Stoneware Jars

A complete equipment of stoneware jars for your kitchen and pantry means that your salt and spices, tea and coffee, flour and cereals, will keep their quality and flavor better.

Your fresh vegetables kept in stoneware keep their firmness and freshness longer. All your jams and preserves are more delicious if protected in stoneware jars from light spoilage and fermentation. All packed and pickled meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables are much better kept in stoneware.

The scientific reasons for all this are explained in Dr. Goudiss’ book "Stoneware, Its Uses and Economies." It explains how covered stoneware jars keep bread, cookies, cake and pastry fresh for days longer, so that you can bake more at once and save time and expense by baking less frequently.

Stoneware containers are to food flavors what the thermos bottle is to hot liquids. They prevent waste. They mean constant savings.





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