Underwood Deviled Meats

A taste of salt-and-sugar-cured, hickory-smoked ham—or tender beef tongue—cooked so carefully that every atom of the taste is kept in; then chopped fine, and mixed with mustard and mild spices.

This is the taste that comes to you in every can of Underwood Deviled Ham or Underwood Deviled Tongue. This is the taste to spread on plump sandwiches of fresh-cut bread— you can hardly wait till you press the slices together before grabbing a bite—this is the taste that hits the hungry spot.

Take it with you—always. Boating, hiking, fishing, shooting, motoring—any outdooring you can think of. There’s twice as much fun when you’ve a handy little can of Underwood Deviled Ham or Underwood Deviled Tongue in your kit. Get some now, for your very next trip.




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