Royal Baking Powder

The housewife will find no possible substitute for the Royal Baking Powder. There is no other baking powder or preparation that will render the food so excellent in every quality.

Instead of cream of tartar and soda, or soda and sour milk, the best housekeepers now use Royal Baking Powder. It is almost impossible for the housekeeper to procure pure cream of tartar. Professor Chandler, when president of the New York Board of Health, stated in an official report that he found upon investigation that nearly all the cream of tartar sold by grocers was adulterated with white clay, alum, or other hurtful substance.

These ingredients are dangerous to health, impoverishing the blood, producing dyspepsia, etc. Professor Chandler strongly recommends the use of a well-known baking powder (like the Royal) in all kinds of baking as more convenient, economical, and healthful.

Royal Baking Powder is sold only in securely labeled tin cans.

Remember, in all old receipts where cream of tartar and soda or saleratus are called for, you can substitute Royal Baking Powder and get better results.






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