Icy Hot Vacuum Products

Made in America, of American material, by American labor
“ Built for Lifetime Service”

Icy-Hot enables you to serve delicious cold or hot drinks at a moment's notice without leaving your guests. Icy-Hot enables you to keep refreshing cold or hot beverages in nursery, sick room, and other places, saving steps and time.

Icy-Hot enables you to carry home-cooked cold or hot refreshments wherever you go; to prepare appetizing warm breakfasts the night before; to have a stimulating cup of hot tea at hand when you return from shopping; to insure that the children and workers of your family have clean homemade hot lunches or cooling drinks at school, office, factory, or on the farm.

You will find scores of uses for Icy-Hot and you need not hesitate to use it freely; it has a distinctive shock-absorbing construction that stands daily service.

The Icy-Hot Bottle Co. Cincinnati, Ohio

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