Epicurean Vintage Food and Cooking Ads

Epicurean Vintage Food and Cooking Ads

Vintage food and cooking ads often featured women using or attesting to the qualities of a product. These ads are well illustrated, and often provide a background or history of the product or the manufacturer.

AirlinE Honey

War Has Not Raised The Price of AirlinE Honey © 1915 The A. I. Root Co.

AirlinE Honey makes better cakes, cookies, candies, and desserts; makes preserves that taste better and keep better; is the finest spread for griddle cakes, waffles, bread, and biscuit; has superior food value and is infinitely more wholesome.


Aladdin Cooking Utensils

Aladdin Cooking Utensils For Better Cooking © 1920 The Cleveland Metal Products Co.

The Aladdin double boiler continues to be a most popular number—and the new Aladdin specialties—like the Percolator and steamer saucepot and the strainer cover utensils— have already won favor with the housewife.


Allenburys' Foods

Allenburys' Foods - A Good Start In Life © 1908 Allen & Hanburys, Ltd.

So successful have the Allenburys’ Foods Nos. 1, 2, and 3 proved, that whenever a child is denied the privilege of the mother’s milk, they are indispensable.


Ambrosia Chocolate Company

Ambrosia Almond Milk Chocolate Cuts (Boxfull) © 1915 Ambrosia Chocolate Company

The chocolates of the Ambrosia Chocolate Company have acquired a deserved reputation for uniform quality and absolute purity. The specialties and standard lines made by this company do not need any words of commendation from us.


Angelus Marshmallows

Angelus Marshmallows One Taste Invites Another © 1921 Rueckheim Bros & Eckstein

It is easy to make creamy fillings and attractive toppings for pastry, salads and desserts with Angelus Marshmallows— fluffy and fresh, always. What you don’t use, serve with cocoa, coffee, or as a confection.



Malt-Nutrine - A Predigested Liquid Food © 1907 Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n

Not How Cheap, But How Good is the motto of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association, consequently the fame and popularity of its brands, such as the "Budweiser," "Michelob," "Muenchener," "Faust," "AnheuserStandard " and "Pale Lager" have become known world-wide.


Apolinaris Natural Table Water

Apolinaris Natural Table Water

Dr. Lutaud describes,in his carefully-written essay, the happy chemical composition of the Apollinaris Water as a table water, which composition, combined with its agreeable taste, entitles it, in his opinion, to be called “Reine des eaux de table.”


Armour Grain Company

Armour Grain Company

Armour's Guaranteed Cereals have the pure natural goodness of America's wonderful grains. Each one is painstakingly produced, and you'll find them as splendidly nourishing as nature intended.


Armour Meat Products

Armour Meat Products

Every food product bearing this Oval Label is selected by recognized food experts, prepared and packed by men who have made a life study of the intricate art of sanitary preservation of flavor, food value and tempting appearance.


ATLAS Genuine Fruit Extracts

ATLAS Genuine Fruit Extracts

"ATLAS" Genuine Fruit Extracts contain nothing but the true fruits and wonderful in strength and retention of the characteristics of the fresh fruits. All "ATLAS" flavors and extracts are made in our own factory.


Auerbach Chocolate & Candy

Auerbach's Chocolate

Auerbach Chocolate Bars need no introduction. They were very popular ever before we made them "Bigger and Better than Ever." They're crowded to the wrapper with wholesome chocolate, enclosing a tempting filling that makes every bite encourage another.


Baker Food Products Company

Baker Food Products Company

This new word is DELICIA. Standing by itself it impresses the casual observer as being blood-kin to “delicious.'* And when placed on a blue-and-white-striped label, it offers easily secured proof that this relationship is real.


Barrington Hall Coffee

Barrington Hall Coffee

Barrington Hall is pure, high grade coffee, prepared by our patented process—a common-sense method of Removing the substances substances which contribute nothing to its flavor while preserving the delicious coffee flavor.


Beech-Nut Company

Beech-Nut Peanut Butter

Among the famous trade names of the world it would be difficult to find one more fitting, either in atmosphere or literal application, than the name “Beech Nut."


Beich's Chocolates

Beich's Chocolates

In 1893, Paul F. Beich began his candy business after purchasing the confectionery business of J.W. Gray & Company. In January 1899, he purchased a factory from Lancaster Caramel Company which became the Paul F. Beich Company on January 1, 1905.


Blatz Beer

Blatz Beer

Using nothing but the very choicest material obtainable, both in this country and abroad, which they procured regardless of cost, Blatz have been able to manufacture beer which has received the highest recognition wherever introduced.


Blue Diamond Almonds

Blue Diamond Almonds

Wholesome, soft-shelled, full-meated almonds—fresh from the sunny valleys of California—are now speeding on their way to market. When you see this little Blue Diamond Almond Girl in your dealers window you will know they are waiting for you.


Bohn Syphon Refrigerator

Bohn Syphon Refrigerator

The Only Refrigerators Having the Strictly One Piece, Seamless, Porcelain Enamel Lining With Full Rounded Corners.

This feature, alone, puts "Bohns" in a class by themselves. No joints, crevices or sharp corners to collect particles. Merely wiping with a wet cloth cleans everything perfectly.


Bolo Portable Oven

Bolo Portable Oven

Be sure to examine a Griswold Bolo Oven before you purchase a portable oven. Remember that it is the only portable oven which bakes fast and slow at the same time!


Borden's Food Products

Borden's Milk Products

Since 1857, Borden's has manufactured and sold products under the Eagle Brand, as well as other brands of condensed milk; also evaporated, malted and dry milk, loaf, soft, and fancy cheeses; casein products, caramels, mince meat, dried fruit juices, etc.


Bunte Brothers Candy and Marshmallows

Bunte Brothers Candy and Marshmallows

The “House of Bunte” is built upon absolute quality in its strictest meaning; honesty of purpose and a knowledge of the work at hand.

Is there any wonder, then, that Bunte Confections are sold in every state in the union and that the sales are steadily increasing from year to year, regardless of war or anything else.


Burnetts Vanilla Extract

Burnetts Vanilla Extract

Burnett’s Vanilla gives always the same full flavor.

There is no need for you to risk the goodness of your cooking by using a vanilla of doubtful quality. Simply asking for “Burnett’s Vanilla” when you order from the grocer protects you and assures you of “full flavor” and absolute purity.



Cadbury's Cocoa Vintage Ad © 1905

Messrs. Cadbury's chocolates have so securely established themselves in popular favor that they need no recommendation by us. We have received from this well-known firm specimen of their Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate Pastilles, Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate Wafers, and also of their Cocoa Essence.


Campbell's Soups

Campbell's Soups

The ruddy, juicy, tempting fruit, sun-ripened on the vines to delicious perfection! Made into Campbell’s Tomato Soup the very day it is plucked! The favorite soup of millions -- and no wonder!


Campfire Marshmallows

Campfire Marshmallows

Dainty, delicious dishes that suggest unusual skill in preparation are easy to make with Campfire Marshmallow's. They are the "food marshmallows". Fine texture, delicate flavor, and round shape are distinctive Campfire qualities. Convenient new package keeps Campfire "fresh to the last marshmallow". Big 6 oz. package for food use; 3 oz. confection size. Recipes printed on each package.


Carnation Milk

Carnation Milk

Carnation Milk has become one of the world's food staples. Its permanent adoption by housewives everywhere and its ever-increasing demand are not the result of mere accident, but are attributed solely to its uniform standard of excellence.


Checkers and Cornpops Confections

Checkers and Cornpops Confections

Checkers is the crisp, candy-coated popcorn and peanuts, packaged with an attractive novelty or toy. Cornpops are packaged the same way as Checkers. Their parent company, Shotwell Manfucturing Company also made chocolate cocoanut candy.


Clicquot Club Ginger Ale

Clicquot Club Ginger Ale

"Cliquot Club" won its reputation by being the best; and it must hold its reputation by continuing to be the best. Not only in ingredients, but the water, the blending, the carbonating, and the bottling are of unusually superior quality.




Coca-Cola’s birth was the real beginning of the soft drink industry. Coca-Cola has been the backbone of the soda fountain trade. It has been a powerful builder of incidental business to its dispensers, and carried many an enterprise which has made it a trade "leader.”


Colburn's Red Label Spices

Colburn's Red Label Spices

Colburn’s Spices Reflect Quality and Mark the Good Grocer. When you see Colburn's Spices and “Colburn’s" Mustard on a grocer’s shelf, you can be certain that he carries first quality goods. Reputation is built on quality and satisfaction, and it is in these features that Colburn's Spices lead.


Community Plate

Community Plate

When it comes to silverware, even the staunchest American is an aristocrat at heart. Surely no one could resist the charm and distinction of the Patrician design in Community Plate. At your service for 50 years. Manufactured by Oneida, New York.


Corning Glass Works

Corning Glass Works

Bakeware includes casseroles, plates, pans, etc. Also oven door plates, percolator flasks and tops; made from a low expansion boro-silicate glass of unique properties, marketed under the trademark “PYREX.”


Cottolene Shortening

Where Cottolene is Bliss

Cottolene is not offered as a substitute for, or as being “just as good” as, other cooking fats. It is an original product better than anything else that you can use for shortening or frying.


Council Meats

A Council Meat Market on your pantry shelf means more meals for less money—it costs less to send you “all meat” than part waste—and Council Meats are all delicious food—not a bit of waste in them.


Cracker Jack and Candy Makers - Rueckheim Bros. & Eckstein

Enjoyed and relished by both young and old alike. No Popcorn Confection has ever been created that can approach Cracker Jack in goodness. Cracker Jack is made from selected Popcorn and Roasted Peanuts covered with Delicious Molasses Candy



The special process by which Creamettes are made retains the sweet, nut-like flavor of the wheat, with a texture and tenderness as fine as a mushroom.


Cream Of Wheat

So important and yet so simpie—this matter of breakfast! In one food you can get these needed qualities combined—in Cream of Wheat. An energy food extremely easy to digest.


Crisco Shortening

Crisco Shortening

First marketed in 1911, Crisco was neither a butter, a compound, nor a substitute, but an entirely new product. A primary fat. Today, you buy this rich, wholesome cream of nutritious food oils in sanitary tins.


Del Monte

To begin with, all Del Monte Products are the selection of the finest crops—each grown where it attains its highest perfection.


De Luxe Candy Boxes

Practically all of the larger confectioners are using de luxe paper boxes for their highest grades of products, and the majority of the smaller manufacturing confectioners are also using boxes of this class for the convenience of their retail trade.


Diamond Brand Walnuts

Diamond Brand are more than just the best walnuts grown. They are the very cream of California's finest orchards; cleaned and graded, hand-sorted and “crack- tested.'' That is why they are always thin-shelled, full-meated, fine-flavored, perfect—delicious, satisfying food-dainties just as you take them from the shells.


Diamond Crystal Shaker Salt

Diamond Crystal is “the salt that’s all salt.” To produce it, its makers have perfected an exclusive process which refines natural salt, taking out over 2,000,000 pounds of impurities yearly. And it is this patented purifying process that makes the fine, quick-dissolving flakes of Diamond Crystal.


Dromedary Cocoanut

Try some in your favorite recipes for muffins, cakes, puddings, and desserts. Dromedary Cocoanut is deliciously fresh and full flavored. It comes ready to use and there is no waste. Guaranteed good to the last shred because of its “Ever-Sealed" container.


Dromedary Dates

Moist, luscious, golden Dromedary Dates—nature’s confection from the Garden of Eden—are especially selected from the season’s choicest crop. Healthful and easy to digest, they are especially good for children. Rich in natural sugar, they are most valuable for giving fuel and energy to the body.


Dunkley Company

The celery used in the Dunkley Celery Products is the best variety of the famous Kalamazoo Celery Fields. Our specialties are known to the most exacting trade as the perfect embodiment of purity, excellence and richness of flavor.


Duplex Fireless Stove

The so-called fireless cooker has now reached a point in its mechanical make-up that renders it practically perfect. Its thorough insulation, its construction of aluminum, its aluminum vessels, its double baking and roasting disks of soap-stone, its steam-valve, and its general neatness and compactness, together with what it will do, makes it a universal household necessity.



Egg-O-See - Back to Nature

The Battle Creelk Breakfast Food Company was the previous name for the United Cereal Mills, Ltd., and had trademark brands including E-C Corn Flakes Toasted, E-C Oats, and Egg-O-See Cereal Food.


Excelo Cake Mixture

Delicious home-baked cake, sweet with sugar, flaky, light, fresh (white or chocolate) prepared in a moment by just adding water to Excelo Cake Mixture. One minute to sift. Two minutes to add water and mix. Then pour into pans and bake. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.


Faust Tea and Coffee

For thirty years Faust Coffee and Tea have been famous the world over for their unsurpassed flavor, winning the HIGHEST AWARDS at the Fairs in Paris, France: Liege and Brussels, Belgium; St. Louis, Portland, San Francisco and Sen Diego, U.S.A.


Force Breakfast Cereal

FORCE-Toasted Wheat Flakes Ad - 1913

From the broad wheat fields of the West comes "FORCE" Toasted Wheat Flakes. The rigorous climate, the rich, fresh soil and Mother Nature herself-all join to put their best into wheat.


The Franklin Baker Company

Everybody loves the sweet, nutty flavor of fresh coconut. You cannot give it to your family too often. Anyone who has tasted the soft, luscious meat of fresh coconut knows that ordinary dry shredded coconut, as sweet and pleasant as it is, cannot compare with the juicy, milky coconut meat.


General Electric Appliances

Using electricity for lighting only is like hiring a servant by the week and giving her every afternoon "out." Electricity is at your service twenty-four hours out of twenty-four and the rate you pay is based on this service. Electricity is an untiring “servant in the house" ready when you turn the switch with a hundred uses in addition to lighting.


Glenwood Gold Medal Double Oven

Although it is less than four feet long, it can do every kind of cooking for any ordinary family by gas in warm weather, or by coal or wood when the kitchen needs warming.


Goelitz Confectionery Company

Goelitz Mixed Candy Advertisement, Candy and Ice Cream Magazine, August 1915

You men who want to get in strong with the children of your town can't possibly make a better stroke for popularity than to order a good supply of our Candy Corn for the spring months. It has spelled success for thousands of merchants and never fails. They simply eat it by the "fist full."


Grape-Nuts Cereal

Grape-Nuts Cereal

Grape-Nuts is a highly nutritious food in the form of crisp, golden granules. It contains the full nutriment of wheat and barley, including vitamin- B and mineral elements required for building sturdy health.


Great Majestic Range

Great Majestic ranges bring delight and economy to kitchens. For sure-baking and fuel-saving qualities they are exceptional Heat-tight, unseen-rivet cone true non gives you easy control over the heat in baking. Very little fuel is required for good baking and water heating.


H-O Oatmeal Cereal

The superiority of H-O (Hornby’s Oats) is due to an exclusive process of Steam-Cooking and Pan-Toasting the oats in the old-fashioned way. The thorough Steam-Cooking in closed kettles, breaks down the starch cells to dextrinize the starch and make the oats digestible. Pan-Toasting in ovens over live coal fires, produces that delicious H-O flavor.


Hall's Teapots

The owner of a Hall China Teapot numbers it among her choice possessions. It has the character that singles it out from the ordinary household articles that are taken for granted.


Hawaiian Crushed Pineapple

Hawaiian Canned Pineapple is very different from other pineapple, in its beautiful golden color, in texture, in flavor, in ripeness, in digestive and tonic properties.


Hawaiian Pineapple Packers Association

The Hawaiian Pineapple Packers’ Association has expended money with a lavish hand for the purpose of calling the attention of the world to the superior quality of the fruit that is being canned here, bringing before the family provider the fact that pineapples are not a luxury, but an everyday necessity, and as staple as canned peaches or pears.


Hebe Food Products

Hebe Food Products

COOKING with Hebe offers a wonderful opportunity to economize and at the same time you have rich and attractive meals. The less expensive cuts of meat, also fish and eggs can be prepared in a variety of ways.


H. J. Heinz

The business of the H. J. Heinz Company is an example of the possibilities of modern commercial evolution. It is simply the logical result of fitting an idea to public demand and sticking conscientiously to its purpose of fulfilment. All in 57 Varieties.


Heisey's Glassware

The glassware of your table reflects truly the character of your taste
The moment your guests glance at your table, set with these unusual pieces of cut glass, they’ll know how discriminating is your taste! For every piece of Heisey’s Glassware is beautifully and delicately made, in designs that show an artist’s handling.


Horlicks Malted Milk

Horlick's Malted Milk: Facts About the Origin of Malted Milk - 1918 Ad

Horlick’s Malted Milk has all the advantages of peptonized milk with none of the risks or the trouble ever present in using animal ferments with the local milk supply.


Hughes Electric Appliances

Hughes (George A. Hughes) started Hughes Electric in 1913 and consolidated Hughes Electric Heating Company, Hotpoint Electric Heating Company and General Electric Heating Department to form the Edison Electric Appliance Company, 1 January 1918.


Icy Hot Vacuum Products

Icy-Hot enables you to serve delicious cold or hot drinks at a moment's notice without leaving your guests. Icy-Hot enables you to keep refreshing cold or hot beverages in nursery, sick room, and other places, saving steps and time.


Instant Postum

Instant Postum

Postum is an ideal drink for those with whom coffee disagrees. It is recommended by reputable physicians, especially for children whose growing systems are often affected by caffeine, the harmful drug in coffee.



Jell-0 is simply clear sparkling Gelatin combined with pure fruit flavors in such a way that when boiling water is added it dissolves instantly, and when cool will be ready to serve.




Jiffy-Jell Desserts bring you real-fruit dainties, not mere flavors. We crush each fruit, condense the juice and seal it in a vial. A bottle of this fruit-juice essence comes in every package.


Junket Dessert

Junket is among the few very best foods for children and adults. It is simply milk in an improved form—eaten with a spoon, therefore more slowly. Junket is prepared by Nature’s own process for proper digestion; and far more relished and palatable because it looks attractive and tastes delicious.


Karo-Corn Products Mfg Co

Karo Corn Syrup is more than “goodness”—it’s a food so valuable in its properties that authorities class it high among food products. Not only nutritious, but delicious—a golden syrup of exquisite flavor that pleases all palates. For every use from griddle cakes to candy.


Kellogg's Cereal

Kellogg's Cereal

Such flavor, such crackly-crisp- ness, and such all-around wholesome goodness as Kellogg's lavishly provide never before have been put into Com Flakes or any other cereal! Your taste will prove that better than words ever can—and what a wonderful time you and all will have!


Kitchen Maid

The “ Kitchen Maid ” is built to conserve space and to save labor, by organizing the kitchen equipment, and to make for cleanliness and sanitation with its pure white cornerless cupboards and smooth surfaces over all.


Knox Gelatine

Knox Gelatine

Housekeepers will have no trouble in measuring Knox Gelatin, as it is already measured in two envelopes, each one making one quart of jelly. This makes it very convenient when less than a full package is to be used, and being so divided it may be used in serving a small family as well as a large party.


Kornlet - Haserot Canneries

KORNLET is the nourishing milk of tender, green sweet corn, extracted when the kernels are richest in milk. It is one of the strongest and most appetizing foods you can buy. The label tells how to make a variety of tasty dishes.


Lea And Perrins

Lea and Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce.—If ever proprietors of a Sauce felt proud of universal flattering encomiums, it must be Messrs. Lea and Perrins. It is no very easy matter to please the public, but far less to please the vast inundated number of epicures; but the result being most satisfactory with regard to the Worcestershire Sauce, and the general demand for it, we pronounce Messrs. Lea and Perrins to be crowned by the goddess of epicureans.


Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator

Let the Leonard guard your family’s health. It keeps food fresh, eliminates waste, saves work, worry and money. It gives the housewife extra hours for rest and recreation. The Leonard Cleanable Refrigerator crowns forty years of progress in the science of food preservation.


Libby's Food Products

Libby's Food Products

Just think how easy it is to serve Libby's ready-to-eat foods. No work, no worry, no cooking. Turn the little key, open the can, and "presto!", your luncheon or dinner is ready.


Lipton's Tea

Lipton's Tea

Lipton's Tea is grown by Lipton, picked by Lipton, cured by Lipton and shipped by Lipton. When the Tea reaches America from the Lipton Plantations of Ceylon and India it's Mended in the Lipton Warehouses by skillful Menders whose work is to so combine the teas to secure the matchless flavor which makes Lipton so delicious in the cup.


Lisk Self-Basting Roaster

The LISK ROASTER is so constructed that the juices of the meat, vaporized by the heat of the oven, are constantly collecting on the inner roof of the roaster, and drip back again in a steady shower of gravy on the roast below. That is automatic basting.


Lowney's Cocoa

Lowney's Cocoa

Lowney’s Cocoa is the great modern drink. It has taken the place of chocolate. Both cocoa and chocolate come from the same source—the Cocoa Bean—but for various reasons cocoa makes the better drink.


Mazola Corn Oil

The Richest Cake I Ever Tasted - Mazola © 1921 Corn Products Refining Co.

In 1912, this highly refined product was named Mazola from the words "maize" and "oil," first sold to maker of salad dressings but now offered to consumers. The New and Better Oil Made from America's Greatest Cereal -- Golden Corn. Cook with Mazola! Is saves money on every meal. Mazola can be used for all general cooking and for salad dressings.


Meadow-Gold Butter

In 1902, the butter consumer was unacquainted with the name of “Meadow Gold' although he was buying it as an unbranded product. In 1903, he ate “Meadow Gold Butter," and specified the brand when buying it.


Mellin's Babby Food

Mellin's Babby Food

Mellin's Food gives results. Mellin's Food gives satisfaction to the mother and babe. Mellin's Food not only nourishes, but increases the growth, and produces solid, sound flesh and bones, that guarantee to the infant a happy, healthy childhood and vigorous maturity.


Middletown Silverware

MIDDLETOWN SILVERWARE popularity is the justly merited reward that comes from quality and workmanship of unusual excellence; from offering a wide variety of rich and ornate designs of uncommonly good taste at prices that are very moderate.


Minute Tapioca

Minute Tapioca

Minute Tapioca is almost a pure carbohydrate and when combined with other foods which supply a proper proportion of protein, fats and minerals, as in Minute Tapioca Cream, provides a well-rounded food, easily assimilated. Best of all, it is a favorite with most children.


Mirro Aluminum Utensils

The superiority of Mirro Aluminum utensils does not mean that they are expensive—you will find that they are reasonably priced. All Mirro Aluminum goods are pledged with the guarantee of the world’s foremost maker of aluminum ware.


Miss Princine Baking Powder

Miss Princine Baking Powder

Behind Miss Princine Baking Powder is 29 years of research and experience on the part of the world’s largest baking powder plant. It is the greatest baking discovery in 50 years, because it rises in the oven. Miss Princine does its work under the most advantageous conditions, and therefore makes lighter, better bakings than you have ever seen.


Morris & Company Foods

Morris And Company Foods

The Morris Supreme Test idea has met with wonderful acceptance. Thinking housewives everywhere were quick to see what this final insurance of purity and quality represented. From Maine to California they are buying Moms Tested Foods, knowing that they are finer, better—and absolutely uniform.


Morton's Salt

Morton's Salt

You get both convenience and economy in Morton’s Salt because it pours in any kind of weather. It never cakes in cellars but pours out to the last grain. You can pour it into foods, too, exactly as recipes say: no waste there. The sensible spout on the blue package sees to easy pouring. And it closes to keep germs out when you don't need salt. Morton's - "The Salt of the Earth.”


Nabisco - National Biscuit Company

There are many varieties of sugar wafers to please all tastes and appetites. Particularly popular are Nabisco Sugar Wafers, often referred to as the aristocrat of dessert wafers; Harlequin Sugar Wafers, triple tender, golden wafers enclosing sweet, creamy flavors; and Festino, the sugar wafer which looks and tastes like an almond.


Napanee Dutch Kitchenet

The Napanee Dutch Kitchenet is made in five distinct models. Each model is different as to bins, cupboards, closets and drawers. Choose what best meets your household conditions—either for light housekeeping— large families—small families—large kitchens —small kitchens—pantry or not.


Natural Food Company

A breakfast of Shredded Wheat Biscuit, with hot or cold milk or cream, will supply all the energy needed for work or play. Triscuit is the same as the Biscuit, except that it is compressed into a wafer and is used as a Toast for any meal, instead of white flour bread. At all grocers.


None Such Mince Meat

Advertisement: None Such Mince Meat.

For thirty-three years None Such Mince Meat has enjoyed a steady gain in favor, until today the annual output would provide something like a hundred million pieces of rich, nourishing mince pie.


Old Dutch Cleanser

Who Chases Dirt? If every inhabitant of this earth who knew the answer to this question cried out at once, the denizens of Mars who have been waiting so long for a message from us, would hear millions of voices shouting in chorus, “OLD DUTCH CLEANSER.”


Ovaltine Tonic Food Beverage

Ovaltine Enables the Mother to Nurse her Child - 1922 Ad

Rich in vitamins and nutrients, Ovaltine is the home beverage for health. This product is said to be a concentrated extract of malt, milk, eggs and cocoa, and has been prescribed by European physicians for almost half a century.


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon - The Beer of Quality is rich in wholesome malt, delightful to the taste and soothing to the nerves. It has won its way into the markets of all the world because of its uniform high quality and absolute purity.


Postum Cereal Company

Post Toasties is an unparalleled and tasty flaked corn food is also thoroughly cooked and toasted at the factories, and, as with Grape-Nuts, the recipes using Toasties indicate cooking and baking sufficient only for the correct preparation of other ingredients.


Powers Whiskey

Established in 1791, Power's Whiskey is a genuine old Dublin Pot Still Whiskey. Being a Distillers' "Self" Whiskey is free from all patent spirits and other blending materials--hence its unequalled flavor, strength, and aroma.


Premier Salad Dressing

With a bottle of Premier Salad Dressing, you can have some sandwiches that will set a new style in teas. This is the magic of Premier— that when you add it to common, even tiresome foods, they cease to he common and tiresome.


Premo Eclipse Gas Range

One reason for the economy of the Premo Eclipse Gas Range is that it is built scientifically to insure perfect cookery. On this range the heat regulation and heat diffusion take all uncertainty out of cooking. The heat can be set at exactly the degree desired, down to the tiniest point of flame.


Price's Flavoring Extract Co

The greatest authorities on chemical analysis of food products have endorsed the purity and healthfulness of Dr. Price’s Flavoring Extract preparations. They are the achievement of a lifetime.


Purity Rolled Oats

You know that Purity Rolled Oats is America’s Bountiful Breakfast! Do you know that Purity Rolled Oats can be served for luncheon, dinner and simper—and each time in some entirely new form?


Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats is prepared from the greatest food that grows. It is almost a complete food— nearly the ideal food. In energy units it yields 1810 calories per pound, while round steak yields 890. Yet Quaker Oats costs one cent per big dish. A whole dish costs you no more than a bite of meat.


Red Crown Canned Meats

Red Crown Canned Meats

All Red Crown Canned Meats are prepared from choicest material selected by experts and are faultlessly flavored and cooked. Cleanliness is the first command in the bright, airy kitchens where these foods are packed.


Reed's Candy Patties

Reed’s Butter Scotch Patties have been leading the world for many years. There is a reason for this leadership. We have spared neither skill, time nor money in perfecting the quality of the goods and the method of production.


Richardson & Robbins

The Richardson & Robbins Company have the reputation of making plum pudding and boned chicken of an unusually high standard. This reputation has come to them through fifty years of sales, increasing year after year chiefly through word-of-mouth advertising, for they have done but little advertising as that word is generally understood today.


Royal Baking Powder

The housewife will find no possible substitute for the Royal Baking Powder. There is no other baking powder or preparation that will render the food so excellent in every quality.


Royal Rochester Percolator

A Royal-Rochester Percolator ensures a delicious, bright flavor, laden with the true coffee aroma. The pouring is uniformly clear and sparkling—the flavor delicious.


Runkels All-Purpose Cocoa

You only half appreciate Runkel's when you drink it. It is delicious, smooth, rich, sustaining — famous for “that chocolaty taste”—but that's only the Half of it! The Other Half is in the eating!


Ryzon Baking Powder

Ryzon Baking Powder

RYZON, The Perfect Baking Powder, is composed of three ingredients. Two of them, bicarbonate of soda and cornstarch, are used in nearly all baking powders. The third, monosodium phosphate is new. The desirability of a phosphate baking powder has long been known.


Sauer's Extract

Sauer's Extract

In competition with the various brands of extracts all over the world, Sauer's extracts have won, since 1887, at American and European Expositions, 17 highest awards and gold medals, offered for the purity, strength and flavor of flavoring extracts.


Slade's Salad Cream

Made from the purest, freshest, and most wholesome ingredients. Contains NO OIL, and is free from artificial coloring matter and chemical preservatives. Made in silver lined kettles and packed by silver lined machinery to insure perfect purity and cleanliness.


Snowdrift Shortening

Advertisement: Showdrift Pure Rich Creamy Vegetable Fat for Making Tempting, Hot Biscuits.

Snowdrift is sweet—what you mean when you say "sweet" cream. Snowdrift is fresh—as you use the word to describe new-laid eggs. Did you ever stop to think that all shortening is fat, and is just as much better when it is fresh, too? In its new air-tight package Snowdrift is fresh when you open it in your own kitchen.


Snider's Catsup

We claim that SNIDER'S CATSUP is a superior table condiment. It is delicious, wholesome and pleasing to the taste. We have thousands of customers who have used our catsup exclusively for a quarter of a century. They are still our customers and are loud in their praise of its merits.


Standard Kitchen Sinks

The latest model in sinks undoubtedly would be of interest to most women, but certainly they would be more interested in a beautiful kitchen, as a whole, fully equipped with all the most modern conveniences and in which the sink formed a very essential part.


Steero Cubes

When there are Steero Cubes in the kitchen, every meat or soup can have flavor, for Steero is a condensed, concentrated extract. It is the flavor of beef, of vegetables, of spices.




A complete equipment of stoneware jars for your kitchen and pantry means that your salt and spices, tea and coffee, flour and cereals, will keep their quality and flavor better.



Trainloads are arriving daily in all markets, and California never sent better fruit. Heavy and luscious with a sparkling juice—the most healthful of all fruits. In millions of homes Sunkist Oranges are now the standard fruit, served every day the year 'round.


Sun-Maid Raisins

Long before Rome was an Empire, man husbanded the raisin as one of his chief foods. Now 8000 modern raisin growers offer you this great fruit-food in Sun-Maid Raisins, from the sunlit vineyards of California, sun-cured in the vineyards and shipped throughout the nation.


Sunshine Biscuits

There are many uses for Sunshine Biscuits. Some are crisply thin to serve with salads; some can be toasted; while others are light and flaky, with rich creamy filling in a variety of flavors to be served with desserts.


Sunsweet Prunes

There is no mystery about Sunsweet Prunes or what they will do. Nature has singled them out as the fruit-food that keeps us fit through natural means. Nature has made them a body builder and body-regulator.


Swans Down

Possibly you have never used Swans Down Cake Flour and do not know what a delicate, fluffy lightness it gives even the simplest cake. Or, if you do use it, you may save it for your very finest cakes, thinking it must be expensive.


Swift & Company

Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon are more widely and favorably known than any other brand. Their popularity is due to the uniform quality and flavoring of the meat, and to their fine appearance when received from the dealer.


Swift's Premium Oleomargarine

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine Advertisement, The American Food Journal, January 1920.

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is a sweet, pure, clean, food product made from rich cream and edible fats. It contains every element of nutrition found in the best creamery butter.


Tansan Importing Co

There are hundreds of different kinds of natural spring water served on the tables of every human race, and one of the best of these mineral waters is "Tansan." This water is bottled at the springs in far-off Japan and is distributed throughout the land.


TECO Brand Foods

Here is a pancake flour that has the added value of malted buttermilk mixed in with it to give necessary punch to the flour to produce delicious food. The buttermilk is reduced to a powder and mixed right in with the flour.


The Wheatena Company

Mother has many reasons for serving Wheatena in some form every day. She knows this all wheat cereal is largely responsible for the glowing health of her sturdy children. Wheatena makes rosy cheeks, good appetites and strong bodies.


Troco Oleomargarine

Troco Oleomargarine

In just what ways can a butter substitute be used ? It depends upon the product. Troco, which is made of the fat obtained from cocoanuts, churned in the purest of milk and slightly salted, may be used in any way desired.


Underwood Deviled Meats

A taste of salt-and-sugar-cured, hickory-smoked ham—or tender beef tongue—cooked so carefully that every atom of the taste is kept in; then chopped fine, and mixed with mustard and mild spices.


United Cereal Mills

United Cereal Mills

Fruited Wheat and Fruited Oats are really what the names say —and these Fruited Cereals are just as delicious as they sound. They are palatable, nutritious—a combination of figs, dates, raisins, and the whole grain — based on a scientific recipe for an ideal food.


Urbana Wine Co

Urbana Wine Company's Gold Seal is the Best Natural Sparkling Wine Produced in America. Pronounced by Connoisseurs as a Superior Article for Household Consumption. They also produce a full line of well-ripened and pure Sweet Catawba, Dry Catawba, Pure Sherry, Clarets, and Brandies.


Valca Olive Oil

VALCA OLIVE OIL is a genuine imported olive oil of the first pressing. Its fine, full flavor cannot be approached by any substitute. Packed in the famous striped tin in three sizes: half pint, pint and quart.


Van Camp's

But the real proof—the greatest triumphs —of this immense institution are the delicious foods hearing the Van Camp label. In their savory, home-like odors and flavors are written the final words of accomplishment.


Van Houten's Cocoa

There are many excellent Cocoas, but in advance of all other preparations stands Van Houten's, which is universally declared perfectly pure, free from fat, easily digested, delicious to the taste, nutritious, and a stimulant without any depressing after-effects.


Vollrath Ware

In thousands of American homes in which good cooking is a family tradition, Vollrath Ware stands in high favor. Women who insist upon the utmost care in cooking know that they can rely upon Vollrath Ware and be sure of desired results.


Wagner Ware Cooking Utensils

The world’s finest cooking utensils—Wagner Ware in Cast Aluminum—are even more delightful when sold as the “Wagner Chest.” This makes an unusually fine wedding, anniversary or birthday gift! You will be surprised how quickly Wagner Chests will sell. Four sizes in practical assortments.


Walker Electric Dishwasher

The Walker wahes, rinses, and dries the dishes for a meal or a day in ten minutes, leaving them sparkling, free from streaks or towel marks, and practically sterilized. You only push the button and turn the valve. Thousands of women testify that they could not keep house without it. New Home Builders and Architects should think of the Walker Dishwasher & Dryer as a kitchen necessity like the range or sink.


Walter Baker & Company

Walter Baker & Company

THE WALTER BAKER COMPANY has had an unparalleled experience of over one hundred and thirty-three years in the selection and blending of the world’s products.


G. Washington's Coffee

G. Washington's Coffee

Eighty-Five percent of the coffee bean—wood fiber, chaff and by-product matter—has been removed by Mr. Washington's refining process. In these convenient size cans of G. WASHINGTON'S COFFEE, you get all of the goodness, all of the deliciousness. all of the flavor, and all of the strength of absolutely pure coffee.


Watson's Whisky

For one hundred years Watson's whisky has aided in giving health and cheer and in driving dull care from millions of Britishers and The business of the firm was established in 1815 by Mr. James Watson.


Wear-Ever Aluminum Cooking Utensils

"Wear-Ever" utensils add to the bright, cheerful atmosphere of the kitchen because they are so cleanly and silver-like. They help make the kitchen the inviting place it should be—as up-to-date as are the other rooms of your home.


Welch's Grape Juice Company

Welch’s gives the best results of any Grape Juice, for the following reasons: It is pressed from fresh, full-ripe Concord Grapes on the spot where grown. Careful and improved methods are used which transfer the juice from the luscious cluster to the bottle, unchanged by addition or subtraction.


Wesson Oil

Wesson Oil for salad dressings, for frying, for shortening makes so many good things to eat cost so little. It is a pure, wholesome, vegetable fat in liquid form. It is good to eat, and adds to the wholesomeness and delicacy of anything in which it is used. Anyone who can cook can cook with Wesson Oil.


White House Coffee And Teas

White House Coffee And Teas

“White House” Coffee is roasted and packed solely by our house and may be depended on as being not only the best coffee obtainable, but never varying in quality or flavor.


White Mountain Freezer

The principle of the White Mountain Freezer is the effective Triple Motion. It has been demonstrated that the use of the Triple Motion produces the finest quality of cream in the quickest time, and to the ingenious application of this principle ‘is due the remarkable success of the White Mountain Freezer.


White Stokes Mallo Topping

White Stokes Mallo Topping

White or Caramel. The prime requisite for all soda fountains. On Sundaes it makes the crushed fruits or syrups cling at the top of the ice cream. Used in sodas they become creamy and delicate—and different.


Wilson's Certified Food Products

Wilson's Certified Meats

When you see the Wilson Certified label on hams or bacon you may know that the dealer is one who looks to the future. He appreciates the fact that increasing trade and lasting reputation rest on known quality. He knows what the Wilson label guarantees to his customers and himself.


Yeast Foam

Yeast Foam

Home bread makers everywhere prefer Yeast Foam because it assures a light, sweet dough and because the flavor of the home loaf raised with Yeast Foam is noticeably better.


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