Snider's Catsup

Hundreds of thousands of cases of SNIDER'S CATSUP are manufactured within sight of the fields where the tomatoes are growing and ripening.

We carefully select our seed a year in advance. The tomatoes are grown by farmers who are taught, under our supervision, how to cultivate and the proper time to pick them.

Our aim is to manufacture these luscious, red, ripe tomatoes into SNIDER'S CATSUP at the earliest possible hour after picking.

A large-quantity of our Catsup is manufactured from tomatoes that are picked in the morning and promptly made into Catsup, which is in cars going to its destination that night.

We claim that SNIDER'S CATSUP is a superior table condiment. It is delicious, wholesome and pleasing to the taste. We have thousands of customers who have used our catsup exclusively for a quarter of a century. They are still our customers and are loud in their praise of its merits.

Mothers need not hesitate to allow their little ones to partake freely of SNIDER'S CATSUP. It is strictly pure and wholesome and in reasonable quantities will he beneficial to them.

You will find SNIDER'S CATSUP very useful in making your brown gravies; for adding to your soups just before removing from the stove; on your hot or cold meats; for your oyster cocktails, with the addition of a teaspoon fill of finely grated horseradish and a few drops of lemon juice for each person to be served.

The good housewife knows thousands of other ways that SNIDER'S CATSUP can be used to advantage.


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