standard units not much larger than an average household refrigerator, others are huge "tunnel conveyor" ovens perhaps 200 feet long or "vertical conveyor" ovens that tower seven stories high. FECO also builds the conveyors used inside its oven line systems.

Light and medium sheet metal forming businesses appreciate the unique Roto-Die hydraulic bender, a piece of equipment which is four precision forming tools in one.

The international market for FECO's products is served by direct shipments from its Cleveland plant and through license agreements with manufacturers in Japan and Germany.

Demand for industrial ovens and conveying equipment generally follows the patterns of the industrial capital goods market. This was a slow market in 1976, and sales were lower than in 1975. The company has, however, maintained its market share.

The outlook for FECO is promising. The development of new energy saving concepts in oven design has already resulted in substantial orders and the rate and quality of inquiries regarding FECO's products is improving.

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