Lisk Self-Basting Roaster

Ordinary roasting pans waste one pound in every five, the LISK ROASTER saves that pound. That means that the LISK ROASTER pays for itself repeatedly every year. It saves the labor of the Cook as well as the loss of the meat, it is Self-basting.

The LISK ROASTER is so constructed that the juices of the meat, vaporized by the heat of the oven, are constantly collecting on the inner roof of the roaster, and drip back again in a steady shower of gravy on the roast below. That is automatic basting.

A child who can tell the time can cook as well as the finest chef with a LISK SANITARY SELF-BASTING ROASTER, for there is nothing to watch but the clock. Think of it! A roast that won't shrink or waste and can't burn or dry up; cooked to a turn and self-basted in its natural juices.

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