White Mountain Freezer

The principle of the White Mountain Freezer is the effective Triple Motion. It has been demonstrated that the use of the Triple Motion produces the finest quality of cream in the quickest time, and to the ingenious application of this principle ‘is due the remarkable success of the White Mountain Freezer.

With the can moving in one direction, the outside beater moving in the opposite direction, and the inside beater moving in a direction opposite to that of the outside beater, the cream is kept in constant motion.

It is thrown from the center to the sides of the can and back continually, thoroughly beating every particle, and making the grain fine and smooth.

The mechanism of the White Mountain Freezer is simple, yet efficient. A combination of three clog wheels produces the triple action, imparts to the can and the two beaters their separate motions, and makes the operation of the freezer a very easy matter. This triple motion is found only in the White Mountain Freezer.

The material used in the White Mountain Freezer is the best obtainable. and while passing through their factories receives additional treatment that makes it still better.

The tub is made of carefully selected second growth white pine, absolutely free from imperfections, and every tub is impregnated with a chemical preparation that renders it waterproof and water-tight.

They will never get soggy, never lose their shape, and never smell unpleasantly, as will cedar tubs.

The can is made of the best charcoal tin plate, and every part of the freezer that comes in contact with the cream is plated with pure block tin, thus positively eliminating all possibility of poisonous influences.

The inside castings, or the heaters, are of malleable iron, and tin plated. All outside castings are cast iron well galvanized to prevent rust.

The construction of the White Mountain Freezer is as perfect as experience can make it. It is of uniform strength in faction of both the dealer and the public.

White Mountain Freezer - Triple Motion © 1916

White Mountain Freezer - Triple Motion © 1916

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