Knox Gelatine

Knox Sparkling Granulated Gelatin is put up in two packages. No. 1 is the Plain Sparkling (yellow package), and is the original, unflavored, unsweetened gelatin. No. 3 is the Sparkling Acidulated (blue package).

Both packages are alike, containing two envelopes of gelatin, and an envelope of Pink Vegetable Coloring for making a colored dessert, salad or icing for cake, and make the same quantity— TWO QUARTS of jelly.

The only difference between the two packages is that the No. 3 Acidulated contains an envelope of Lemon Flavoring, which takes the place of lemon juice and affords a ready prepared flavoring.

The flavoring and coloring are not mixed with the gelatin in either package, but packed in separate envelopes, thus leaving it to the purchasers to use them or not as they desire.

With the No. 1 Plain package the natural fruit juices of lemons, oranges, etc., are used for flavoring, while with the No. 3 Acidulated (Busy Housekeeper’s) package the Lemon Flavoring is furnished in concentrated form ready for use. All that is added is water and sugar, and the jelly is ready to mold.

Housekeepers will have no trouble in measuring Knox Gelatin, as it is already measured in two envelopes, each one making one quart of jelly. This makes it very convenient when less than a full package is to be used, and being so divided it may be used in serving a small family as well as a large party.



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