Special Archival Collections

Special Archival Collections of the GG Archives Seeks to collect, preserve, and provide access to historical and other ephemeral primary source materials, including rare, one-of-a-kind documents, books, and ephemera.




Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794-1877)

Portrait of Cornelius circa 1870.

He has held that the best way for a man to promote his own interests was to be a wise, large, faithful public servant, and he maintained to his friends that he had always had that in view, and that he was not governed by selfish motives in what he did.


Dr. Edward Jenner (1749-1823)

The First Vaccination - Dr. Edward Jenner by Georges Gaston Mélique

Edward Jenner was an English country doctor who pioneered vaccination. Jenner's discovery in 1796 that inoculation with cowpox gave immunity to smallpox was an enormous medical breakthrough and has saved countless lives.


Guglielmo Marconi

Marconi’s Utilization of Short Waves Means Great Advance in Wireless Art

Photograph of the apparatus which Senator Marconi used to demonstrate to the radio and electrical engineers his new discovery by means of which it is possible to send radio waves in any desired direction on short wave lengths.


Thomas A. Edison

Thomas A. Edison's System of Electric Illumination.

In building his laboratory the inventor remembered to provide in many ways for the comfort and pleasure of the men whom he employed.


Top Scientists and Their Discoveries

Sir William Herschel and Caroline Herschel, 1896

Biographies on the important scientists of the 1800s and their most important discoveries. Written by Henry Smith Williams, M.D. this article is a good introduction for students interested in Science and History.




Motion Pictures Industry - 1920s

The Director and His Battery of Cameras in Action.

This series presents a history and discusses the birth of films and the motion picture industry. Profusely illustrated and educational.


Film Production On Board Steamships

Publicity Still - Tom Moore and Helene Chadwick in "Made in Heaven," an American Comedy Romance Film, 1921.

One of the late developments in transatlantic passenger traffic is the extensive use made of great liners for the production of movie films. Of course, only large film companies can afford to send their leading men and women on board liners the day of sailing.




A Picture that Stirred a Nation

Archibald Willard's “Spirit of '76,” exhibited at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.

When this picture was exhibited in a Cleveland photographer's window, many people stopped to look at it, and its fame spread far and wide through reproductions.


The Rocker Cure for Nerves

A Rocking Chair made circa 1750

THE American rocking chair, out of fashion and favor in the last generation, may be restored to its old place of honor in the home by the recent declaration of an eminent French medical man that rocking quiets the nerves.


Sheet Music


Meditation by A. Kimball - 1911

Front Cover

Meditation by A. Kimball, Sheet Music for Piano, was a popular piano piece written in 1908 and published by Will Wood of New York in 1911.


Au Revoir, but Not Good Bye, (Soldier Boy) By Albert von Tilzer - 1917

Front Cover, Vintage Sheet Music: Au Revoir, But Not Good Bye, (Soldier Boy) (1917)

It was performed by The Peerless Quartet. Based on estimates of sales, the song reached #8 on the top 100 US songs of the time from the Quartet's debut of the piece on April 27, 1918.


Nightingale Song by Al Jolson - 1920

Front Cover, Nightingale Song - Al Jolson's Latest Song Hit.

Nightingale Song - Al Jolson's Song Hit. Cover art by Frederick Manning of a Very Beautiful Woman makes this sheet music popular for framing.


April Showers by Al Jolson - 1921

April Showers

April Showers, Sheet Music for Piano from the 1921 Musical "Bombo" performed by Al Jolson, Composed by Louis Silvers, Lyrics by B. G. DeSylva.


Who Cares? Al Jolson's Sensational Hit - 1922

Front Cover of Al Jolson's Who Cares? Sheet Music for Piano

Who Cares?, Sheet Music for Piano from the 1921 Musical "Bombo" performed by Al Jolson, Composed by Milton Ager, Lyrics by Jack Yellen. Bombo was a Stage Play on Broadway from 1921-1922.


Twenty-Four Hours A Day - 1934 Sweet Surrender Musical

Twenty-Four Hours A Day, Music by James F. Hanley, Words by Arthur Swanstrom

Song From the 1935 Musical Sweet Surrender: I'm So Happy I Could Cry. The Song Was Not a Box Office Success. Music by Dana Suesse, Lyrics by Edward Heyman.




The Story of Soundex

Soundex Codes -- Numeric Code with Associated Letter(s) of the English Alphabet.

Originally developed by Margaret K. Odell and Robert C. Russel at the U.S. Bureau of Archives to simplify census taking in the early 1900s, the Soundex algorithm isn't perfect but works quite well to overcome the problem of alternative spellings of Names.


SOUNDEX Code Generator

Soudex Code Generator Coded with JavaScript to Produce the Soundex Code for any English Name (i.e. No Special Characters).

The SOUNDEX Code Generator will supply you with the SOUNDEX Code that will allow you to search various databases avoiding problems with variant spellings on names.




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