Swift's Premium Oleomargarine

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is a sweet, pure, clean, food product made from rich cream and edible fats. It contains every element of nutrition found in the best creamery butter.

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine Advertisement, The American Food Journal, January 1920.

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine Advertisement, The American Food Journal, January 1920. GGA Image ID # 167e13e82f

Saves Enough to Buy Your Whole Third Week's Supply!

Just think of the big economy of using Swift's Premium Oleomargarine! Every two weeks it saves you enough to pay for your third week's supply.

And it is a very pleasant economy to practice for all your meals are more delicious when you serve Swifts Premium Oleomargarine.

Exquisitely delicate, rich and wholesome, it is an ideal spread for bread To season vegetables tastily, to make rich, delicious cakes, this
oleomargarine is unsurpassed. It is, moreover, a very wholesome food to include in your diet for it furnishes a high percentage of energy and nourishment.

This pure food is prepared under conditions of perfect cleanliness. It is never touched by hands, but is made by modern methods in cool, spotless rooms.

Your grocer has this fine oleomargarine—get a package today. Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is the most widely distributed brand of oleomargarine.

The Story of Swift's Premium Oleomargarine

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is a sweet, pure, clean, food product made from rich cream and edible fats. It contains every element of nutrition found in the best creamery butter.

The process of manufacture is primitive its simplicity, but modern in its cleanliness and purity.

The butter fat in Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is microscopically and chemically the same as in the best butter; the only difference is in the way it is secured from the COW. -

Butter fat in butter is all obtained by churning. In Swift's Premium Oleomargarine from 3 to 5 is obtained in that way, the remainder is pressed from the choicest fat of Government inspected animals. This pressed fat is called "Oleo" hence the name "Oleomargarine." Rich cream, fancy creamery butter, 'oleo' neutral, vegetable oil and dairy salt are the only ingredients of Premium Oleomargarine.

Neutral is an odorless and tasteless oil Pressed from leaf fat.

There is no coloring matter added to Premium Oleomargarine, yet it is a tempting rich cream color.

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine Factories are open to visitors during all working hours.

Each weekday during the year 1911 there has been an average of more than 400 visitors through our Chicago Oleomargarine Factory. In addition to this daily inspection by the visiting public our factories are in complete charge of Government Inspectors. These men test the quality and character of materials, they see that the contents of every tierce of 'oleo' and neutral received from the Refinery is from animals that have passed the rigid Government inspection. They see that everything about the factories is kept absolutely clean and sanitary.

Read what a Government expert says about Oleomargarine:

Prof. W. O. Atwater, director of the United States Government Agricultural Experiment Station at Washington: "It contains essentially the same ingredients as natural butter from cow's milk.

It is perfectly wholesome and healthy and has a high nutritious value."

The above facts are your guarantee of pure, clean, wholesome, nutritious, appetizing food when you buy Swift's Premium Oleomargarine.

Order a carton of Swift's Premium Oleomargarine today to try it. You will find that it is a delicious, wholesome food product that you can use in your home and effect a great saving, still maintaining you, standard of good living.

We particularly invite you to visit our factories and see for yourself the cleanliness surrounding this interesting industry. If this is not convenient, and you have a desire to learn more regarding this product, we will be glad to send you a book on the subject, a souvenir cookbook and set of aeroplane post cards. Address

Swift & Company, Chicago, Ill

Swift & Company Oleomargarine Advertisement, National Magazine, October 1911

Unfair Legislation of Oleomargarine

The history of Federal Legislation regulating the manufacture and sale of Oleomargarine has been a continuous record of class legislation. The principles of "taxation for revenue" have been entirely lost sight of. In the year ending June 30, 1902, when the tax was 2c per pound, the Government's income from Oleomargarine manufacture was $2,462,532.72. For the year ending June 30, 1910 it was $689,856.42—a decrease of $1,772,676.30.

Under the existing law, which was passed in 1902 and known as the Grout bill, artificially colored Oleomargarine is taxed 10 cents per pound, tinted with the same harmless color used for coloring butter.

Manufacturers of Oleomargarine pay a federal revenue tax of $600.00 per year; wholesale dealers pay $480.00 for a license to sell the colored product, or $200.00 for the uncolored. Retailers pay $48.00 to sell colored Oleomargarine, or $6.00 to sell the uncolored.
According to the statement of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, the present tax does not produce enough revenue to pay the expense involved in its collection—then why the tax - unless it is done to aid the butter business at the expense of the Oleomargarine industry.

Oleomargarine is made and sold as Oleomargarine and has its commercial existence under that name. It should be accorded the right of existence as such. Oleomargarine is an article of legitimate manufacture. Why should the matter of its coloration with harmless color be considered cause for imposing a penalty upon it?

Butter has the right to be colored, and most of it is colored. If butter is more pleasing to the eye and seemingly more palatable when colored why should not any other legitimate article of commerce, such as Oleomargarine, have the right to be colored?

The Supreme Court of the United States in a leading case decided "To lay with one hand the power of the Government on the property of the citizen and with the other to bestow it upon favored individuals to aid private enterprise and to build up private fortunes is none the leas robbery because it is done under the forms of law and is called taxation." Those who are affected by the tax on Oleomargarine are the "citizens." The amount of this tax is a burden upon the consumer.

Should you, if you choose to eat Oleomargarine on your bread instead of butter, be compelled to pay at least 10c per pound additional for the yellow color if it is more tempting?

When the present Oleomargarine law was passed it was claimed by the supporters of the legislation that the tax would prevent the sale of Oleomargarine as Butter.

As a matter of fact, the 10c per pound tax has been a great incentive for unscrupulous persons to buy uncolored Oleomargarine, color it at practically no cost, and sell it profitably for butter. Thus the law has fallen far short of accomplishing what was claimed for it, and has worked an unnecessary hardship to Oleomargarine Manufacturers by throwing unjust suspicion of fraud on them, and to consumers by compelling them to pay an exorbitant price as compared to the cost of production.

Oleomargarine is entitled to a fair existence, it should have the right to lie manufactured for what it is, should be sold for what it is, and every American citizen should have the right to purchase it for what it is and not be compelled to pay a higher price for butter that is in no wise better for his purpose than Oleomargarine.

Swift & Company have never sold or sanctioned the sale of Oleomargarine as butter, but have sold Swift's Premium Oleomargarine, put up in plainly printed one and two pound cartons, on its own merits for just what it is.

Oleomargarine is a clean, wholesome, nutritious, palatable article of food. It has been repeatedly pronounced so by Professors of Chemistry in our great Universities and by Dr. Harvey VV. Wiley, Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry for the National Government. He is quoted on page 46 of the published report of the hearings before the Committee on Agriculture during the second session of the 61st Congress on bills relating to Oleomargarine, as follows:

"Now the value of a food is measured solely by two standards. First its palatability and second, it's nutritive properties. You need not try to convince human beings that palatability is not an clement in nutrition, because it is, and yet you get a great deal more of a food if it is palatable in its taste and attractive in its appearance; because the attitude of the digestive organs changes absolutely with the appearance of the food. If you were to put butter up in the form of ink it might be just as digestible and all that and yet it would not be so useful as a food. The appearance of a food has a great deal to do with the attitude of the digestive organs toward it."

Swift's Premium Oleomargarine is made in new sanitary factories, open to the daily inspection of the general public and always in charge of U. S. Government Inspectors, who pass on the quality and condition of all materials; see that everything is kept absolutely clean, and that every provision of the law governing the manufacture of Oleomargarine and its sale by the manufacturer is strictly complied with.

When you try "Swift's Premium Oleomargarine" you will find that it is a sweet, pure, clean food product that you can serve on your table and offer to your guests without apology.

The tax on Oleomargarine can be removed by public demand. This is a question of greatest importance to you, the consumer. Insist on your dealer supplying you with a reliable brand of Oleomargarine—Swift's Premium Oleomargarine. Also write your Congressman and tell him when the hill for removing the tax on Oleomargarine is introduced that you will appreciate his support.

Swift & Company,
4130 Packers' Avenue, Chicago, Ill.

"Unfair Legislation," in Harper's Weekly, New York: Harper & Brothers, Vol. LV, No. 2866, 25 November 1911, p. 1.


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