Directory of Bangor Punta Companies (1968)

Leisure Time

Charles M. Leighton, Group Vice President
Bangor Punta Operations, Inc.

  1. Jensen Marine. Jack L. Jensen, President
    Auxiliary fiberglass ocean-racing sailboats -"Cal" line.
  2. The Luhrs Company.
    The Ulrichsen Company.
    Henry Luhrs, Chairman; Hal A. Monsor, President
    Inboard wood and fiberglass power boats; wood luxury cruisers; "Alura" fiberglass luxury cruisers.
  3. The O'Day Company. Robert Saltonstall, President
    Non-auxiliary and auxiliary fiberglass sailboats.
  4. Seagoing Boats. Paul Donaldson, President
    Steel and fiberglass houseboats.
  5. Rent-A-Cruise of America (Note 1). Robert K. Boehm, President
    Franchise: rental of specially designed, fully equipped houseboats.
  6. Starcraft. Harold A. Schrock, Chairman; Arthur E. Chapman, President
    Aluminum, fiberglass outboard and inboard-outboard boats and sailboats; canoes, prams, campers, travel trailers, motor homes, farm equipment.
  7. Duo Marine. Victor B. Porter, President
    Fiberglass and aluminum outboard and inboard-outboard runabouts.
  8. Bale Pin Company. Kenneth Fettig, President
    Emblematic jewelry: rings, pins and emblems for schools and clubs.
  9. The Kinney Company. Peter T. E. Gebhard, Jr., President
    Emblematic jewelry: rings, pins and various insignia for schools, military and commercial use.

Public Security

William G. Gunn, Group Vice President Smith & Wesson

  1. Smith & Wesson. William G. Gunn, President
    Top quality hand guns (revolvers and automatics), handcuffs and related equipment.
  2. Smith & Wesson Leather Co.
    Leather holsters, "Sam Brown Belts" and other police leather.
  3. Smith & Wesson Pyrotechnics, Inc. (In association with Schermuly, Ltd.), William G. Gunn, President
    Rocket flares, distress signals, related pyrotechnic devices, line throwing equipment.
  4. Dominator Company
    Traffic control systems: electronic sirens, radar and T.D.S. computer speed measuring devices.
  5. General Ordnance Equipment Corporation, John A. Campbell, President
    Non-lethal weapons: Chemical Mace®, Pepper FogTM equipment and formulations of CS-Tear Smoke.
  6. The Lake Erie Chemical Company. Edmund A. Warner, President
    Tear gas munitions, gas masks and related riot control equipment, grenade launchers, police protective headgear.
  7. Stephenson Company. William H. Stephenson, President
    Radar speed measuring devices (Speedalyzer®), resuscitators, alcohol testing equipment (Breathalyzer® and Drunkometer®), rescue and first aid equipment.

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Energy Systems

Waukesha Motor Company. alarles E. Nelson, President
High speed, industrial type, gasoline, diesel, and natural gas engines for farm tractors, fire trucks, lift trucks and off-highway equipment; laboratory fuel rating engines and total energy systems.


  1. 0. & M. Manufacturing Company. E. C. Owen, President
    Radiators and heat exchangers.
  2. Waukesha Alaska, Inc. D. A. Kling, Manager
    Factory-operated distributorship.
  3. Waukesha Motor Western Limited. Charles E. Nelson, President
    Western hemisphere trading company.


Producers Cotton Oil Company.
Harry S. Baker, Chairman; James B. Mayer, President
Commercial agriculture: integrated grower, processor, manufacturer and merchandiser. Cotton ginning and vegetable oil processing plants.

Note 1: 'Acquired after close of the fiscal year ended September 30, 1968

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Fashion Fabrics

Arthur Goring, Group Chairman; John C. Kelly, Group Vice Chairman Bangor Punta Textile Operations

  1. Crown Fabrics. John C. Kelly, President
    Converters and specialists in synthetic fiber technology. Styling, design and marketing of synthetic/natural fiber-blend fabrics.
  2. Knitbrook Mills. Arthur Goring, President
    Styles, manufactures and markets bonded knitted fabrics.
  3. Knitbrook of Allentown. Max KuIler, President
    Manufactures single-knitted fabrics primarily for Knitbrook.
  4. Specialty Dyers. James Cullen, President
    Piece goods dyers and finishers, primarily for Knitbrook.
  5. Laminac, Inc. Harry Montesinos, President
    Bonding and laminating of knitted fabrics for Knitbrook and Crown.
  6. Melena
    Double knit fabrics of textured acetate and polyester, using jacquard and textured yarns, primarily for Crown.

Process Engineering & Equipment

Dan S. Mortensen, Group Vice President
Bangor Punta Operations, Inc.

  1. Bartlett-Snow. John R. Hersey, President
    Designs, engineers, fabricates and erects heat processing and bulk handling equipment for the chemical, process and foundry industries.
  2. BSP Corporation. Franklin P. Sebastian, Jr., President
    Sewage and waste disposal systems: multiple hearth furnaces, hydrocarbon heaters, thermal disc processors.
  3. FECO. Arthur B. delaski, Jr., President
    Custom-engineered industrial ovens and furnaces, heat processing equipment, metal decorating ovens, sheet metal working machinery.
  4. The Barker Manufacturing Company. Maynard C. Barker, President
    Automatic materials-conveying equipment.
  5. Jetstream Systems Company. Stanley Lenox, President
    Custom-engineered processing and materials handling equipment, using controlled jets of air.
  6. Pameco-Aire. Kenneth G. Woolley, President
    Wholesale distributor of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

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Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company. W. Jerome Strout, President
All-freight carrier (540 miles of road wholly within the State of Maine). Lessor of refrigerator cars.

Professional Services

  1. Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. Harrison P. Eddy, Jr., President
    International integrated civil and sanitary professional engineering firm, specializing in water supply, sewage treatment and refuse disposal.
  2. Enesco, Inc. Nicolas M. Salgo, President
    Acquisition services and financial planning for several "client companies."
  3. Bangor Punta Management Services Company. Donald K. Luke, Jr., President
    Management services for companies in which Bangor Punta has an equity interest.


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