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The Armour Oval Isabel "takes the guesswork out of food buying." No homemaker can ask for more—no housewife should be satisfied with less.

Armour's Extract pf Beef © 1905 Advertisement, Harper's Bazaar

Just Common Sense and Armour's Extract of Beef. Vintage Advertisement, Harper's Bazaar, 1905. GGA Image ID # 19c2fb3690

Just Common Sense and ARMOUR'S EXTRACT of BEEF

It will solve the difficulties of many Housekeepers, cut down the fuel bill, and help you keep a good cook.

First, it offers a means of using up cold roasts, meats, game, and vegetables by replacing the juices lost in the first cooking, restoring the tempting flavor as when first served, and making it possible to add one or two dishes to your menu on short notice simply by the use of ARMOUR'S EXTRACT OF BEEF, hot water, and seasoning—say a bouillon in cups, soup, a sauce, etc.

Using ARMOUR'S EXTRACT OF BEEF reduces the fuel bill because it requires no cooking—add hot water and seasoning, and it's ready. A soup bone requires hours of cooking, and you can't get the flavor, color, and body you do with ARMOUR'S EXTRACT.

It helps keep a good cook because they know its advantages and how their dishes are easily made inexpensive and satisfactory by its use.

ARMOUR'S EXTRACT OF BEEF is the concentrated essence of good, wholesome beef, retaining all the rich beefy flavor of the meat. It brings appetite and strength to the delicate—just the thing for school children. It's as valuable for the sick room as in the kitchen.

"CULINARY WRINKLES" tells how to use it—sent on receipt of the metal cap from the jar or a 2-cent stamp. All grocers and druggists sell it.

Armour Veribest Corned Beef, Forecast Magazine, August 1920.

Armour Veribest Corned Beef. Vintage Advertisement, Forecast Magazine, August 1920. GGA Image ID # 19c3199275

Armour's Buying Suggestions for August

Excellent house oil on a hot day—kitchen work without fatigue—food* that nourish without overheating -let the considerations go on your August marketing.

Armour's large variety of Prepared Meats offers innumerable suggestions for dainty dishes, quickly and easily nerved to captivate the jaded summer appetite.

Try Armour's Veribest™ Corned Beef (Hot or Cold)

Here is a tempting, delicately flavored meat for August luncheon or supper. Corned Beef may be served cold and garnished—or it may be served hot in combination with macaroni or cooked rice. It comes in convenient 12 oz, 1 lb., 8 oz., and 6 lb. net weight containers.

Armour's Oval Label Dry Sausage, Loaf Meat, Potted, Deviled Meats, and Frankfurters. Lunch Tongue, Boiled Ham, Pork Beans, etc., are all dependable and economical to use—and help you serve delightful hot-weather meals.

Keep a dozen of these summer foods on your pantry shelf— the time saved in preparing meals will give you many extra hours for outdoor recreation.

Armour's Oval Label Advertisement. Forecast Magazine, November 1920.

Armour's Oval Label Advertisement. Vintage advertisement. Forecast Magazine, November 1920. GGA Image ID # 19c3bf6196

The other way is to let the Armour Oval Label be your guide. Recognized food experts select every food product bearing this Oval Label, prepared and packed by men who have made a life study of the intricate art of sanitary preservation of flavor, food value, and tempting appearance. This is far the easier of the two, safer, and more sure.

Advertisements for Armour's Pure Leaf Lard, American Cookery, June 1916

Armour's Pure Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, June 1916. GGA Image ID # 19c3c4c8c0

Armour's Quality Products Costs a Shade More, But--

"Simon Pure" is the cheapest in the end. This is because "Simon Pure" is all genuine leaf lard--the rich "cream of lard" made from delicate "leaf" fat--far richer than ordinary fat. Three spoonfuls go as far as four of regular lard.

"Simon Pure" Leaf Lard comes in the exact quantity you need — pails of five sizes, each under an air-tight cover. The package protects 'Simon Pure" from all contamination, and Armour's Oval Label saves you from buying inferior lard. Always look for Armour's Oval Label on the pail.

Advertisements for Armour's Pure Leaf Lard, American Cookery, June 1912

Armour's Pure Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, June 1912. GGA Image ID # 19c42d481f

Madam, You Must Have Leaf Lard

All the vast difference between the cookery of your Mother's day and the insipid and indigestible products of the present is due to shortening.

Your Mother used Leaf Lard—often had it tried out at home to ensure its fineness and purity.

Compare the average pie or cake or bread with the old-fashioned homemade kind. It is proof positive that there is no substitute, when results are considered, for real Leaf Lard.

Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard

Made only from the finest leaf fat, snowy white, pure, and delicate, it is the daintiest of all shortenings. We call it "Cream of Lard."

It should be used whenever shortening is called for in all bread, cake, pastry, and above all, for frying.

For old fashioned immersing in deep fat and made from "Simon Pure," Leaf Lard is the best and one of the most healthful ways of cooking chicken, oysters, potatoes, fish, and anything that is not boiled or roasted.

And there is the croquette family — always welcome delicacies and the most economical way to utilize leftovers.

Use a Scotch Kittle two-thirds full of Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard for deep fat frying.


FREE for a Postal. Tells the Secrets of Good Cooking

They were prepared for us by a cooking expert whose name is famous and who enthusiastically endorses Simon Pure Leaf Lard. "Pastry Wrinkles" revives the waning art of good cooking. Every housewife will welcome it, and her family will rejoice, for it means good things to eat, old-fashioned things as digestible and wholesome as delicious.

Your name on a postal brings "Pastry Wrinkles." Write one today and order a pail of Armour's Simon Pure Leaf Lard.

Armour's Leaf Lard Advertisement, American Cookery, November 1912.

Armour's Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, November 1912. GGA Image ID # 19c43eb743

Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard

How Good Cooks Fry in Deep Fat —They take a deep Scotch kettle and fill it two-thirds full of "Simon Pure "Leaf Lard.

They lay their chicken, croquettes, fish, potatoes, or whatever dainty they will serve in a wire frying basket and immerse it in this "Simon Pure" as soon as it is smoking hot when each piece is a delicate golden brown and tender, evident through the drain, set in the oven for a few minutes.

Result— Digestible, delicious, and wholesome dishes, easily prepared and economical.

Just strain your kettle of "Simon Pure" and use it over and over again.

If you have a cake to bake or a pie to make or are planning anything in which you use shortening, make that shortening "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard.

It keeps your cake moist and tender, makes pie crust crisp and flaky, and makes bread and biscuits miracles of lightness. And you use one-third less than with another shortening.

Better keep two pails of "Simon Pure"—one for shortening, one for frying. The shortening pail, lasting longer, costs comparatively much less than other shortenings — the frying pail, used over and over again, lasts indefinitely.

Armour's Leaf Lard Advertisement, American Cookery, December 1912.

Armour's Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, December 1912. GGA Image ID # 19c43f1852

Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard -- "Cream of Lard"

Better Keep Two Pails of "Simon Pure"

Armour's Quality Products Cost a Shade More, But--

Here is a suggestion to housewives who enjoy serving good old-fashioned things to eat—the fried chicken and oysters and croquettes that taste so good in cold weather —The light and wholesome bread and rolls and biscuits, the fine-grained feathery cakes, the flaky, tender pastry you want all year-'round.

Keep two pails of "Simon Pure" in the ice box, one for shortening and one for frying. One can use the pail you keep for frying over and over again — it lasts indefinitely. Then all these delicacies can be easily, quickly, and economically prepared and are sure to be both excellent and digestible.

So, for quality and economy, you need "Simon Pure."

Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard

Made only from the finest leaf fat, tried out in open kettles. Richer than any other shortening, it goes much farther — making it comparatively less expensive.

Armour's Leaf Lard Advertisement, American Cookery, March 1913.

Armour's Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, March 1913. GGA Image ID # 19c4611627

Doughnuts are Digestible and Doubly Delicious if Shortened with and Fried in Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard.

"Cream of Lard"

Finest leaf fat — pure, snowy white. The most delicate and economical of shortenings. Extremely rich — less is required. It is sold in pails only—large, medium, and small.

U. S. Government inspected.

Buy a pail today.

Armour's Leaf Lard Advertisement, American Cookery, May 1913.

Armour's Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, May 1913. GGA Image ID # 19c46a4a80

Ideal Shortening for the "Short Cake!"

"Cream of Lard" Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard

The luscious strawberry shortcake is a miracle of crisp, light, wholesome tenderness when you shorten it with Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard.

"Simon Pure" is the finest leaf fat tried out in open kettles. Cream of shortening as well as "cream of lard." Use it for bread, cake, biscuits, and pastry. Use it for deep-fat frying.

Comes only in pails, Government inspected and sealed.

A hundred thousand dealers will be happy to supply you. Just ask for Armour's "Simon Pure" Leaf Lard.

Armour's Leaf Lard Advertisement, American Cookery, June 1916.

Armour's Leaf Lard. Vintage Advertisement, American Cookery, June 1916. GGA Image ID # 19c48909b9

Leaf Lard is made from that flaky fat surrounding the hog's kidneys.

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