Hawaiian Crushed Pineapple

Hawaiian Canned Pineapple is very different from other pineapple, in its beautiful golden color, in texture, in flavor, in ripeness, in digestive and tonic properties.

It is so much finer in every way because Hawaiian Pineapples are of the Smooth Cayenne variety (“the garden pine“), grown extra big, yellow, tender and luscious, in a sub-tropical climate, in a soil which exactly suits them; and especially because they are picked and properly canned on the very day they reach perfection.

Pineapples fully ripened on the plant contain over ten percent, of pure sugar. Most of this is absorbed by the fruit during the final days of ripening and gives a flavor and tone to the fruit that green-cut pineapples ripened in the vessel hold, the refrigerator car and the storehouse can never get.


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