Instant Postum

Postum is an ideal drink for those with whom coffee disagrees. It is recommended by reputable physicians, especially for children whose growing systems are often affected by caffeine, the harmful drug in coffee.

Many have found comfort and satisfaction in a cup of Postum in the evening in place of coffee, for Postum contains nothing that makes one wakeful as does coffee in many instances.

Postum is made from selected whole wheat roasted with a small percentage of wholesome molasses.

The roasted wheat berry gives this beverage a snappy flavor much like that of mild Java coffee, yet Postum is absolutely free from drugs, artificial coloring matter or other harmful elements. It is pure and healthful.

Instant Postum is made from the original Postum Cereal. By processes wholly mechanical, it is reduced to a concentrated powder—quickly soluble in hot water. It may be prepared in the cup instantly.

Instant Postum makes a most excellent and easily prepared flavoring.



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