Standard Kitchen Sinks

The latest model in sinks undoubtedly would be of interest to most women, but certainly they would be more interested in a beautiful kitchen, as a whole, fully equipped with all the most modern conveniences and in which the sink formed a very essential part.

It is easier to make a woman want the completely furnished kitchen than a single article in it. In other words, the lure of the sink or of any other piece of equipment is in no way equal to that of the whole kitchen.

In talking kitchen efficiency to a woman in order to interest her in sinks, the argument becomes very much more convincing when it is possible to visualize to her concretely just what the efficient kitchen is.

The dominating note in this copy is the picture of the efficiency kitchen, completely equipped. In viewing this illustration the reader gets an impression of the tout ensemble, rather than of any particular device.

However, if anything does stand out individually from the picture and make a bid for the undivided attention of the reader it certainly is not the sink, which is placed quite modestly in the rear of the kitchen.

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